Manifesting Miracles  with The  New Moon and 1212 Portal

manifest- moon- miracles

We Can Use The New Moon To Manifest what We Really Want  Set new Intentions while the 12/12 portal is open It’s a time for out with the old and in with the new A time for Gratitude – get a journal out and, over the next few days, write down what you are really […]


12 years ago it was the day I came out of Tweed Hospital after having a kidney relapse. I made this choice to live I set the intention through EFT (tapping) that morning back in 2011, when I woke up, as it was my sister-in-law Gabby’s 60th birthday and we were having a zoom to […]

The Abundance Show with Card Deck Queen Rosie Battisa

The Power of Your Cards Decks

Discover The Power In Your Card Deck Let’s Learn how to use your cards to create more abundance in your life and business It is also an opportunity to remember and reclaim who you really are Rosie and I share the power of card deck to transform you life. Watch and Listen  here Have you […]

I Choose Love For 2023

I chose love as my word for 2023  It has taken me most of January to decide on my word for 2023 I started the year thinking Why just one word? Maybe 3? I had done that back in 2017 and put them on a mug to remind me Bold, Dynamic and Focus  That had […]