Mind AlchemySteve Aitchison is challenging you and me to change our thoughts in February. Steve is offering a free course and each day there is an exercise to do that will help to change our life, and as Steve says:

“We can’t change our life if we don’t change our thinking habits.

This week I talked with Steve about Mind Alchemy and how you can your life by joining in the challenge.

If you do decide to join you can get support from others via Steve’s blog: Change Your Thoughts, where there is a forum, on twitter by following the hash tag #mindalchemy and/or joining the Facebook Group.

Yes I have joined in and I will make a video about my experience at the end of the first 7 days. Just to give you a taste of what has been here are the tpoic for the first 4 days:.

Day 1 was a simple exercise of using a Wheel of Life to establish what areas of your life you might need to focus on more than others. I discovered for me that my main area that I need to focus on was my finances,  which is where I am focusing my attention in 2011. I think it will be interesting to redo this exercise at the end of each month

Day 2 Looked at your motivation direction:  Set 4 small outcomes for the month and establish whether you were moving towards your outcome or moving away from in your thoughts and the words you use.

Day 3 Well after 2 what Steve calls gentle days today you look at your life values. What I like about Mind alchemy is the worksheets that Steve has provided for each day. They are well laid out and easy to follow. This one I still have to do and i noticed from the comments that some people have found this challenging. I have done lots of work on this area so feel it will be okay

Day 4 Your Personal Vision statement: I am looking forward to this as in the past week I have made some changes, my new banner being the first step in bringing my art back into my life. I will be writing more about this next week.

I know that is is a wonderful gift that Steve has so generously offered to his readers and the wider community. I look forward to meeting you if you decide to join in.  You can start now and work your way through at your own pace. Join the course by Clicking here

I will be back on my Tuesday with my review of my week.

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Suzie Cheel


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  1. Hi Suzie,

    Thanks for posting the interview with Steve! It was fun to watch. Thank you also for mentioning my blog! You’ve done a great job overviewing the course!


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