When Louise Came To Visit

When Louise Came To Visit

Question: How will I stay focused on my why, today?

Yes Suzie you strayed yesterday and lost the plot!

What if this or may that.

Words from my Emergings poem came to mind.

The anguish of
What if this or maybe that?
Procrastination over which path to take:
Two steps forward
one back
Round and round…….


Wow in my prayers and meditation today Louise Hay came to me and whispered:

“ know that love heals when you truly love yourself, you know must show others this is the way. I will be here to guide you and remind you, just ask. Yes Suzie, I am your new guardian angel”.

So Suzie there is now no going back. You have your guides, your angels to ask and talk with- don’t forget- you are not alone.

It’s no coincidence that on Saturday when you went to put the player in the bathroom to relax to while you had your epson salts bath and you pressed the tape deck button and on came Louise Hay’s voice.
On checking I discovered and old tape of Louise’s on Receiving Prosperity. I listened and was reminded of her wisdom.

Also it was relevant to where I was at today. When Louise Came To Visit

Then on Monday I was looking for a book on a shelf and discovered a set of business sized affirmation cards of Louise’s I would have bought at least 20 years ago. The copyright is 1989 only 5 years after You Can Heal Your Life was first published.

The signs were lining up 🙂

I wrote this first and then shuffled and half expected the love card to appear, yet the BOLD card came out- well sharing my awakening today is bold!Daily-Whisper-Bold


Release all the shame** you know what it is, just let go and those doors to prosperity will open and the flow will start.

Get out Louise’s short meditation to start each day, that came with Loving Yourself To Great Health.

Open your heart to LOVE: DARE to DREAM again!
all my love
Suzie xxx 

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Oracle cards

** The shame came out in my EFT/Tapping session this morning. So powerful are those hidden memories we all have.

NOTE re EFT/Tapping. This is something I do each morning and use with my clients. I have used it for many years and always for healing myself. On Thursday I heard a friend, Sally Thibault, I have seen for several years speak on Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome, using EFT. Her talk raised my knowledge of EFT and the stories she told led me to buy her book: Tapping to Reclaim you: How to Re-Ignite Your Passion, Power and Purpose in 30 Days    http://amzn.to/2exbn3O


Lousie Hay  Today when i began my day I started with the question: How will I feel safe today?

 In my journaling I wrote about Louise Hay’s mirror work. No wonder I got goose bumps when I heard about 8 am today when I was with a magical group of Daring and Disruptive Female Entreprenuers. that she has passed away in her sleep. 

 I drew the LOVE card from my oracle deck about 5.40 AM AEST this morning – just one card for today. I recently have been drawing 3 cards.


 Now ask how will I fully love and accept myself today? 

I will start with saying:

  •  I love you Suzie, I really love you – if you find this a challenge do the mirror work – https://www.suziecheel.com/do-you-love-you/
  •  I am enough, I am more than enough, I am good enough. I used to have this set for every hour to remind myself a few years back when I felt I was not enough

  •  I am worthy

  •  I am an awesome artist and entrepreneur

  •  I love that I inspire and empower others to be the change

  •  I love that I color the world each day

  •  I fully love and accept myself

  • I have released all judgement about how i look

  • I love that i can stand naked in front of the mirror and I love what I see

  • I love being kind to me daily- how do I do that- with meditation, journaling, gratitude, exercise and putting my needs first- okay I am still learning on that one 🙂  
  • When I brush my hair I am looking at me and I can see and feel the love in my eyes

This is the video is from my livestream on Facebook as a tribute to Louise Hay who has been in my life since 1985 when I first bought You Can Heal Your Life

This morning in the Heart Whisperers Group:  

Elsie wrote in response to my post when I discovered that Louise Hay had  passed from this world.:

 She was an angel we only borrowed from heaven! She has had a huge influence on my life!  

I replied: Mine too- and I just got goosebumps all over as I read your comment and started typing. In my gratitude journal this morning  I wrote.

I am so deeply grateful for Louise Hay, her love, her healing, her legacy. Her legacy is now my inspiration to heal all the areas of my life and show others how to have hope and do the same.

Who is joining me for the ride?

Always Dare to Dream

I read this on Louise Hay’s legacy page:  Louise was very vocal in her belief that age was irrelevant to achieving one’s dreams. To that point, at 81, Louise released her first-ever film on her life and work, You Can Heal Your Life: The Movie. I have watched that movie many times. 

Yes today I do say I love you Suzie and give myself an inner namaste

 Here are some of Louise’s quotes that speak to me and my message 

Louise Hay quote

Louise Hay 2



Open your heart to LOVE: Dare To Dream Again

all my love

Suzie xxx  

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Heart Whisper Oracle Cards


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The Daily Whipser

The Question: Am I truly loving and accepting ME in every moment the day? 

 I meditated on this question and then shuffled my cards and out flew FOLLOW YOUR HEART with the question for me? Are you really loving you and the path you are on today?
I then drew HOPE followed by INNER PEACE
Then I took out my journal and these words flowed from within.
♥ Maybe you are still doing what you feel you should be doing?  
Yet you know this is holding you back.
Yesterday I received a message from a colleague and friend who wrote that at the end of the day:
I’ve realised that most of my week is taken up with housework and admin and other peep’s stuff. I shall be keeping an eye on this and scheduling in all my stuff as priority. Just realised why I often feel as though I haven’t achieved anything, when I’ve been busy all day long lol.
I now have a daily love checklist in my google drive so I focus on what I love.


I have tried lots of other systems for being accountable and this one I started back in 2010  and then put away. This month i revived it and am still adding in daily tasks and I can see where I have to pick up my game- yes my painting and my art is almost non existent. 

Yes some things are backing up- are they important? In the past I would have said yes – now no- they are not going to change the world. But I will be true to the path of my heart:
I do have my daily priorities in place.  My non-negotiables.
First is
  • my spiritual work –  my prayers, drawing my card/s visualising, writing my question down and then meditating for a few minutes before I draw a card. My question can change like today when you follow your heart flew out and it raised the question which is today’s inspiration for the daily whisper.
For me I am loving me. Yet it  seems like I might not be fully following the path of my heart. 🙂
This morning I am still in bed. I had a late night  getting something right on my website that in future I will have a wonderful creative VA take care of. 
Without realising I had picked up my journal as I came upstairs last night. I always have a spare deck of cards by my bed too. So a change of routine. 
This is not a normal morning for me. I’m usually up by 4:30 or 5 AM and downstairs with my turmeric drink followed by hot lemon and ginger cleanser. Then I write my morning question, say my prayers, tap in ho’opononpono and spend some time listening to my inner wisdom, my guides and visualising before I put pen to paper. 
Today when Follow Your Heart flew our I knew the universe was trying to get through. i have written before about the significance of fly cards. Something to take note of and observe. 
I know in another exercise I did later this morning I wrote down that I wasn’t thrilled that I was not following my own wisdom!  I think i am still looking outside! That is changing as of today. 
On August 28th 2011 I wrote: NOW live from love and only do what feels good..A very slow learner here.
Are you living from love? Doing only what makes you feel good? Putting your priorities first?
Live from love
Share the comments how you response to this question or maybe get out your journal and allow your heart to guide you on that question.
Open your heart to LOVE, heal and prosper
all my love
Suzie xxx  
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Follow Your Heart #dailywhisper

Are You Really Listening to the Whispers of Your Heart?

The message from the card is :

Embrace your path with love and you will find the gift your heart knows is within.

The question I asked today before I shuffled the cards was:

What will put me and keep me in flow today?

Why flow?

When I am in flow  I am powering forward with passion, purpose and  clarity.

I shuffled the cards, meditating on the question and as I shuffled and was about to stop and pick a card when Follow Your Heart fell out.

The card falling out is a significant for me as it says Suzie practice what you preach!

Well I thought I was doing this, the inkling I have is that there is still a window to my heart that is closed.

A part where I am not totally turned on and tuned into.

That part that is peeking out , wondering if there is an easier way.

Still looking out and comparing yourself to others? Sometimes before I do my own work.

Time to change that for sure!

So if I take the advice I give my clients to listen to and follow my heart whispers each day, I will be IN THE FLOW!

An interesting day to receive this message as my routine was not about to be normal. We had a house guest overnight, had a later night than I normally would have and I slept in, so my morning routine went out the window in more ways than one.

Buddhas-Diet-Book-ReviewAs we had a guest I made breakfast, something I am not currently having  5 or 6 days a week. I have been fasting from 8.30 pm until 11.30 am or later. This has been working well for me is I am sleeping better I am following the Buddha Diet. I am currently reading the Buddha’s Diet: The Ancient Art of Losing Weight Without Losing Your Mind that I came aware of through a friend, Vidya Sury’s  blog post reviewing the book.

After my knee fracture my doctor told me to lose some weight, slightly challenged when I was in a knee brace! So I started on this diet and did lose 2.5 kgs (5LBS). I was surprised that I did not get hungry. I still have my turmeric drink and hot lemon  first thing and then drink water and my fresh from the garden lemongrass and mint herbal tea.

After breakfast and chatting with our cousin, I turned on my computer to check out a Genki Vibration machine with Des. We had one we had got from our neighbours last year, it broke after not being used. I loved it and knew it was good for my bones etc. We found one on sale so we ordered it and it will be here later this week. That was a total distraction 🙂

Then instead of going start to to my 4 non-negotiable morning tasks,  I peeked at my email for details of a class I was taking, and then before I knew it was down the rabbit hole!

This was a good lesson for me in knowing how I get out of the flow and lose focus.

Anyone else recognise this pattern?

So today I am accepting where I am at and see this as a clear signs from my guides, my angels – Follow your Heart 😃

My heart is saying today:

write your book and complete the website update.

So now is time to action and write a book chapter that ties in beautifully with todays daily whisper on getting the message.



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This was the day 6 years ago that I got a huge download that was my message as well as my purpose. I have just shared on my profile a memory from then. I read message that I had never replied to as I had very limited access to the internet in hospital back then.
So I am off to write that chapter and will be sharing more of my book live on my facebook page.
Open your Heart to Love: Heal and Prosper
all my love
Suzie xxx



Give Me Advance Notice for Lucky to be Alive + Opportunity for a review copy




Trust in the Divine Process

Have FAITH  in those whispers

The Daily Whisper for today comes with a very powerful message from the heart
Calm comes when you let go of the struggle, listen to and trust the whispers of your heart.
Trust all the answers are within
When I stop trusting in me I get into overwhelm, struggle, look outside for the perfect solution………
Today my mentor asked me to journal on……….
What would I be doing if I was acting from absolute faith?
These were the words that flowed onto the pages of my journal
I am painting daily and creating new products.
Showing people how to open their hearts through the Oracle cards, to heal and live in abundance.
I have 10 Best selling books
I speak on podcasts, on video shows, on TV and on stage around the world
I sell my original artwork online, through print on demand. Tee-shirts,cards, phone covers, wallets, cushions mugs, prints, jewelry, scarves leggings and more
I have created 10 decks of Oracle cards, including one for children
I have an income of $10K a month and increasing
All this has come about because i am in the flow 
My art opens hearts each day as well as the opening my heart.
There would be classes on painting/creativity into gratitude and abundance
These come from my daily journalling and from my  paintings
So today card of trust puts this idea right on the plate.
As I get more into flow have more faith and let go the ideas for flow as well the programs and products
There will be a mastermind called opening your heart to flow into abundance that will be $99 a month. This will have weekly live calls, a meditation and Heart Whisper Oracle card readings. Plus VIPs who will explore their magic through the HeartScape process. 
Now go start and have you daily work and your website reflect this. Get you art online! No more hiding……..
That blew my mind as I keep putting my art on the back burner. Time to pick up the paint brushed maybe start a 7 day painting from the heart challenge to get back in the creative flow.
Are you trusting in YOU? 
Open your heart to love: LISTEN, HEAL, PROSPER
Suzie xxx
Ready to find the magic that will give you the faith to shine your light Message me here on Facebook  and see if the HeartScape process is for you. Or book a chat here http://bit.ly/scbchat
What one client said after her Heartscape journey :That HeartScape is my journey it’s like a dream, discovering my purpose and learning to love ME fully and know I am worthy. Through your selfless gifts You have coached me to be my Heart’s Whispers and The HeartScape painting is the Rainbow after the Storm. You uncovered so many layers through your painting and your intuitive channeled messages, thank you~ Namaste ~Gala

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When you are receiving openly you feel full of love of gratitude and abundance

Sometimes we block our receiving valves and find ourselves in lack. Not feeling good enough and often so giving of ourselves to others.

I know I have learned to accept compliments, gifts, that free coffee etc with joy and love in my heart.

Wasn’t always the way, when someone would compliment me on something I was wearing, my hair and even my art I can remember when I would I would qualify my reply in a way that I now see as offensive to the giver.

Now i accept with thanks and my heart smiles

When we recognize this pattern in our lives we need to take time out: “me time

ASK what it is we really, really want being be open to receiving?

Maybe you were told when you were younger that it is better to give than receive. I can still hear my mother’s words in my ears.

So often we have patterns of behaviour, negative thoughts and more to release.

We need to first, forgive and then get clear on what we do want to receive and ask for this on a daily basis through journaling as we start our day.

Always being in gratitude and open that beautiful heart to receive your true desires.

Start today!
Message from the card is

What will you ask to receive today?

Open your heart to love: LISTEN, HEAL, PROSPER
Suzie xxx

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Heart Whisper Oracle Cards

Happiness Comes from Your Heart

Happiness #dailywhisperThe Daily Whispetoday came after I asked today how can I be truly aligned?

Happiness was the message today:

Then instead of writing today I decided to make the Daily Whisper at the beach.

This was my first morning walk on the beach in almost 10 weeks.  You know the beach is my happy place.  So the choice to be happy is a no brainer 🙂

Do you wake up each morning making the choice to choose HAPPINESS?

Here is my video from the beach (5.33 mins)

One of the things i do first thing in the morning is I check in with my joy meter to see what’s my joy level today?

Today i heard 89, seeing as my joy level used to be down at 70 when I first started this daily practice. This week it has been up in the 90s.
I thought thats great and then I said to Des, look the sun’s shining, it’s winter here, a bit hard to imagine with me in shorts and a tee shirt. There is a wind blowing so it is a little bit cool.

This is something that I have been missing.

This has been missing from my happiness routine. As most of you know I come to the beach every morning for a walk, but since I fractured my knee about 10 weeks ago.

When we choose to be happy we are stepping into our power, what I call the power of love. This means that we feel happy within in we know we are enough, we know we love ourselves fully, unconditionally and the more that we do that then we exude little bubbles of happiness out wherever we go.

So my question for you today is

How will you choose to be HAPPY TODAY?

I have woken up today with wonderful orders for the Heart Whisper oracle cards I will be shipping on Monday, around the world,

if you haven’t got you own set yet head on over to http://suziecheel.com/hworacle and get your set today.Heart Whisper Oracle CardsThat’s all for today
Everybody have a beautiful happy day


Open Your heart To The Power of LOVE : Listen, Heal and Prosper
Suzie xxx




Say Yes #dailywhisper

Today’s whisper is SAY YES…..

The question I asked was:

How will I be truly me this week and share my messages joyfully?

So what will this look and feel like meditate on this question and see it in your mind’s eye.

I meditated , then picked up my pen and the following words tumbled onto the paper:

When you say yes to YOU, that means you are listening to your inner wisdom,your heart whispers, your divine spirit and the doors abundance open.

Now you will be owning your message and creating the ripples of change through the power of love.
It’s time to step fully into your purpose, no more excuses as you will have the confidence and the inner knowing that others will see and will reflect back to you. Your heart will smile.

This means you are relying on you to fulfil your dumb, no longer looking outside for reassurance all the magic or even a white shining night riding by.

Now is the time to fully trust and put your faith in you. No more doubting. Step into the new you NOW.

No more putting it off till tomorrow. This is crucial that you act today. It all starts with one step and that step will put you in the flow 🙂 

Are You Saying Yes To YOU?

Does this sound like you?

Need a guiding hand or whisper in your ear?

Start with the Heart Whisper Daily Guidance Oracle cards. 


Open Your heart To The Power of LOVE : Listen, heal and prosper
all my love
Suzie  xxx



Patience Gives Time and Creates Space To Grow and Reflect


Patience Helps You Heal and Grow

Today I asked: How can I move positively on my true purpose today?
The card I drew was Patience. Not what i was expecting!
with the message
This was the download that came as I put pen to my journal:
Now you have got true clarity about your purpose and your mission this week you can move forward in flow with ease and grace.
The struggle will drop away as what flows now will come from your heart.
You will act on and follow that guidance.
You now know and accept that the answers are within.
Your days of looking for the BSO (bright shiny object) are behind you.
First bask in the joy of this discovery. Yes be kind to you and take some time to just be, maybe visioning this new life where you totally love and trust you!
Part of this discovery is to restructure your book: Lucky to be Alive,  because you have all the chapters mapped out so clearly, or so you thought. There have been about 3 version of this! Here comes the PATIENCE FACTOR: to review this in the light of your close reading of your journals from back at that time almost 6 years ago.
My awakening on Wednesday,  after my mentor asked what was the message that comes from your heart, had me dancing.
This message that flowed on to pages of my journal back on July 27th 2011 from my bed at Tweed Heads Hospital.
I believe we can all create whatever is in our hearts we just need to visualise it, journal it and feel what it is  like to be have accomplished it. It works for anything in life.
Our imaginations are real and vibrant and can be used to fill our lives with such joy.
When you allow your intuition to move into the forefront- it’s about trusting what is coming through is clear and giving you the message that you need to hear and the world will benefit from.
Each day there will be a message that will inspire and empower and awaken you that you will share with the world by your live video. Somedays it will be on Facebook page and the team that join you will become your tribe of change warriors alongside others.
At that time I had just done a series of interviews with 11 women called  Change Warriors. I had mapped out a series of to extend  to Men, Teens and Children. My life changed and the project was shelved. The Heart Whisper emerged.
MAYBE Somewhere on a hard drive here are 11 brilliant interviews I will look for. The Change Warrior idea has been resurfacing for me in meditation. Maybe for SuzieTV?

Lesson in Patience

That’s a lot of lessons in patience for me from my healing journey with all its byways.
The many different things I have tried with my business and my healing, over the past six or more years to now.
Today I am back to what my heart knew was a true spiritual awakening in 2011. As Des said yesterday it was a Soul Journey through recovery from illness.There are been many as Brene Brown quotes:

“The most powerful teaching moments are the ones where you screw up.”

I have many of those with my business, as well as my own physical healing!  I think my recent knee fracture was a gift to allow time for me to reflect and for my true message, my mission to really get grounded in my truth. As you can see from above:)

I’m excited for my life and my business. The future is exciting and full of amazing adventures.
Who”s coming along for the ride?
It will be awakening, transforming, there will be tears of joy and laughter and some learning that might be tough . I know i have been there.
I am excited to guide Creative, Spiritual entrepreneurs and others to discover their true purpose, find their message and create ripples of change.
I have done the hard yards, now I am ready to help you discover your love and your message by being in flow, with a guiding heart by your side.
Are you ready?  Message me
Open your heart : Listen, heal and prosper
all my love
Suzie  xxx
Get you own inner wisdom in tune with your heart .
Heart Whisper Oracle Cards

Love Comes When, We Really Get That We Are Love 

Daily Whisper-loveToday I sat in silence and asked:
What will bring me joy today to my life and have me moving forward fearlessly?
I then shuffled the cards until I was guided to stop and turn a card over and it was LOVE.
Big message for me as if you have been on the lifestream on my Facebook page  I started to share snippets for my upcoming book Lucky To Be Alive: How I used the Law of Attraction and the Power of Love to Save my Life.
I got a nudge to change the title after reading through my journal and talking out the word self-love and just have love.
After all I have been talking about how I stand for the power of love.
I truly believe that when we can learn to feel the love that we are.
As the message I got  in  the dialysis chair when I asked what is this all about reflects.
It’s all about love  and love is where heart centred living comes from. 
In hospital,  two days later, following a guided meditation from Sonia Choquette, this message was downloaded and these words fell onto the pages of my journal:
it’s all about love Suzie, you will be healed when you see and feel any love for you first and then you will be all that you have to love to give totally anchored in a inner peace and that feeling of pure joy that allows the  awakening it is already you to become empowered, that is the inspiration, the ripple effect.
Hence my change  in the title, small but I feel meaningful.
Love is as they say what makes the world go round, so from today i am embracing this message of the power of love and it’s healing qualities in a bigger way.
I know I am on purpose. It took my reading and recording my journal entires from back in 2011 to realise that my Kidney failure back in July 2011 was a true spiritual awakening.
I have taken pieces of that journey and embraced them, from today I am fully stepping into the power of love as a way to heal.
This healing power of love is not just for physical healing, it’s for spiritual, for relationship with self and others, for you business, for communities and for the world. It is all about opening our hearts, listening, healing and prospering.

This is empowering and transforming

Who’s joining me on what I see as being a very exciting ride?
The Daily Whisper message from the card is:
Some of you might be asking what does it mean to NAMASTE? 
Namaste is something my partner Des and I do every morning and have done so for 12 years or more. We place our hands in prayer position and bow, while connecting our eyes and silently say “The divine in me honors the divine in you”
Mahatma Gandhi said that Namaste means:
“I honor the place within you where the entire Universe resides; I honor the place within you of love, of light, of truth, of peace; I honor the place within you, where, when you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, there is only one of us.”
I learned to do an inner namaste to honor myself each day from Brandon Bays.
I remember her suggesting that this was a wonderful practice for couple and families to do to raise the love levels and bring in peace.
Open your heart : Listen, heal and prosper
all my love
Suzie  xxx
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How To Make Your Vision To Expect Miracles

Your heart opens and whispers: ”Feel the love and expect miracles”.
A new month with many opportunities opening for a new abundant prosperous life.

The focus card for the month is Expect Miracles


Open your heart to receive and let go over clutter no longer serves you. This might be computer clutter, email clutter, paper clutter and remember the clutter that’s in your brain too.
I started today with reorganising my physical desktop and shelves then recycling piles of paper I thought one day I might need. Then there is the computer clutter! From today I will spend 10 minutes a day releasing “stuff” that often limits me and I know I’ll never use again.
What I have to be careful here is that I release with joy, give thanks and let go of any judgement about money spent and feeling of regret that may come up.
You know all those freebies and courses that sit on your computer and you thought might come in handy one day, not to mention the email clutter. I am seeing the feelings of clarity I will have when this is done.
To expect miracles you have to be open to receive and sometimes you block your own receiving valve by hanging on. When you fully love you and do the work those new miracles do come.

The Challenge card is PLAY:

The message for me is to make work my play and allow it to flow with ease and grace. The reminds me of my word for 2017 TRUST: simple, flow. ease and grace.
For me this
  1. Daily live streaming or love streaming as I call it. It’s fun, it has my heart singing and it uplifts and empowers me and you
  2. Sharing my healing journey with you on my blog and on my lifestream so finishing my book become becomes playful and in the flow, not a have to do we start on Monday
  3. My daily rich journalling  to manifest my life my playful life filled with my dreams
  4. Painting daily as this opens my heart to my creative spirit which is one of my feelings of love to play in
  5. Be grateful and appreciative daily for my environment as this brings me fields of love when I go to the beach, swimming in the sea something I’ll be able to do more regularly. I have missed my morning beach walks since I fractured my knee. I
  6.  Creating magical tools, programs and resources for you and me that allows us to say YES TO LOVE, TO LIFE, and TO YOU  and Open our Hearts to Heal and Prosper!
  7. Creating healthier life. Cooking is one of my fields of love I am passionate about.

The Action card is Follow Your Heart

This means taking time each day to listen to and trust through using your Heart Whisper Oracle Cards or another oracle deck .
Then ask a question that might allow those whispers to come in relation to the image or the message
How would I be today be if I was truly aligned?
Another one might be:
What do I need to know today to move forward with ……….
Whatever your challenge then pick up your pen and your journal and as my client Gala says:
The card,  the pen and MAGIC is in writing from Heart.
Allow those whispers of your heart to flow onto the paper.
The more you do this the more you open your heart, begin to prosper,be able to say I know I am enough, I love myself and this will allow you to step into the courage that your heart knows is there.

The Outcome card is Courage.

The more you trust your inner wisdom the easier it becomes to step up and shine. This really speaks right to my core and I am excited for July being a month of really shifting,  opening to change, to abundance, to prosperity and remembering always to find those fields of love to play in.
What fields of love will you choose to play in this month?


Open Your Heart. Listen, Heal and Prosper

All my love

Suzie CheelSuzieCheel.com-Say yes


What is your heart trying to tell you?

Are you listening?

Following it’s guidance?

What if you could go from being stuck to feeling free and moving forward?

Schedule your own July reading and discover how you can expect miracles with your own 1 layer heartscape .

Get in alignment today.http://bit.ly/hw197

When You Love You The Doors To Prosperity Open

Prosperity Comes When Fully LOVE You

I have started to journal my way to riches each day.

I asked myself the question before I did my oracle card reading : why am I feeling stuck in relation to my income?

You could ask this in relation to your life, health, relationship,  income or business.

I chose the income area because when I asked the question that was what surfaced. I am feeling stuck in not sharing fully my gifts with the world.

I hold back!

Too many irons in the fire 🙂 Then overwhelm sets in. You know that feeling?

The challenge card that I drew: Prosperity with the message: When you follow one path prosperity will flow spoke volumes to me. So, from today I will do the work and take the action that brings me joy and shares my message:  open your heart to heal and prosper.

When you follow One Path prosperity will flow

I will complete three things from my love list that I have been avoiding for weeks, really even months.  I will have a lovestream about this message and my book asking what do you want to know about the chapter I’m now writing about the drug that saved my life: Prednisolone and how I overcame the side effects.

The guidance cards card Inner Peace comes when you love yourself fully and release all judgement.

Inner Peace comes when you love yourself fully and release all judgement.

Today I’m loving me by doing my daily exercises to heal my body to make me stronger and to get my knee pain free and strong again.

How is this loving me?

It’s so easy to say I’ll just….  and then your MeTime goes out the window! Before you know it you are down the rabbit hole and those 5 minutes become an hour!

My New Plan

I know i wrote earlier about my daily morning routine asking How Do You Love You As You Start Your Day? Well some of my routine that went out the window when I fractured my knee 6 weeks ago. Today I am restarting that with some variations.

I will meditate, draw my Oracle cards, journal, write 750 words for my book then spend 15 minutes on my exercises before my business day starts. I am putting another 15 minutes at 5.45pm for the same exercise routine. I also will be adding in a painting session each week.

I will release all judgement and repeat: I am enough and restart my mirror work

Now to take a closer look at what I need to let go of, of  what no longer brings me joy.

Then you can expect miracles to flow when you feel the love.  The outcome card today is Love

Feel the love


What is your heart trying to tell you?

Are you listening?

What if you could go from being stuck to feeling free and moving forward?

Schedule your reading and discover the magic that come when you learn to really listen to the whispers of your heart. You can step into a life full of joy and abundance.  Here is the link. 

Open Your Heart: Heal and Prosper

All my love

Suzie Cheel

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How To Empower Yourself Through Hope

With hope you awaken yourself to miracles, where the impossible become possible


Hope was the card I drew twice this week and I was reminded of a recent conversation with a friend who  walked beside me on my healing journey, that I give people hope. Even when the chips are down I always present a positive face and radiate high energy.
I have been reading Brené Brown’s Rising Strong and she says that:
100% hope is when we know where we are going,  we have a goal, we have set our intentions, we have of plan of action.
When we get knocked down then we can get up again and keep going.
So, hope is a combination of setting goals, having the tenacity and perseverance to pursue them, and believing in our own abilities.
Yes really trusting you, that means loving you unconditionally!

Hope is learned!

Synder in Psychology of Hope suggests that we learn hopeful, goal-directed thinking in the context of other people. Children most often learn hope from their parents. Snyder says that to learn hopefulness, children need relationships that are characterized by boundaries, consistency, and support. I think it’s so empowering to know that I have the ability to teach my children how to hope. It’s not a crapshoot. It’s a conscious choice.Hopeful self-talk sounds more like, This is tough, but I can do it.
When we keep pursuing pursue our goals we can  cultivate hope.  What we have to do we have to be very flexible.

Hope empowers us. Hopelessness disempowers us. 

Hopelessness is dangerous because it leads to feelings of powerlessness. Like the word hope, we often think of power as negative.
It’s not.
The best definition of power comes from Martin Luther King Jr. He described power as the ability to effect change. That resonates for me.  
If that doesn’t sit well for you, ask yourself:  how do you feel when you believe that you are powerless to change something in your life?
Powerlessness is dangerous.
This can give us a feeling of desperation. We need resilience and hope and a spirit that can uplift us through the doubt and fear.
We need to believe that we can effect change if we want to live and love with our whole hearts.

Do you find that hope is empowering?

All my love

Suzie Cheel

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Are You Being Selfish In Hiding Your Story?

What Stops You Sharing Your Story? 

Yes the  story that changed your life

It’s time to write your own story.

Stop looking outside!

Focus on what is within you.

Now is the time,

So today, start moving forward.

I got this message as I was lying in bed this morning. I have been stopped in my tracks once again.

I have a small fracture of my tibial plateau. I wear a knee brace – except when I am showering and I am on crutches for probably 6 weeks. This wasn’t on my plan!


Sometime the universe gives us signs so we get out of our own way and we get moving This can be what we came here to do. It often is our life purpose.

Have you been hiding my life purpose away?

I know my life purpose is empowerment and I help to open hearts and heal. This too is my story that I have been putting off sharing.

Today I will plan my daily activity to get Lucky To Be Alive written as this will lead to the next stage of my life and my business.

The Universe has now created the space, no more excuses!

This week I had an intuitive brainstorming session with Rach Wilson. I was sharing my new Heart Whisper Journey To Joy program and how that would flow from my Joy Quiz, to my Heart Whisper Oracle Cards to my Readings and my new HeartScape service. When I mentioned to her my book Lucky To Be Alive: How I used the Law of Attraction and the Power of Self Love to Save My Life, she got so excited I wish I’d been able to take a photo. Rach said write the book and there is your program. Your program will be called Save Your Life and you will share the tools you used.

We have to have another person to tell us what is within us. What our heart really knows. I had been wondering why I still had lots of incompletions.


Maybe that resonates for you too?

As I lie here in bed today picturing the weeks ahead I’m taking back to just over over a year ago when I was asked what was my biggest dream:

My biggest dream was to have written Lucky To Be Alive,  to be speaking both on and off line to hundreds, make that millions of people around the world who are ready to save their lives by letting go of the struggle, stopping the self sabotage,  the procrastination and stepping onto a path of love, of healing that will bring them to their own knowing that they are enough they are worthy and that the diamond that is within their heart is now ready to shine.

The promise I made back in March this year I now take action on as I write this post.

This book is my story of how I saved my life and now I share my learning, my inspiration, to give hope to others who are ready to save their own lives.


Give Me Advance Notice for Lucky to be Alive + Opportunity for a review copy

Do you have a story to share that will change your life and inspire others?

This might be your jumping off point to heal, let go of the self-sabotage, the struggle and shine. Book a complimentary chat here 

All my love


Please Share this article on your favorite social networks and with your community. This can help others heal and transform their lives. Thank you!”♥♥

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