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BE Magical in May

I have decided that May will be a magical month for me and it will be what i am putting in ny vibrational bubble for the month. First lets look at bring magical.

What does being magical mean to you?  Is it a special feeling you get when something you do creates magic?

As I wrote these words in the sand I felt magical. The beach where I walk to me is magical. What makes it magical for me is:

The warmth of the sun shining  always makes me feel good and gives me high vibes. Plus the added bonus that I get most days my daily Vitamin D hit.

The moon still high in the sky as I swam

The cool sea water refreshing my body and treating my body to ions

♥ The beautiful blues of the sea and the sky

♥ The clean crystal clear water

♥ The love  Des showers on me

♥ The warm sand between my toes

I then decided to do a card reading from Doreen Virtue’s Magical Mermaids and Dolphin Oracle Cards asking the question how can I make May Magical for me.

This is the reading I gave myself:

Be Magical Card Reading

The first card is Stay Optimistic“Your dreams are coming true don’t quit now” and this relates to what has just been going on, the past. The last 5 days I have had an inflamed eye and I have found this challenging as being I have had to be away from a computer screen. Hence the lateness of this post. it has also given me time to plan on paper My Magical May using my Incredible Life and Business Planner and Calendar

Alchemy is the second card I drew and this message : “You have the Midas touch right now and every project you begin turn to gold”,was reflecting the magic for me and the affirmation that comes from this is all about gratitude and focusing on what you currently putting into your vibration to manifest.

The third card is Blessed Change– what is in the future. : “A major life change brings you great blessings” The affirmation calls  to welcome inspired change, stay centered and focus on love.  There are changes I am focusing on for myself and for this blog. Stay Posted ~ get the updates.

Do you need to get clarity to create magic in your life? Check out my special today to work with me to help you create magic in your life.

Will you create magic in your life in May?

All my love

Suzie Cheel

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6 Responses

  1. Hi Suzie,

    This is my first time visiting your site. Love your sand inspiration. I grew up by the ocean, so this post calls to me. What does being magical mean to me? Open to possibility.

  2. Magical May…just happens to be the month of my birthday so it’s pretty magical for me Suzie. Love your magical beach…what a great place to choose to bring more magic into your life.

    Love Elle

  3. I find all the magic things you mention at the sea. I’m constantly writing about it in my novels. Here in England, I live too far away from the sea to visit. It’s the first time I’ve been separated from the sea. I wish the ions would bathe my body right now. But that’s not going to happen, so I’d better write about it instead. Thoughts are almost as good as reality. Almost.

    1. Hi Francene,
      Welcome. Yes I understand that separation from the sea, whenever we think about moving I think what would i be without my daily sea hit? It grounds me and filles me with abundance. Yes writing is so powerful and can transport ourselves. Have a beautiful writing day ♡

  4. Lovely thoughts starting out this month of May. I especially like the idea of a magical May since it is my birth month, but even without that, your words are wonderfully inspirational.

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