Patience Gives Time and Creates Space To Grow and Reflect


Patience Helps You Heal and Grow Today I asked: How can I move positively on my true purpose today? The card I drew was Patience. Not what i was expecting! with the message This was the download that came as I put pen to my journal: Now you have got true clarity about your purpose […]

Patience Uncovers My True Passion


The Challenge of Achieving Simplicity Part 4 Hold onto your hats , there is more change! I know I thought after last week I had the clarity to move forward fearlessly on my rebranding journey. I knew that there was a niggling doubt surfacing, Des could tell my heart wasn’t totally singing. Then I started talking with the […]

My Resting Heart: Creativity 10 x 10: Day 8

Day -8

The title for today’s painting came as I posted the image to the page. When I started painting this morning I used a fan brush and for the first time in this series, acrylic paints rather than the watercolors I have used for the past week. The waves of the sea came to mind as […]

Can Waiting Be A Good Thing?


Do You Like To Wait? Or does waiting suck for you? Maybe you are good at waiting? Waiting can be a sign to relax and practice patience. Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting. –Joyce Meyer I have become much better at practicing patience. I know this has […]