Vulnerability is  having the courage to show up and be seen. Baring your souls without any guarantees- Brené Brown

Last Tuesday I invested almost 2 hours listening to Dr Brené Brown author of  Daring Greatly  talking on Oprah’s Life Class on Vulnerability. I was hooked I took pages of notes, tweeted out the many gems that came from both Brené and Oprah’s mouths.

When Brené said : “If you are not in the arena getting you butt kicked I am not interested” Those words stopped me and reflected on my own holding back, those little niggly thoughts it’s not ready, I am not enough, which has led me to be sitting on too many incompletions!

I was uplifted and inspired, I also knew that it was time for me to embrace my own vulnerability and stop thinking it’s:

Not ready, not good enough, how do I know people will buy it, want it , need it, it hasn’t worked in the past! Why will now be any different?

I have so many things that I have started, half launched! I just realised that even my new Healing Artt does not have a link here! It’s time to be brave, really show up and be seen and share my message and ASK for help!

Brené shared what she says are the 4 myths of vulnerability

1. Vulnerability is weakness

2. I don’t do vulnerability

3. Vulnerability is letting it all hangout

4. We can go it all alone!

Here are some of the gems I captured

  • Vulnerability is the birthplace of trust, engagement and innovation
  • Shame needs secrecy silence & judgment to grow; once YOU speak it an it receives empathy, it goes away.
  • Everything works out in the end, if it hasn’t worked out, it’s not the end”
  • Shame is such a stresser. It kills quicker than cancer
  • “When perfectionism is driving, shame is always riding shotgun and fear is in the backseat.”
  • When you can not accept and ask for help without self judgement, you are always doing so with judgement!
  • Shame corrodes our ability to trust other people because it corrodes our ability to trust ourselves.
  • Being afraid and courageous in the same moment: That’s what daring greatly is about
  • Vulnerability is having the courage to show up an be seen
  • We can’t be brave when we are not vulnerable
  • You can’t have true courage unless you open yourself up to vulnerability
  • Vulnerability is a cornerstone of confidence
  • Write your story on the arena wall
  • Talk to yourself like you talk to someone you love
  • Ride the wave and stay in the flow.
  • Joy is the most vulnerable emotion we experience.
  • Vulnerability is being  afraid and courageous in the same moment:
  • Life is about showing up and being seen.
  • We are are hardwired for connection
  • If you don’t know how you do vulnerability, vulnerability is doing you
  • When we open our heart space we see ourselves and the world as vulnerable and authentic
  • We share with people who’ve EARNED the right to hear our story.
  • Vulnerability is a practice, it’s not something you check off a list, you keep showing up.

The Ted Talk on Vulnerability that Brené gave back in 2010 that really allowed her to be seen and has had over 1 million views.

“Wholeheartedness which is how I term vulnerability is a movement, a revolution!
I don’t think we ever feel more alive than when we are feeling brave and we can’t be brave when we are not being vulnerable “~Brené Brown
and the quote that birthed the book Daring Greatly, which I am ordering today along with Gifts of Imperfection 🙂
Daring Greatly
I will to be listening next week to Brené and Oprah continue this empowering series. Next week’s topic is: Why it’s impossible to walk through the arena door if you are too afraid of what other people will think, you are thinking I am not enough………………….!
Are you walking thought the arena door?
How will you brave today?
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with love and gratitude

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