Vulnerability is  having the courage to show up and be seen. Baring your souls without any guarantees- Brené Brown

Last Tuesday I invested almost 2 hours listening to Dr Brené Brown author of  Daring Greatly  talking on Oprah’s Life Class on Vulnerability. I was hooked I took pages of notes, tweeted out the many gems that came from both Brené and Oprah’s mouths.

When Brené said : “If you are not in the arena getting you butt kicked I am not interested” Those words stopped me and reflected on my own holding back, those little niggly thoughts it’s not ready, I am not enough, which has led me to be sitting on too many incompletions!

I was uplifted and inspired, I also knew that it was time for me to embrace my own vulnerability and stop thinking it’s:

Not ready, not good enough, how do I know people will buy it, want it , need it, it hasn’t worked in the past! Why will now be any different?

I have so many things that I have started, half launched! I just realised that even my new Healing Artt does not have a link here! It’s time to be brave, really show up and be seen and share my message and ASK for help!

Brené shared what she says are the 4 myths of vulnerability

1. Vulnerability is weakness

2. I don’t do vulnerability

3. Vulnerability is letting it all hangout

4. We can go it all alone!

Here are some of the gems I captured

The Ted Talk on Vulnerability that Brené gave back in 2010 that really allowed her to be seen and has had over 1 million views.

“Wholeheartedness which is how I term vulnerability is a movement, a revolution!
I don’t think we ever feel more alive than when we are feeling brave and we can’t be brave when we are not being vulnerable “~Brené Brown
and the quote that birthed the book Daring Greatly, which I am ordering today along with Gifts of Imperfection 🙂
Daring Greatly
I will to be listening next week to Brené and Oprah continue this empowering series. Next week’s topic is: Why it’s impossible to walk through the arena door if you are too afraid of what other people will think, you are thinking I am not enough………………….!
Are you walking thought the arena door?
How will you brave today?
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with love and gratitude

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  1. I love Brene Brown. I saw the same episode of Oprah. I haven’t read her books yet, but they are on my wish list! One of my favorite quotes of hers is, “Talk to yourself like you talk to someone you love”. By the way, you ARE good enough! You are awesome! Thanks for the lovely quotes!

  2. I love the quotes/sayings about vulnerability!

    I love that being vulnerable does not mean that you are weak or afraid, it also means that you had courage enough to open yourself up!

    I just found this blog today, and I will be bookmarking it!

  3. I feel like I missed out on some of your message because I could not read some of the text especially the ones in yellow. I’ll check out Brene Brown. Thank you.

    Julieanne Case
    Always from the heart!

      1. I know it looks beautiful with all the colors but I’m finding some websites very hard to read. The font is so small, the colors so light. After I commented, I found if I highlight the text, I can sometimes read it better. Thank you for changing it.

  4. Suzie, I’ve never heard of the author/speaker before, but wow! The quotes are great reminders of our vulnerability/humanity. I do believe we’re all vulnerable, just as we are human! But it never hearts to remind ourselves about this, stop brooding and doubting oneself, and just start doing things. 🙂

  5. Like many, I heard about Brene Brown when her talk first came out. What an amazing message, and I knew how many others were moved as well. The whole topic of shame and secrecy has been one I’ve wrestled with for many years (decades!) It used to have much more power, and I know I’ve made progress, but I have so far to go. I do regularly hide myself and my work, thinking I’m not good enough, not the right type, etc. I know I’m going to be very challenged in this in the coming months, and I am excited–willing to be ready!

    1. Hi Judy,
      Know how you feel too about the shame issues. something I have struggled with , often not aware- subconscious at work. I am looking forward to watching your journey of challenge- will ne exciting
      Suzie x

  6. Brene’ is one of my favorite authors and speakers. I love that her foundation is so scientific and comes from the perspective of being a researcher. Her message is powerful and, every time I read her work or listen to her, I am touched.

  7. I love Bre Brown. Her quote about perfectionism, shame and fear all hanging out like buddies is a fav of mine but there are many gems that you shared that I was not familiar with. I know that this post is one that I will go back to. I appreciate your passing on your story and the wisdom that seems to be growing with and accompanying you.

  8. Wow – how exciting you got to experience this! There seems to be a common theme I am reading everywhere, and this just further solidified the message to me to take the risk. Really great insights, thank you so much for sharing this wisdom with us!

  9. Hi Suzie,

    I love this! Vulnerability is something I’m working on. I love the idea of putting yourself out there in the ring so to speak even if it means getting knocked around. Expecting it makes it a little easier. Reading about how you wonder how you can put yourself more out there made me ask myself those questions too.

    Just today in fact, I shared a post on my Facebook wall that I thought would be helpful, about girls being treated differently in learning environments. I was shocked to get some very harsh reactions from men and support from women! It feels strange to be causing all kinds of dissention innocently, but I guess that’s how you know you’re really striking a chord! This was a gentle way for me to get acclimated 🙂

    Good luck with your journey!


  10. Being vulnerable is right where you have to be to be noticed and to create something of value to others. If you are not out there on the edge being vulnerable perhaps you have to re-think what you are doing in this short life!

  11. Suzie, this is priceless. I recognize soooo much of what you say here, in big and small amounts in different areas, but it’s there all the same. I haven’t seen the particular Oprah show you talk about, but I’m going to be on the lookout for it somewhere on line!

    Perfectionism, shame and fear in the backseat….oh yes I’ve been there and it can creep up on me unawares every now and then.

    Great Suzie, I’m glad you took time off to breathe and you found this.

    1. Hi Elle,
      I’ll let you know when the Lifeclass with Brene is on – think it is October- / i haven’t been able to find a replay.
      Yes amazing when we stop and breathe how the universe opens with a gift.
      Suzie xx

  12. It’s interesting that most people associate vulnerability with weakness but as this post shows, it actually takes courage to be vulnerable.

  13. Hi Suzie, Yes Brene Brown is a legend, I have her book and her interview on Oprah is really great in fact I think it is ground breaking!

  14. Thanks for all the richness in this article. Just writing this article is an expression of vulnerability. I’m just amazing by how you keep pulling off all the layers and moving forward.

    1. What wonderful words Sandra- richness touched my heart. I got that I will be more in the flow of living my purpose and being in joy. Thanks for the encouragement- this layer is a big one I discovered yesterday, so I stepped back- and switched of, read a novel, soaked in a coconut oil bubble bath and today I am going to set myself to Shine and share in September
      Namaste xxoo

  15. I saw this series … it was Excellent! I love this one “Vulnerability is being afraid and courageous in the same moment:” For me that is about being real … being authentic. 😉

    Thanks so much for sharing Suzie!
    Big Hugs! …. And of course we all know “You absolutely, without a doubt, are More than Enough!”

    1. Yes Ellie when we step into the REAL ME and embrace that’s we are enough our courage can shine forth
      Yes I do know that I am enough- just need my friends like you to remind me so I can be brave and allow myself to be okay with the vulnerability
      love and hugs xxoo

    1. Hi Susan,
      Yes that one hit me too and has been an interesting few days too as I have become more conscious of Fear riding in the back seat and how it is so limiting

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