One day last year I clicked on a link in an email from Christine Kane.  It changed my life

In fact, when I heard about all of the training that came with Christine’s Uplevel Your Business Program & Blueprint, the decision to jump in took absolutely no effort.

The Uplevel Your Business Program  gave my business a structure and systems that were lacking, and I got total clarity about my  direction, something I had been struggling with. In fact, the Change Warrior Project came out of my working with Christine.  Christine’s coaching during the Q&A calls helped me get clear on who my market is, or as she says, my “peeps” are – and amazingly enough, my ideal peeps are now finding me!

One of the things I admire about Christine is how she combines real compassion and concern with some serious tough love: just what I needed to get me out of my comfort zone and into action! Christine’s tag line is Mentor to Women Who are Changing the World so she was an appropriate choice for the Change Warrior project. The video below is a brief excerpt from the interview. Christine shares her story of change. You also get to hear how her songs reflect both change and courage.

Tomorrow Christine is hosting a FREE content-filled TRAINING CALL where she will share her best-kept secrets of Creative Cashflow so you can take your business to the next level … over and over again! This will be a content rich call, I know as I have been in both Christine’s UpLevel Your Life and Uplevel Your Business course in 2010 and you will learn from the call tomorrow. Christine is passionate about showing other solopreneurs how they can uplevel their businesses. She just posted a really cool video about Creative Cashflow (vs. “Reactive” Cashflow). I want you to watch it and see if you see yourself in that picture she paints!

Be sure to watch that video because Christine is also offering a free Training Call where she’s going to really help YOU get clear about the secrets to building a CREATIVE cashflow (and business). You will LOVE this call! Yes I am going to be on the call as Christine will be sharing new information that will further empower me and my business so I continue to uplevel.

Here’s the link to watch Christine’s video: http://suziecheel.comkane

Live in abundance, be the change and make a difference TODAY!

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    1. Hi Sharon,
      yes Christine does have wonderful energy and insights to share. Giving up the struggle can be more of a challenge than we often realise

  1. Loved watching Christine Kane, so sad i missed her teleclass. I really enjoyed her comments about creative or reactive cashflow in solopreneurs biz. So true and something i defineately have found in many of my coaching clients over the years as well. Thanks Suzie for sharing another fabulous female with the world and with me. Mwah

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