Manifest Magic & Money

LET’S MAKE MAY OUR MANIFESTING MAGIC AND MONEY MONTH? WHO WANTS TO PLAY? The Heart Whisper oracle card reading for May so delighted me. I felt totally in alignment. How will it speak to you?  I shared the cards when I met with a friend Kathy for a coffee as I was excited at what […]

What Will You Magically Manifest In March?


Welcome to a new month  March is the month to magically manifest your dreams Today’s post started out with a question for me which was: How will I magically manifest money with ease and flow in March  I was thinking other people might want to manifest good health, somebody else might want to manifest a […]

BEach Inspirations: Be Magical In May


Magic happens when you allow your heart whispers to guide you ~ Suzie Cheel BE Magical in May I have decided that May will be a magical month for me and it will be what i am putting in ny vibrational bubble for the month. First lets look at bring magical. What does being magical […]

Will You Manifest Magic in 2011?

Have You Chosen A Theme For 2011? Have you chosen your theme for the year?  Inspired by Mari Smith’s post My One-Word Theme For 2011: Commitment I have been tossing some words around over the past few weeks. star–  be the star of your life and be okay about it. it also relates to my […]