The Weekly Oracle Reading 

You can choose to be and feel this way. 🌟
This week’s reading support you choosing to be and feel special in all areas of your life 💜

When you are fully in ACCEPTANCE of the love and magic that you are✨
Following what YOUR HEART KNOWS 💚

You are a very special person

Do you believe this? HELL YES!
Some of you are saying NO I AM NOT 🚫
That’s not your heart whispering.💯It’s your head, and probably not whispering…📣
Yelling at you, more likely, with negative thoughts and words.!
That’s all garbage and must be purged, if you are to fully be in acceptance of yourself, so you can truly believe and call in the miracles 💫
I know sometimes you allow life to get in the way.

The FUD factor comes out to play!
Overwhelm takes over
You doubt yourself
You procrastinate

The TO DO list gets longer and there are more incompletions🗒


Make today the day you finally release the doubts, the fear and uncertainties.
Then join me in my group tomorrow THE CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURS to  experience this week’s meditaion for releasing, letting go meditation where you can let go of the dead baggage that limits you and stops you loving and accepting you and will no longer serve you as we move towards 2021

Love Suzie 🌈💜⭐️

Creative Entrepreneurs

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