Working with The Color Blue and The Throat Chakra

Only one thing is more frightening than speaking your truth, and that is not speaking it. – Naomi Wolf

Blue is the color of the clear sky, the sea, cornflowers, irises, of inspiration, sincerity and spirituality.of trust, peace, order and loyalty, of  sapphires. blue topaz and lapis lazuli.  Blue comes in so many shades and tones.  Today at the beach I could see the clear blues of the sky, the shades of aqua and turquoise of the water.


Blue is the color of the fifth chakra, our throat chakra and communication centre.  The Throat Chakra is all about communication  ans self-expression ~ expressing our inner truth, ourselves and our creativity. It’s the energy centre from which we speak about the whispers of our heart,  our desires, our wants and our ideas.  When our throat is open we feel free to speak our truth and we feel good.  Yes the vibes are high and happy!  I am following my intuition too.

Then there are the blues, when we get down in the dumps. I had one of those days yesterday and there was a simple reason: I was struggling to get some promotion out for my Etsy store  using Pitch Engine. Firstly there was a new interface and secondly I don’t find writing PR copy a joy. So I struggled away – silly Suzie- until Des asked what was going on- he picked up my vibes, yes the negative ones. If I had asked him for help with this it would have been completed much soon and without the stress.

What I had done again was not asked for help.  Not asking for help, saying yes when we really wanted to say no, and vice versa means we are not speaking our truth. Time to work on opening the throat chakra.

Here are 7 ways I have found that help in opening the throat chakra:

 I write in my journal. I might ask myself a question like : What do I need to know now to speak my truth? Then allow the words to flow.

 Sing and/or chant- join in the Free 21 Day Mantra Meditation

 Say no without justifying why to something that you don’t want to do (or yes, to something that you do)

 Ask for help, start with something simple ~ let go of the independent streak

 Do the Happiness Breath– Sit on a chair and breath in deeply and as you exhale laugh out the breath as you bend forward.

 Create a vision board with images of how you see yourself being and what you are doing when your throat chakra is open

 Use Affirmations: 

  • I hear and speak my truth.
  • I express myself freely and joyously.
  • I speak up for myself with love.
  • I express my creativity.
  • I am willing to change
  • I love speaking my truth

What do you do on a daily basis to keep your Throat Chakra open ?

Let your voice be heard!

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all my love

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