7 Days of Creativity:  A Painting Meditation

Don’t you just love it when the universe opens up an opportunity that you heart has been desiring? My creativity had been on holiday for too long.  Somehow I wasn’t being drawn into my studio to allow my creative heart to open.

That happened for me last week.  My creative heart was calling to be untapped and have some fun.  Sometime I need to external prompting to get restarted. I opened an email from Whitney Freya announcing her  21 Day Painting Meditation Challenge . Ideal timing for me. I had played in this challenge back in February and loved it. Plus a great way to start the day and meditate.

Plus my studio was not inviting me in, the table I paint on was covered with layers of stuff! Great reason to clean and clear and treat myself  to some new watercolors and a watercolor book just for the meditation.

Today I am sharing my week of painting . It’s fun, if you are inspired come and join in  check out Whitney’s 21 Day Painting Meditation Challenge

The first week has been all about the chakras starting on day 1 with the color red and the base chakra


Day 2 was orange and the Sacral Chakra



Day 3 The colour yellow and the 3rd chakra



Day 4 Green and the heart chakra


Day 5 Blue and the throat chakra


Day 6 Indigo and The Third Eye


Day 7: The magenta color that is often associated with our crown chakra.


The image below is a separate painting I am adding to each day on a larger piece of watercolor paper. As I move into the next 7 days it will be interesting to see how this painting grows

This is opening my creative heart and I look forward each morning to going into my studio and allowing my Heart Whispers to be expressed onto paper. You will see this weeks hearts appearing in the Weekly Heart Whisper Inspiration and I just got the inspiration to turn this into a visual meditation too.

Do these paintings speak to you?

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9 Responses

  1. Sue, your blog and energy is really something, thank you for touching me with it.

    Chakra art is really deep.

    You should consider creating the artworks for these chakra videos i use all the time, as the image they use during the tracks seem to only connect with colour frequencies. What are your thoughts on this type of audio entrainment in regards to chakra balancing

  2. Super inspiring. I wonder if it means anything at all that I like the orange one and indigo ones best… maybe something is trying to get through my thick skull too. Last time I picked up paints was to make a HUGE paiting of calla lilies on a piece of wood that is nearly as tall as I am. They’re our family flower, and I just thought I wasn’t seeing enough of them in my life. I think it’s time to pick up the paints and brushes again.

  3. These are just beautiful Suzie…how wonderful that your inner radiance can shine so brightly through your art. I especially love the magenta one. 🙂

    1. Thanks Sandra, you make my heart sing and I have a big smile on my face as I know this is where I am heading to do more of. I have just come in from watering my garden, picking fresh Kale and baby tomatoes this week. Namaste

  4. Beautiful work, Suzie! The heart evolving into a rainbow of colors … I’m imagining it in my mind’s eye transitioning smoothly from one color to the next. Would make a great video … thanx for sharing this … you’ve got my mind working overtime about how we might collaborate. Hugs to you ~~~Maria

    1. Hi Maria,
      Wow your comment just made my heart sing, thank you and yes I will make a video and maybe revamp my previous individual chakra posts and videos. Yes I love the image of hearts evolving into rainbows. Look forward to hearing your ideas
      Suzie xx

    1. Hi Sue,
      You make my heart sing 🙂 Watch this space I an in the middle of a total website revamp that will have more art and healing, and then nourishing recipes etc. I love challenges, and realise that i get so much done and completed so looking at offering that to my tribe too.
      How are you feeling BTW
      Suzie xxooxx

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