challenge-of-simplicityI have great plans  to focus on my business and making it seriously profitable this year.

Plus finishing writing my book:Lucky to be Alive: How the Law of Attraction and The Healing Power of Self-Love saved my life.

I dropped out of my Daily Blogging support group and cut back on my social media time. Started to prune my email boxes………

I did finish my 365 Heart Whisper project on February 1. I had a break for a week, before starting painting again.

These were the final 15 Heart Whisper Paintings..

365 Heart whispers

But then in the words John Lennon popularised  in the song Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy).

Among other things, my brother-in-law passed away. It was a blessing for him. This involved  travel and other interruptions that took me away from my February plan..

restThen I attracted a virus, that came with a really nasty dose of sinus,  that has had me laid low for almost 2 weeks.

I enjoy resting and reading but not when I have to 🙂 I realised when I checked back in with the doctor on Tuesday that the rest was meant to be bed rest!

My friend Karen said she drew a card for me and that it was the rest card!

your heart knows

It was then I  thought what happened to listening to my heart whispers which had been telling me to listen and ask for guidance instead of just struggling with complexity and overwhelm. ( I had drawn this card 2 days in a row)

 I am great at getting others to tap into their heart whispers, yet I somehow had forgotten to do the same.  This time of rest was to bring clarity, along with………

A Challenge!

Like many creative people I have more ideas about what I would like to do than I can fulfil in a lifetime. At the same time I have to make sure that I have a business that pays the bills.

A lottery win would be nice but so far that has not come in.:)

I really just want get on with my art and helping people. I don’t want to have to worry about the business side of things. That is not a practical option at the moment. So back to reality.

My challenge at the moment is to create a system and process so  I can do my art and healing and make those processes financially profitable.

I have to make it simple. It’s the complexity that I allow to put me into overwhelm which leads to paralysis and procrastination.

I don’t like planning!

I know that I have to have a plan, set goals and be accountable.

I have some wonderful plans in the past, you have probably read about them here, maybe more than once, that have not worked as they were supposed to.

My aim is now to have a really clear, simple plan, with achievable outcomes and real accountability.

This time  I am starting with the last of these 3 items first. I have set up an accountability process before I have my plan in place. ( Most time in the past the accountability has been an afterthought, which is maybe why it hasn’t worked!)

if you like, i am creating a framework that is harder for me to get out of doing saying what i will do.

i have an accountability partner that i will be checking in with each morning and evening 5 days a week for 10-15 minutes.

The Next Step

The Plan

Now comes the hard bit. i have a planning framework developed by someone expert at this. It’s wonderful but complex and overwhelming and paralyses me. Over the weekend I am going to take that plan and draw from it some simple operating principles.

I am going to make some achievable goals ( Why do i hate the word goals! so much?) I know i have to use it  unless someone can come up with a better word. I tried intentions  but that just doesn’t cut it.

No more moonshots

So many programs I have done encourage you to aim for the stars or even the moon. Right now I going to aiming for a financial figure each month that is achievable and puts me on the path to great profitability later.

Next week I will report on how all this is going.

What tips would you provide for keeping business planning simple and reducing the overwhelm?

all my love

suzie-cheelListening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥MoreCOLOR ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥  AND TRANSFORMS YOUR LIFE. 

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The Challenge of Achieving Simplicity Part 2The Challenge of Achieving Simplicity Part 3.


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42 Responses

  1. I can so relate to having a clear and simple plan and not getting caught in overwhelm. One thing that has helped me is to have a journal just for selling my art and a journal just for my book so that I can commune with it and its guides.

    Thank you for sharing your process. I feel we are all on this journey together. Your passion and joy are an inspiration to me.

    1. Hi Tanya, I love your suggestion, just not sure about more journals. Going to ask my guides on that/ love that you are inspired. thanks for taking the time to comment, really appreciate you ?

  2. Wow, Wow, Wow, Suzie! Everything you wrote could have been coming out of my mouth…or my head – if I could stop the whirling inside. Sorry you have been ill & experiencing such tough times lately. Give your body (and your mind) a rest. I know all to well how much devastation stress, worry & constant busyness can cripple us. Sending you love & healing. <3 Please know that just looking at your beautiful art feels so uplifting and healing for me. 🙂

    1. Tae, thank you, I am well again- there is always a reason even if we don’t see it at the time. Thank you for you wonderful comment that affirms part of my mission to uplift and heal xxoo

  3. Suzie I am sorry to hear you have been ill, but it sounds like a time of reflection and clarity for you. Sometimes our body will take us down when we won’t rest, or need a new perspective to light the way. Your next steps are excellent. Now that my book is launched and became an international best-seller, I have to make a plan to move forward into a new arena expanding on the work in my book. I understand when you write about needing a simple plan that is realistic and brings in income. Dancing in this energy with you! xo

    1. Congrats on the launch and success of you book, I will be watching what you do for when I have my book finished and launched. I love that you are dancing in this energy with me ???

  4. Sorry to hear you have been ill, not fun. But I love your perspective on simplifying your planning and making sure you have accountability in place. That is the key to success. And focusing on reachable financial goals, knowing you are building a foundation for growth. Sending you lots of love and support on your journey this week!

    1. Hi Minette, Thank you, I appreciate your support and yes the accountability is working well for me in following one path. Yes it feel good knowing that it will be a good foundation for growth?

    1. Yes Zeenat we must skype. Would love that. thanks for your healing vibes, I love going with the flow and sometimes that is where I come unstuck!!!:) big hugs Suzie xxoo

  5. I can relate, my brilliant plans came to a stop this February after my dad died and I find it hard to get back full swing. I joined a couple of groups, a women biz group where we meet weekly for support and accountability, and a writer group where we meet twice a month to work together on our writing projects. I am learning that it is ok to slow down and aim for smaller goals, like you. Thank you for sharing your story, it really touched me.

    1. Rachel losing one’s Dad is tough , I know and you are right to be gentle with yourself, I think it took me quite a while to get back into the swing and sounds like you are finding a balance. love Suzie xxoo

  6. I hope you’re doing better now, Suzie. Thanks for sharing your very inspiring blog. I really resonate with that. Having so many creative ideas and not having enough time to do it all. Wonderful how you received guidance from your cards.

    1. Marianne thank you yes I am much better and know it was all in divine guidance. Oh yes all those creative ideas I think I need a magic container to store them in for maybe one day so relate. Yes my cards are a wonderful guide for me and delight me and others daily xxoo

  7. I hope you’re feeling better! Being sick is a blessing and a curse. We feel awful but can find clarity in what we need to do when we feel healthy, appreciate our lives more, and feel joyful when we have restored our health. I don’t mind planning. I can make a great plan. Sticking to it though seems to create havoc (and resistance) at times. I can very much be taken off track by caring for others. Your sentiment of programs that want you to “reach for the stars” also resonates. I need real goals, not pie in the sky. Can’t wait to hear about your next steps!

    1. Thanks Melissa Yes so true blessing and a curse. I relate to what you have said about sticking to a plan. I really get the resistance and as you will read in the next episode flexibilty is so important to get to be real. ?

  8. Suzie you’ve been so close to my heart these last few weeks and sending you love and light! I resonated with you words as it’s challenging for me sometimes to take time and really allow the body to rest and restore. I’ve had “whooping cough” for the past several months and yes it is a 100 day cough! Memo from the universe for “deep rest and sacred self-care. I’m listening as I know this is wellness in action. Blessings

    1. Debra, I love ” Wellness in action” and really appreciate your love and light which I am sending right back to you, wow 100 days, I fell very blessed as today I have no cough . Og yes the struggle of rest, You wold think I was a master of it as i had lots of practice 🙂 xxoo

  9. I’m so sorry your month was difficult and hope you’re feeling so much better.

    I dislike planning too Suzie…which is why I rarely stick to plans I made…my mind is so curious that being stuck with a plan I made feels restrictive and dare I say…boring! But I do need some structure at the same time, so I’m going to be following your next steps very closely! 🙂

  10. I so resonate with your challenge, Suzie! Last year, by the end of February, I had to cut my goals in half. You’re so right that what we wish is often so much more than what we can accomplish. My approach now is to look at the real priorities and be sure to give them attention first. I think it’s also helped me to know my personality type and to align with that instead of trying to plan in a way that’s not a good fit for me. But I don’t have the same pressure to make my business financially viable like you do. I think you’re smart to shoot for what’s reasonable and not go for the moon! My heart is with you and I wish you the very best. BTW, I had a terrible virus that I couldn’t completely shake for almost three months.

    1. Sandra. I remember that post i think you wrote last year. I am putting one foot in front of the other- being patient with myself and almost enjoying all that I do. 🙂 The virus has gone for me, Dr said 14 days and looks like the body heard that, today is 14 days and only have a tiny cough. love Suzie xx

  11. Suzie, I don’t like planning either. I do like loosely held goals that have the flexibility to allow me to respond to whatever arises along the way. My initial plans can’t possibly anticipate opportunities that may manifest, and if I stick too tightly to a plan, I may miss them. I’ll be curious to hear how it goes for you!

    1. Debbie, why did I think you would be a great planner 🙂 I like that we need to be open to opportunities. Well with my planning, or what i am now calling following my hearts desire’s i am looking at my why more to lead me. I will update as I move forward. xxoo

  12. Thank you for your honesty. This gives me the courage to keep on being open and authentic with where I am at. There is power in showing our vulnerability.

  13. It seems this resting time has given you the opportunity to have greater clarity about how to take the next steps. Sounds like you found what you need to focus on next.

  14. Suzie, I don’t like the word goals either!!! Too much like a one-time-shot. Heart’s Desires sounds better to me!

  15. Hi, Suzie, sending you love and healing energy! Funny old world….you off on one side of the globe and me here in Wisconsin, USA….and the virus and sinus infection hit me too!!!! Sitting here in my lounge chair recovering! Drew the Listening card today…..a real clue to me as to why I am sick! I have found that when I am full of “my own plans” and the Universe wants me to listen, it literally shuts me down!!!! I am no good at the business side of things, but the simplicity seems to be key! So rest, listen, simplify and don’t forget to include art time! Love! <3

    1. Hi Elsie, 2 weeks on it has almost gone. I was fascinated in what you wrote “full of your owns plans” Thanks to the nudge to paint again and I know it is what keeps the color in my life. I used to love y textile biz , but getting this biz up and profitable has been challenging for me. Working with Des is working well or so far. I finally feel i ma moving forward- whole new look coming. Hope you are feeling well again. Love how the cards reflect for so many what we want to know. Love Suzie xxoo

  16. Missed you Suzie and sorry you had “life” show up in the way it did for you. I sometimes wonder if it is possible to keep life simple and have it flow with ease. Often I run into non-stop detours to any plans I think I can actually keep. Wouldn’t life be wonderful if we could just do the things we are passionate about, like art, music, writing and helping others, without having to focus so much on creating income? Holding a space for you to create the plan that will bring you to your goals. p.s. I don’t love the word goals either. xo

    1. Hi Beverley thank you and oh yes to keeping life simple. and avoiding non stop detours! I am about to focus more on the color in my life and see how that works out. Let me know if you come up with a better word for goals! xxoo

  17. Ahh, I can’t put a url in your comment box, which just ate my comment! I was telling you about Monday Hearts for Madalene. I went to a book signing/art opening and thought of you. You’ll have to google it to see. Quite a lovely story and some amazing hearts.

    And here is a new version of my original comment: Sending you love, ease, and empathy. Hope you’re feeling better.

    I get it about business. I’m keeping things as simple as I can in a upleveling and rebrand of Magnolias West. I think I’ll join you in a grounding accountability practice.

    1. Sue, I found the site- how magical they are and a moving story too, thank you. I am feeling better thank you, cough nearly gone and doing afternoon rests seems to be helping and building the autoimmune system back up with olive leaf extract, which I dropped out of my health program last year. So important for me to stay alkaline and have a strong autoimmune. system.

      Look forward to hearing about your accountability and seeing you new branding. love Suzie xx

  18. It’s difficult when all starts to fall apart and we realize that we are sometimes led by circumstance and not choice.
    I like your plan for simple and achievable… that makes it less overwhelming!
    Sending you positive thoughts.

  19. So sorry you had such a rough month Suzie, but I really believe these times in our life tend to slow us down just when we need it most. Your strategy sounds great and I look forward to hearing more as you continue moving forward.

    1. You are so right Marty, and i forget I wrote a book about change and the emotions we go through each time. I am feeling excited and will share what my next steps are.

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