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Recently my soul was fully cracked open in a beautiful laser coaching session with Regan Hillyer, Juan Pablo Barahona and Tamara X Hume under the marquee on the tennis courts at #Freedomfest2019 at the Royal Pines Resort, here on the Gold Coast.  

On the first day Regan took us through an exercise that brought me to tears and the realization that I had stopped doing what I tell my clients to do:


That’s where true wisdom lies.

Several years ago I had a vision where I was on a stage speaking, sharing my story of LOVING YOURSELF INTO ABUNDANCE, on the screen behind were images of my heart whisper art. Regan’s timeline exercise took me right there. Then on the Saturday Juanpa along with the beautiful Kate Maree O’Brien, extended and expanded what had been awoken earlier and this vision kept returning.

I hadn’t thought about this vision for many, many months.

I certainly hadn’t been doing much to MOVE ME CLOSER to it.

I had stepped off the path of my heart.

I had allowed myself to be taken away from this work and my art, to pursue a way of doing business that DIDN’T ALIGN WITH ME OR MY VALUES.

I had chosen and been excited to begin a business that could support building my Heart

Whisper empire and give me the time for my art and to get a book or two written.


This past week I had to go fully within, be open to being my fully expressed self. Time for integration and some for introspection, plus beautiful soul work I have been doing with Rhyn and Jackson, who were running a 7 Day Align Your Business Life & Soul Quest I’ve been doing…


As one of my team said this week when I shared this on a live, HALLELUJAH!

Thank you, Eva. 


regan juanpa and Tammy

The laser coaching session was to help us cut through any block around abundance, money, or business, and support us to BREAK FREE of anything that was holding us back.

They were going to take 10 questions and I was number 8.

There were great questions with powerful laser coaching.

When it came to my turn, I was thinking that maybe my question had been answered, then I got the nudge from my heart, “You must stand up!”. Yes, my question was about money, also 8 is a powerful lucky money number for the Chinese and I am an 8 on the Enneagram. So, up I stood.

As we drove to the event that morning I had said to Des there is another layer under what I had peeled away so far.

And now here it came, LIKE A RUNAWAY TRAIN.

I shared my breakthrough and burst into tears in front of 300+ people.

JuanPa asked me what was the real issue.

I said it was about blocking my financial abundance.

I believe I also had numbed out and stopped fully feeling my emotions.

I had been told a year ago when told I was to start selling my art! As I was blocking my income flow.

This was from another intuitive reader also an artist. I thought about it but never put it into action.

I want to thank Regan for her 5 tips and JuanPa for his journaling questions, to help me dig even deeper and break through my money blocks.

Something has shifted as I feel a softer Suzie and a peace within that I haven’t felt for years, maybe ever. My friend Yantra commented on this

Then I received the perfect gift in the form of an abundance challenge with Regan and Juanpa that I have just completed. 

This whole experience has given me back my CONFIDENCE, the power of having boundaries, and total clarity on MY “WHY”.

Now I am now ready to embrace it all with love and massive action.

I know now that I have a business that is giving me THE FREEDOM TO BE TRUE TO ME, tell my story and is helping other heart-centered creatives and leaders love themselves into abundance and impact their lives, their families, communities, and the world. 
Yes I have found the path that allows me to be my fully expressed self on all levels 

Plus a family of heart-centered entrepreneurs all ready to support one another.

Yes this is so special

I feel truly blessed and know I have found my home and a way to move forward fearlessly. 

This was the video I made on day 4 of the Abundance Challenge  challenged to be The highest version of myself

3.21 Mins and click CC for captions 

Maybe you are like me? You want true financial and time freedom, and to create ripples of love that impact their lives, their families and even the world?

If you would love to find out more, and see if what I do may be aligned for you…

Comment “abundance” or contact me

I look forward to chatting with you

Have a magical day

Love Suzie xxoo

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  1. I’m so happy to see your breakthrough, Suzie. More power to you as you move forward. I learned some time back that when we go off our true path, that’s when things start going wonky until we’re guided back to where we should be.

    I listen to my intuition. If I get a funny feeling in my tummy, I know I have to do something different, even when logic tells me otherwise.

  2. Suzie, I was so thrilled to read that you feel softer and more peaceful! What beautiful signs! It seems there are always detours on our path, opportunities for learning and shifting. I wish you the best pursuing that path that fully aligns with your heart.

  3. What a wonderful experience Suzie. And just a beautiful reminder that we can be truly open to those whispers from deep within . And the rewards are great if we’re willing to take that risk.

  4. I am so enthused for you and your breakthrough. It’s funny how we think we are honoring our heart and what we’ve really done is convince ourselves that’s what is in our head is from our heart. I’ve been there many times. I hope this is the beginning of a new flow of abundance for you! I’m excited to see what happens next.

    1. Thank you Debbie , my heart was smiling as I read your comment yes amazing the shift we can make and yes the new flow is starting and i am so excited as i know there will be more to risk and uncover. love you are here to watch and share xxoo

  5. I totally agree. It’s important to choose a way that aligns our values. We want to feel fulfilled, at the end of the day. We want to build a life that matters. It’s great that you’ve got breakthroughs and moving towards what you truly want.

  6. Thank you for the post – and walking this path, Suzie! It is a powerful path, getting back to the ‘real you’ and developing it further. Most people are afraid of it. I love the feeling of empowerment and fearlessness that comes with it. It’s not easy though – and most often happens with challenges beyond measure. I do not believe that everyone needs to be an entrepreneur to walk that path. The genuine you can come through in an environment where you are allowed to express your values.

    1. Welcome, Maria It is my pleasure to share / Yes people are afraid to change, fear of the unknown- sometimes we have to get uncomfortable to make that move to the truer version of us. Totally agree we can all do what feels best for us xxx

  7. It’s always powerful when you get clarity. I’ve been struggling with moving away from the hard skills and moving towards empowerment of women.

    Happy you got clear and feel supported, Suzie.

    1. Hi Yvonne,
      Wishing you the shift so you release the struggle. So important to be in flow with what we are doing so your heart is singing . Funny how today i have been working on clarity again of my vision moving forward xx

  8. I can feel your excitement and enthusiasm with each word you wrote. It’s wonderful to read about your personal breakthrough. You have a way of inspiring me to listen to my heart and its wisdom. And, to take action. Thank you, Suzie, for the encouragement! Have a magical day…

  9. Oh Suzie! This is so amazing! I am so happy for you and your breakthrough! You remind me that I am the only one that can hold me back and I need to maintain contact with my inner spirit to bring forth success!

    1. Hi Kathleen so happy this resonated to you and yes we really are the only ones that hold us back. I find setting boundaries and no longer tolerating situations where I was blocking myself, thanks xxoo

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