Wait Oracle Card

Do You Like To Wait?

Or does waiting suck for you?

Maybe you are good at waiting?

Waiting can be a sign to relax and practice patience.

Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting. –Joyce Meyer

I have become much better at practicing patience. I know this has been one of the positives of my healing journey.

Yesterday when I drew the Wait card from Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Cards by Doreen Virtue,my first reaction was:  OH NO! I seem to have been waiting and things are piling up. I have been concerned that I was falling back into overwhelm

I then read the message:– Don’t rush into action right now. Bide your time for better results. There was then a further message that struck a chord and I heard pay attention:)

If you take action now, you’ll miss a window of opportunity that’s coming up for you shortly. Don’t worry, you will know in your heart and gut when that moment arrives. In the meantime, it’s important to meditate and make sure your breathing is deep, often when we worry and are stressed we forget to breathe. You are also on the verge of receiving new information that will alter the course of action you plan to take, leading you in a more positive direction.

(Interesting I thought I thought I had finally got clarity on my direction.)  I kept reading:

By waiting the outcome will be much more enjoyable than if you took action without this added information. 

AFFIRM: I have infinite patience and I am Divinely directed to always be in the right place at the perfect time.

I meditated on these words and then journaled. Journaling reminded me of my  dream to empower 1000 people or more to love themselves fully, saying yes I am worthy, I am love, I do matter, I do make a difference by who I am and how I be.

I have still been unclear on how I would do this.  I put my journal away and went back to my daily tasks. Not really giving this another thought………….

Sometimes the universe does deliver and patience pays off!

Today I was in the right place at the perfect time and discovered a way to begin to put my dream into action.  No I am not going to spill the beans today. I can tell you that the focus will be on Creative Self-Love.

 So maybe waiting and being patient is a virtue?

Waiting may be your gift in disguise.

waiting-quoteDo you have an experience of where waiting opened a new course of action for you?

Share in the comments below, I love to hear from you.

 Live with love, smile often and be forever grateful



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25 Responses

  1. Hi, a very interesting post. I know that patience is a virtue and you mentioned that we should rush into action right now. Bide our time for better results, is true indeed. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  2. How good I am at waiting depends on where I am in the process 😉

    If I’ve made a decision on what to do next, I get frustrated if I have to wait to implement it.

    If I’m still gathering facts or not sure what to do yet though? I can happily wait forever!



  3. sometimes i’m not so patient when it comes to waiting. 😀 especially about the future (which is vague).

    but i’ve been journalling a lot more lately and it seems to help. it gives me more clarity and i also connect myself to my ‘future self’. and talk to my ‘present self’, giving myself advice. it’s a great exercise!

    1. Welcome Janet,
      Yes journaling can be so insightful and give clarity. Yes connecting to you future self helps you move forward too
      Love and abundance ♡♡♡

  4. I’ve found this to be true Suzie. Patience is something I’ve had to work on since birth 😉 I love your words “Sometimes the universe does deliver and patience pays off!” I find this so true in my life. Thanks for being YOU girl! Love your energy <3

  5. Thanks for talking about the value of waiting. Most people are innately designed to wait in one way or another. Knowing what you’re waiting for and what to do while you’re waiting makes the process somewhat bearable and often miraculous for those of us who get impatient.

    1. Thanks Sandy and welcome. Important point about knowing what you are waiting for is an interesting point. I have found that learning to be patient has been a wondering learning for me
      Love and abundance ♡♡♡

  6. It’s an art and a practice to cultivate listening to that inner voice, your 6th sense. The more I pay attention to it’s prompting…the better life is. Often the message is wait.

    1. Welcome Pat, yes it is an art and practice, yes as you say it is tapping into the 6th sense
      It is amazing as we become more aware the more we have to wait.
      Love and abundance ♡♡♡

  7. Thank you Suzie for this great post! I know this to be true, experienced it myself…. when I feel the action is coming out of fear or the idea of “I have to be doing something”, I stop…. I wait till the action feels like the next logical step. Love this!!!
    Blessings and have a great sunday!

  8. Hi Suzie! Waiting at a green light for about a minute actually saved my life about 20 years ago. I had just watched a beautiful program about angels on TV as I was eating lunch and I was driving across town to give a little boy his art lesson for the week. While I was at the intersection below my house, the light turned green, but I could not turn left because just at that instant, a huge truck made a turn and came over across my lane so I could not go out into the intersection. At the same time I was being held back, someone ran a red light at full speed and would have hit and killed me, I have no doubt about that! That truck was an angel on wheels and if I had not been made to wait, I would not be writing this comment! <3

      1. Thank you, Suzie! I still had a LOT of things to do—–still DO 🙂 Yes, the angels DID take care of me (and many other times as well, both known and unknown), and I think they take care of all of us all of the time, even when bad things happen, they are there for us. Love you!

  9. I think I’m pretty good at being in the right place at the right time.
    Therefore, waiting when I need to and taking quick action when I need to.
    I think it comes down to listening to your instincts.
    We have such strong instincts and if we become silent so we can hear them and then take action on what they’re telling you, you will know when to wait and when to do it now.

    Amazing post Suzie!

    1. Welcome Phillipa, Yes I agree that the more we get still the more that small quiet voice inside supports us more each day and in so many more ways. I have had 2 more instances that relate to this post in the last 2 days too.

      thanks for you energy, felt it through the page
      namaste Suzie ♡♡♡

  10. This was so timely for me Suzie! My husband and I are doing reno in our backyard. It’s fun to paint and take care of the deck, pool and other structures that are in need of attention. My husband works every other weekend and this weekend he had a few calls in the middle of our projects. I’ve been patient and know that all will be done in time. I loved reading about patience…Thank you for sharing!!

    1. Hi Nathalie,
      Amazing how as we learn to be more patient there can be an inner peace that becomes stronger. Thank you for visiting and commenting
      Namaste Suzie ♡♡♡

  11. I’m actually pretty good at waiting – a skill I learned during my 2 decades as a road warrior traveling the world promoting Hawaii. Spent a LOT of time waiting – plains, trains and plenty of airports. Never really bothered me though – I’ve always been a people watcher so if I’m in a place where I can just relax and watch, I’m a happy camper. The other thing of course is reading. But to the point of waiting for something in life to happen. I will take breaks, think or work on other things, explore options … but there has to be a point where action is required so I will draw a line in the sand to signal where it’s time to make a decision or come up with an alternate path or plan. That said, if what I’ve been waiting for is important enough to me, even if I’ve moved forward with other things, I will always keep my eyes open for opportunities to get closer to making it happen.

    1. Marquita you sound like a model of patience and with so much clarity, you might be a good model for me. Today our internet is blowing out and I have more waiting, so i went off and meditated and then then got clarity on my next steps
      namaste Suzie ♡♡♡

  12. Suzie – we touched upon waiting and patience when we chatted on Monday. I love how this card came up and now this post! Patience is more than a virtue – it’s a great lesson in unfolding exactly as we should. 🙂


    1. Yes Peggy we did and it is something that I am still being challenged by and as you say it is a lesson in unfolding and I also think maybe letting go 🙂
      namaste Suzie ♡♡♡

  13. This was so beautiful and so applicable to my life! I used to be the most impatient person, and I actually would tell others that was my biggest weakness…”If you take action now, you’ll miss a window of opportunity that’s coming up for you shortly. Don’t worry, you will know in your heart and gut when that moment arrives.” The soul and spirit will whisper when the moment arrives – I believe that with all my being! Thanks for a great post!

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