This was this question I asked myself before I drew my oracle cards and meditated as I started the week 

how will wealth

The challenge is to LET GO

What will you let go of that will bring in the abundance, love and wealth you desire?

✅ What will set you free?
✅ BRING in all the wealth you desire?

Yes an ABUNDANCE of wealth in all areas of my life.
I heard last week from a successful  entrepreneur that

One of my first task is getting back to

✅ Create file and folder order on my computer
✅ Clear the photos and videos from my phone

This will create order and save precious time – two things I was aware of needing this morning when I was wanting to update my facebook banner.

✅ Clear my desk. I know I am creative so I tend to think this all doesn’t matter – but I know it does!.

When I ran my Textile Art business I had systems and I knew where my stock was, what I had to paint, who owed me money – and more.

Systems in and place and a successful business to boot.  🙂

ACCEPTANCE is the belief card for the week.


Really loving yourself too.

Then along comes TRUST as the action card.

YES it does take trust to step into YOU and claim the wealth that you both desire and deserve.

Each day take time to listen to those inner nudges, your heart whispers, and let them guide you on this new path to WEALTH in all areas of your life.

So you can take the NEXT STEPS and DREAM BIG

Yes, make those dreams real so you can create your abundant life.

✅ Write out your vision and read it at least once daily
✅ Create a dream board and put it on your computer, your phone and by your bed.

Now you are on the way to stepping up to your goal to:  


be you and get wealthy

Yes time to live your authentic life

Are you ready to be wealthy in all areas of your life? 

To be you and get wealthy? 

If that pulls at your heartstrings type me  or a 💜 in the comments
 or email me.
Have a magically wealthy week

Be powered by LOVE
Suzie xx

PS: This is the live reading from this week




Each day I start with really loving me with a simple process I share here in the video

ABUNDANCE is what was whispered to me today, after I asked what magic today will bring.



Yes I am experiencing abundance.

I am loving myself into abundance and manifesting into my life more of what I picture.

Wow! I love today’s whisper, as I have already received a message to say that I have funds in our e-wallet.

And I did something new last night. Invited by my mentor, Lee, I went to a spiritual evening where David Laws was doing “Flower” readings at Currumbin RSL club.

Out of 200 plus brown paper bags, each with a flower freshly picked by its owner, I was the second person chosen for a reading that confirmed many things for me.

I had seen myself being chosen as I placed my bag in the basket.

That’s what I love, now that I have chosen to live my life by design each day. As I love myself more and more, I can feel and see the ABUNDANCE manifesting in my life and I love showing others how they can  create their own abundant life.

The life that is FULL OF LOVE.

The one that, when my friend Yantra asked today, “Are you up for Freedom, Love and Joy in all areas of your life – being in alignment in your life?”, I replied “Yes!”

Yes, I am up for love, joy and freedom.

Yes, for ease, flow and grace in bringing in the abundant life.

I would love, if this resonates for you, to share the special gift I’ve been given, a business that makes my heart sing.

Where each day I work with Heart Centered Entrepreneurs, magical. Life changing  and so full of abundance. If this resonates for you just comment below or contact ml me 

Live Your Life Powered by Love

Dare to dream again


Suzie xxoo

This week I started The Abundance Show on my Facebook Page and it will also be on YouTube. This has been something I have been talking about for about 2 years and because of the Abundance Master series I took action. I will write a post on this later this week with all  the details- it will be a weekly show on Thursdays
The first one was  with Genevieve Kohn creator of the Abundance Masters Series featuring yours truly. A free series you can get access to here



The old “FUD Factor” (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) can hit any of us at any time. Here’s a way to deal with that.
Today take time to LISTEN deeply to the whispers of your heart. They have a message for you that will guide you to true PROSPERITY in whatever area or areas of your life you truly desire .
Take time today to IMAGINE your life and make a list of everything you desire.
Currently I am in a 60 day mentoring group to fast track my business to 6 figures.
Yesterday’s task was to create an abundance list
I have just completed mine and will share the process with you
To get started
Use your journal or computer – whichever feels good for you = and write this statement at the top of the page
I give myself permission to have everything I desire.
Then start your list with
I give myself permission to …….
(Hint: don’t allow your imagination to be blocked with this exercise – dream BIG. then BIGGER all the things you have always wished for but felt were out of your reach or that your couldn’t even hope to have)
I can already hear you wondering: can I really have it all?
YES you can.
You have to believe first. Fully embrace what your heart is whispering and then imagine yourself in the picture.
I know your old “friend” FUD might have dropped in for a visit, reminding you you are not good enough, you don’t want to change, and the excuses go on. I know I have hard on my mindset work to overcome that Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.
Here is my abundance list:
I give myself permission to
live in our dream spacious skyhome near the beach
to own our own home again
to be a vip in all that I do
to travel biz/first class always
to inspire and empower my tribe of thousands daily to be the change I wish to see in the world
to openly create ripples of love that flow into rivers of abundance bringing freedom to all I share the gift of G and FT with and those who catch the vision
to get my nails done
to get my hair blow dried weekly
to colour my hair and be outrageous when I feel like it
to remove all limitations on how I be
to go on retreats when my heart whispers be kind to you
to buy clothes, designer handbags and shoes without looking at the price tag
to have a cleaner weekly
be republish Emergings: a meditation on the emotions of change
to finish writing Lucky to be Alive and hire Emily to edit, publish and promote it
to delegate before I am ready to a VA as this will fast track our business
to have a PA who looks after my Heart Whisper empire
To have weekly dinner dates with Des
travel every month or 2- Bali, Peru, Costa Rica, Greece, Spain, Scotland, Ireland, NZ, Japan, USA , Broome, Kakadu
to go on a painting retreat in New Mexico
to have a state of the art kitchen
host lunches and dinners with my heart centred family and friends
I will probably keep adding to it 🙂
Please share yours in the comments.
I am excited to read your abundance list.
If you want to know more about how you can live your abundant life, I am here to support you. Just PM me or comment abundant life below.
The question that sparked the post from my card reading today was:
What Did My Heart Want Me To Know Today?

Then shuffled and I drew 3 cards from my Heart Whisper Daily Guidance Oracle Deck.








Wishing you a magically abundant day in all ways
With love
Suzie xxx



Have you ever done this?

You had a big dream, one that is going to change your life and move you towards the freedom you desire and then BANG there’s a roadblock.

6 years ago I had a whole new launch ready for my Law of Attraction Training business. I had the website, the email lists, planned webinars, the funnel everything you need to get started with an online business, then it all went pear-shaped!

I found myself in Bed 4 in Med Ward 1 at our local public hospital here in Tweed Heads,

I was surrounded by a group of doctors and nurses.

The specialist apparently was telling Des and me what he thought was wrong. I have no recollection of the details, but I was told later that he said then that only 25% of people recover fully from the condition he had diagnosed.I had said “Well I will be one of them, the 25 %.”

The options, apart from full recovery, were not pretty, death, a life on dialysis or a kidney transplant.

I wasn’t to find out till much later just how close to death I might have been that day. I had in fact had a total kidney failure.

It took me a long time to recuperate physically and emotionally, it took away my confidence about my ability  to run an online business.

I lost my MOJO.

I lost my passion for anything except healing and cooking 🙂

Looking back I realised that I lost confidence in my dream of success, that journey to freedom that I had made all the vision boards for. I had even been to Canada to train with the Law of Attraction How to Guy; Michael Losier.

So, from  the time I landed in hospital till late last year – 6 years of healing, I had done some searching for a way to have a viable business., with both my art and abundance. I had even spent thousand of dollars on coaches, mentors and courses, but nothing quite jelled.

I learned a lot in the process and still I did not have a profitable thriving business.

Then late last year I was to meet a woman I was to get to know very well.

I went to the Daring and Disruptive Female Entrepreneurs breakfast here at Palm Beach.  This was Lee’s first time to this group and we hit it off instantly so much in common. What was funny was, that both of us nearly didn’t go that morning.

The universe had other plans.

I next saw Lee agan when she came to have a Heart Whisper reading with me.

We friended one another on Facebook. I would see her posts pop up occasionally and then one day one really got my attention.

She wrote that she had drawn a line in the sand, was talking about big dreams both for herself and others, no longer playing small.

Asking: Who wants to wake up every morning with peace in your heart?

That spoke right to my heart

I sent her a message  asking what she was doing.

Lee sent told me that she had plugged into an affiliate marketing platform and shared a link to a webinar that outlined the business she had joined.

The more I found out about the platform the more I realised that this could be the answer to my dreams and finally be moving onto the path to freedom.

What I found was a heart centred online affiliate marketing business with a 90% automated marketing platform, people were earning 5 and 6 figure incomes that seriously caught my interest.

Des and I looked closely at the business and decided it was great fit for what we had been searching  for. Plus there was a supportive heart centred community.

We had both for many years been looking for, the perfect online business, yes spent thousand of dollars in being coached and through trial and error.

release all fear

This felt good!

Now I wake each morning excited.

I am excited  because this is a business that rewards people in a matter of months, even weeks, compared to other businesses and platforms we have experimented with, where there is a much longer lead time before you were similarly rewarded, if ever.

What I love is:

  • That it works on social media and attraction marketing.
  • I found my heart centred tribe
  • It is where entrepreneurs, mums, dads, people of all ages and from all walks of life are making 5 and 6 figure incomes
  • International travel is an option again
  • We can recreate our abundant life
  • it will set me free to do my art and inspirational products 

The big bonus for me is that this will give me the time and financial freedom to have time for my art

Live your life Powered by Love

Do dare to dream again

Love and abundance


PS If you would like to know more contact me or click the image below.

Detours On Your Journey To Freedom

Detours On Your Journey To FreedomI had what you might call a bad start to the day, I got up early 4.30am to journal before I listened to a 5.00am workshop that I was looking forward to.

The link wouldn’t work when I went to zoom, then I thrashed around trying to find out where the link was, re-signup, all of those things you do.

Suddenly it dawned on me to check the date. As my friends on the other side of the world say – I live in the future, so instead being a day ahead I was a day late!

Then I was online, not my current practice before I have done my morning rituals, now days not before I do my beach story and live.

Anyway, the browser was open, so I checked out  the website of Carrie Green who was running the workshop that my friend Harmoni had recommended. I do have her book, She Means Business, on order.

That took me down another path, wow back on the bright shiny object trail – ego smiling and thinking “You can’t stay on one path, can you?” The path to freedom!

So an hour or so later I was feeling disappointed with myself. I had done my morning prayer, welcome in the day, ritual. The journaling, meditation, exercises not done.

I was unaligned!

Beating myself up.

I then realised that I need to realign myself or I would spend the whole day being confused and inefficient.

Then it was time for the beach, my place of clarification and inspiration. Where I raise my vibes.

Not to mention my resident beach coach, Des Walsh.

As we talked I started having light bulb moments!

As Des said it was a light bulb beach day.

The light bulbs were about the risk of looking at yet another system, more books to read, more webinars to do, not going within and not taking action.

My heart whispers totally out of the loop.

But then, sometimes we have to venture out to go within.

What I have got clarity on is that this weekend I am focused on decluttering and getting set to have new weeks when I give priority to my inner wisdom and daily action, that is focussed on my laptop lifestyle business and my art.

Both of these light me up

The thing that does mystify me about this morning is that yesterday I had several lightbulb moments that shifted my consciousness, my mind: they were empowering. I felt it through my body. I felt energised and my vibes were raised.

The real inner awareness I had as I drew a line in the sand.

So I had to ask myself why late yesterday I thought that signing up for a webinar was going to solve some of my current challenges.  

I  am now asking myself how much more information do I need to take in, to take daily action to move forward on my journey to freedom.  

This is also a pattern I recognise that I repeat.

I am on a path to mastering something new, in my current case, my abundance mindset and neurosculpting. Then here I am, again, jumping onto something new before completing what I am currently reading and  working with.

A pattern I am now changing. This was like a wakeup call

Why do we forget that the answers are within?

It is easier to look outside until we truly embrace the love that we are.

We can look in the mirror and say:

“I love you, I really love you”, and feel it.

To manifest our dreams we have to love ourselves unconditionally and trust our inner knowing.

Then we allow the abundance to flow.

Out of confusion came clarity.

I will now use my clarity through contrast process to map out my next weeks to ensure that I am moving forward on that journey to freedom.

Do you have some lightbulb moments that have given you a real wake up call?

Caused you to stop and go within?

Please share in the comments.

With gratitude and love


Be Powered By Love

PS If you would love to get clarity to move forward book a session with me

Are Your Blocking Your Own Abundance?

blocking abundance

The importance of releasing abundance blocks is, obviously, that this is essential for allowing abundance to flow.

I recognise that one of my abundance blocks right now is hanging onto artworks that  keep telling myself I am going to to sell and share with others.

Hiding them away in my studio doesn’t delight anyone 🙂

Recently I was gifted a channeled reading sessions with a fellow intuitive artist Cheryl Hart

When I had my session with Cheryl, she said I was blocking my own abundance by holding on to my art

I have paintings and textile art that I procrastinate about on putting online, on etsy and even onto my website.

I decided that it was time for a journaling session.

I asked myself:

Why I am blocking my abundance?


Then I drew the cards above and wrote

When I open my heart to love my receiving valves open and the abundance flows




When we release pinWhy Am I Blocking My Abundance?


Maybe It’s Mercury Retrograde?

The new moon? 

The full moon 🙂

Well it’s easier to find another reason rather than going within and facing the truth!.

I got my journal out and wrote:


Take some time today and list what’s stopping you from receiving what you desire and deserve.

Then read them out and turn the what’s blocking you into taking positive action now.

Now JUST BE:  meditate ask your guides if there is there anything else that has to go on this list and add it.

Again in order to open your heart, really listen and follow the guidance you hear, feel and/or see.

Then release the blocks, feeling the shift, you will be free to step on the path to PROSPERITY.

This is a version of my clarity through contrast exercise I use in my client clarity sessions. Amazing how so often I forget to use the tools that others have so much success with.

clarity through contrast

Here is my list- interesting that I made the contrast column wider than the clarity one in my journal.


That feels empowering

Now to take action

Cheryl shared with me a process to release this block and I am finally about to act on it!

Weeks later!

Let go of the sabotage

Stop procrast


The Steps

Take a stocktake of what I have

Then each day choose one piece and share it on facebook and etsy as well as on my website.

Make a video about it

Make it a daily ritual

A way of releasing, letting it go to allow the abundance to flow.

It will be flowing in and out

That feels good- even brought a smile to my face

So here is the first piece I am putting up here on the website.

Collage of Memories: Our Memories Give Us Glimpses of What We Love: A Suzie Cheel Art Quilt

Art Quilt: Hang on the wall- comes with a pocket for a rod or you cam pin it with map pins. Often people frame my art quilts too

Art Quilt: Silk and Cotton Painted Printed and digital imagery, hand and machine pieced.  Some of the fabrics have been hand coloured and printed. I used stamps and seals I bought in China. The digital Imagery is taken from images I took at the Great Wall, interesting textures on walls I found in and around Beijing.

This can be hung on a wall:  it has a pocket at the top for a rod. You can pin it to with map pins.

Some people frame my quilts so it looks like a picture..

I made this quilts after a trip to China. I love travel and when travelling I am always on the lookout for images and textures that I might be able to use in my artwork.

If this speaks to your heart  and you would love to own it please email me or comment below.   

All my love 

 Suzie xo 



Where are you going?

Are you on the path to love?

These were my meditation/journaling questions

Then I drew one of my favorite cards : ABUNDANCE


So how does my question relate to abundance?

Abundance comes when we embrace the love that is within.

So when we stray away from fully loving ourselves, we also step away from abundance

Sometimes we don’t even feel we deserve it or expect it!

Yet the more I love myself , the more I open my heart to love and allow the abundance to flow. 

This might be buried away in your subconscious, you might not even be aware of how this is limiting your abundance.

Today focus on abundance.

Look around you and see the abundance you already have.

I sometimes make a small booklet from one sheet of paper that I keep in my wallet.

When you have your journal ready start to note down any instances of abundance that you have attracted into you life. You can do this as it occurs or at night before you go to sleep. This is usually when I do mine along with my gratitude journal.

You write at the top of the page

Today I observed 5 ( or more) things that show me proof of the abundance I have in my life.

This is a sample from two of my pages :

Abundance flowed into my life today. I attracted abundance when:

  1. A friend bought me coffee
  2. I was given a free bunch of spinach at the farmers markets
  3. I had a free coaching call via skype.
  4. A friend shared with  me how I had helped her become calm  and she sent me a thank you email.
  5. I got a free reading

Abundance flowed into my life today. I attracted abundance when:

  1. My beach coach helped me get clarity on a new product
  2. I feel so abundant every day when I walk on the beach
  3. I won $10 on a scratchie I bought today.
  4. Happy dance time email from Paypal saying you have got money!- I love these.
  5. I loved the sun today feeding my bones and giving me my vitamin D hit

Now celebrate when you notice abundance, celebrate the evidence of it in you life. Do a happy dance, say: Look what I attracted to me! Do this every day for the next 7 days and share any ahas in the comments

This brings more love through as we focus on the positives in our life. 

Be open to receiving love


Open your heart to LOVE:

DARE to DREAM again!

all my love

Suzie xxx 

Get You Daily Heart Opening to love Oracle cards here. 


Abundance Brings Me To ……………

abundance brings (1)

Creating Abundance is the theme for April

Check out the reading for the month  here 

The abundance I have in my life brings me……………

feelings of joy love and freedom.

As I drove to the beach this morning I was feeling so abundant. I had woken up to the magic of the full moon still high in the sky I  checked into my phone, I know no checking email/fb etc, 🙂

I have been having a no phone Internet policy till after I have done all my morning rituals which usually includes my walk on the beach.

I discovered I was one of the winners of Denise Wakeman’s 5 day instastory challenge wow I was feeling so blessed.

A few weeks ago I had been gifted, a reading from Cheryl Hart, another random draw. The manifesting muscle is working well.

This reading from Cheryl and my guides was very important, you might even say a pivoting point. I will be writing more about this tomorrow. 

beach clouds

Now I am here at the beach.

Where there is so much abundance:

The blue sky is so strong

The patterns in the clouds and

the Azure of the Sea which is quite flat today freat for me to do my exercises in  rather than in the pool.

 a walk on the abundance of soft clean sand.

What do my guides have to whisper to me today?


Keep dreaming big and do



Expect Miracles Tee

As you step into the love that you know you are, then


comes when you know you are enough, more than enough.knowing

Your self esteem is high, then

Then you move closer to having the Radiant Health, Financial Freedom and Inner Peace that you desire.

This is perfect for me today.

Does this reading and today’s prompt speak to you?

Share in the comments what the abundance you now have in your life is bringing you today.

All my love 


Suzie  xxoo






Creating Abundance in April

April-abundanceWelcome to April

The month of ABUNDANCE

Yesterday I decided to draw a goddess card and it was Freya: BOLD


Then today I wrote:

I release my fears,

I am no longer settling

Because I am BOLD!

Today I was called to draw a card first from one of my favorite decks, that I attracted several years ago at the Tweed Hospital fete! Since I launched my own deck I rarely use The Wisdom of the Hidden Realms from Collete Baron-Reid.

I wonder if this is the sign I need to complete the Inner Wisdom deck?

The card I drew today was:


Gaia’s Garden: fruition, abundance, reaping what you sow.

Perfect for my my intention for manifesting abundance for this month. This is the time that success will come from the fruits of your intentions. This is the time to share your gifts with the world. Remember in Gaia’s you have everything that you need to make your dreams come true. There is no lack. 🙂   

This is a beautiful start to this magical month of April.


Now for the reading for the month from the Heart Whisper Oracle Deck.


How will you embrace your abundant self as you start this new month?

Meditate on this question today and see what flows from your heart.

What area of your life do you want to create more abundance in, in April?

What’s your focus on abundance going to be?

I meditated first before I drew the cards and this is the message that’s come through for the whole month.

Yes take ME TIME each day. This is so important for you to create abundance first from within your own heart That means taking 10 + minutes to meditate and then journal on your intentions.

FOLLOW YOUR HEART whispers as they will guide you to

your BOLD next steps so you do step up and shine this month.

This  leads you on your path to PROSPERITY where you will manifest the abundance you desire.


Does this reading speak to your heart?

Are you looking to create more abundance into your life in April?

What area of abundance will you choose to attract more abundance in in April?










Or something that didn’t spring to my mind.

All my love

Suzie xo





Do You Talk To Your Guides Each Day?

Do You Talk To Your Guides Each Day

What Do My Guides Want Me To Know Today?

I was shuffling my deck of cards. Focusing on my heart and some cards flew to the floor

I then turned over the top card was


This is the focus card for me today

That said to me it is time to do some deep delving on the journaling front.  I had had one of those stop start weeks that has Me “all over the place.” Scattered I shared with a friend yesterday.

One day I was high vibing, the next low on energy and sleeping more that I normally do.

I know there is an energy shift happening too, my friend Anne Aleckson spoke about it yesterday

Anyone else feeling it?

I then went to pick up the 3 cards that had fallen on the floor, think I wonder what this message is for me to expand on Your Heart Knows.

When I saw the cards I knew it was time to do what i am so good at telling clients to do:

Really listen to and follow the path and passion of you heart.


Unblock the ABUNDANCE flow and

I am reminded by LOVE reversed

That I still have some work on self love to do.

I know it is an ongoing process.

A few minutes later when I went to pick up my pen, I saw that the

REST card was on the floor too.

So 4 cards had flown out of the deck. Looks like my angels and guides had heard my prayers this morning and were delivering.


This was a very significant reading with the rest card relating to the reversed love card.

When you rest you allow deep healing to take place, within your body, your heart and your soul.”

So this affirming that it’s good to rest as I do some deeper delving through my journaling  to keep healing, build strength to move forward to my abundant self

I would love to hear if you talk to your guides every day

your guides know

Open your heart to love

Dare to dream again

All my love

Suzie xo


What Will You Magically Manifest In March?

Welcome to a new month 

March is the month to magically manifest your dreams


Today’s post started out with a question for me which was:
How will I magically manifest money with ease and flow in March

 I was thinking other people might want to manifest good health, somebody else might want to manifest a new relationship or more harmony in their current relationships, another might want to manifest a new spiritual practice and the lists could be pages long.

Like a bucket list

Then these words flowed onto the page of my journal

To manifest my dreams In March I will ………….

I then meditated on the words and I shuffled the Heart Whisper cards.

The first card I drew was hope with HOPE

The next card I drew was one of my favourites EXPECT MIRACLES

Very interesting reading

The  next next was LET GO

Manifest-in March

When you let go of what no longer brings you joy, you create space and allows the new to flow.

Then I turned a fourth card over and it was INNER PEACE.

This is my reading of these cards as they relate to manifesting one’s dreams magically in March:

I will I will awaken the hope that is within, knowing that I am a miracle. When I believe and focus on what it is I really want then I can expect miracles to come into my life.

I can manifest the miracles I desire by really opening my heart believing that the impossible is possible

In order to do that I still need to let go. Let go of what no longer brings me joy so I can create the space to allow myself to manifest the miracles that I do want in March.

Then this will bring me to the Inner  peace  that I both desire and need to create freedom.

To truly manifest my dreams so that I can step into  prosperity moving toward having the both physical health, financial freedom and inner peace, that comes when you love yourself fully and release all judgement


Did you receive any whispers from your heart as you read the word and or lookked at the images of the cards?

How will you answer today’s journal prompt?

To manifest my dreams In March I will ………….

Please share in the comments and reach out if you want to get true clarity on what your do want to manifest.

Pinterest-manifest magic

Open your heart to love
Dare to dream again
All my love
Suzie xo

How Healing Power Opens Into Abundance


What Brings Healing Power to ME today? 

This is the reading I did from the Heart Whisper cards in response to the journal prompt:

Maybe it will speak to your heart and your own healing.

This healing does not just have to be for your body and your health, it can be for your relationship/s, you finances, business, spiritual life and more. 

Often two or more  are intertwined as I discovered when I looked up Louise Hay’s You can heal your Life on sciatica: Being hypocritical. Fear of money!

Then I checked in  Inna Segal’s The Secret Language of your Body: She  Talk about feeling stuck, being worried about survival. not feeling good enough, stifling of creativity and more!

Yes it did speak to me as I had been taking a much closer look at my business and the profitability of it . 

I felt like I was always pushing and not aligned, The money wasn’r flowing in a way that daily brought me joy

I wasn’t following my theme for 2018 of:

Be True To You Be in FLOW

Then the cards came…..

 LET GO of everything that is not a hell yes and does not empower you and make your heart sing- yes back to the declutter plan for January, that will help to heal your body too. This will allow the new to flow as you open your heart to love

RECEIVE all the love that is you and surrounds you!

Then the ABUNDANCE will flow in as in letting go you are releasing all thoughts of lack.

Remembering that 



I did this reading  before I wrote in my gratitude journal 
Love heals
Open your heart to LOVE: DARE to DREAM again!
all my love
Suzie xxx #heartwhisper #poweredbylove #dailywhisper#oraclecardreading
Get you own daily healing tool with the Heart Whisper Daily Guidance oracle cards

Oracle cards

How Do You Put Your Energy In Motion Each Day?

How do you set the energy in motion

This morning I was doing an exercise from the  7 day Manifesting Miracles challenge that Lana Shlafer is running this week in her Facebook group.

Todays exercise was to play this game by writing out or speaking a series of statements that begin with “Wouldn’t it be nice if…”. 

I did that exercise in my journal  after I had drawn today’s Heart Whisper oracle card: Follow your heart and wrote the following words:

Follow Your Heart

I thought it would be great thing to do at the beach on our morning walk.

I wasn’t so keen on the word Nice  so I  changed it to Wonderful

I then repeated this phrase: “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if…”. 

and came up with lots of new instances:

and I had set my positive energy in motion for the day again .  I could feel it.

You might be able to feel it in the video: ( 6 minutes )

Then I said to Des it’s your turn to play. The response came “ I have been saying yes to what you have been saying but I am not going to play at your request!

We then had a discussion and he said maybe it’s the wording. I also have my own gentler way through meditation that sets my energy in motion for the day. I don’t have to be loud and noisy like you 🙂

Then he said: Maybe it’s the wording!

Say won’t it be wonderful when. That didn’t feel good for me.

Then we came up with it will be wonderful when……

The he said: Maybe it’s the wording! Say won’t it be wonderful when. That didn’t feel good for me.

Then we came up with it will be wonderful when……

I have completed and presented a Ted Talk

I have a creative VA

I am living in our dream home by the sea

I have finished my book, lucky to be alive

i have my art online and selling

Hay House is selling my Heart whisper oracle cards

I am living in Bali for 3 moths

I have been to Macchu Picu

We are putting in a positive vibration. Wouldn’t and won’t are words that put put a negative vibration and when we change the thoughts we think, the words we speak we change our vibrations which changes the results we get,

The we discussed that  this doesn’t work for everybody, some people set there energy in motion through meditation, walking peacefully in nature  and that allows them to set their own personal energy in motion for the day.

People like me have to have it in a more active way and  noisy way.

I like to be louder, noisy and get excited, whereas Des likes do things in a much calmer and quieter away,

He’s happy to support me in what is going become another one of my morning rituals of setting my energy in motion. This also is helping me make a shift in my mindset.

How will you set you energy in motion today?

Share in the comments below or come and add to the conversation in the Heart Whisperer Movement on Facebook

All my love

suzie-cheelLive with love, smile often and be forever grateful
Please Share this article on your favorite social networks and with your community. This can help others heal and transform their lives. Thank you!”♥♥
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Suzie, you bring so much sparkle and joy to the world…you are my role model for vibrant living

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How to Open The Pathway To Abundance With Passion


The Energies of December

The Heart Whisper Card Reading for December was for me both powerful and in so in sync with  my Focus on Abundance challenge that starts this week.  Here is the reading on the cards and the energy as I felt the energies,

Here is a meditation for you to help anchor in the energies and help you move towards your wildly Abundant 2017. You can listen online or download

Meditation on the Energies of Abundance

Are you saying yes to you? 

Will you follow you passion to open the pathway to abundance in 2017

All my love

suzie-cheelLive with love, smile often and be forever grateful
Please Share this article on your favorite social networks and with your community. This can help others heal and transform their lives. Thank you!”♥♥

All my love

suzie-cheelLive with love, smile often and be forever grateful
Please Share this article on your favorite social networks and with your community. This can help others heal and transform their lives. Thank you!”♥♥