Question:What stops me taking daily action towards my dream?

Today’s card is INNER PEACE: Inner peace comes when you love yourself fully and release all judgement.

Today was the final chapter for me and Celebration was the topic in Sally Thibault. Author of the book: Tapping to Reclaim you: How to Re-Ignite Your Passion, Power and Purpose in 30 Days

Looking back on the intentions I set back on 2/9/17. I initially got the feeling of sadness and disappointment set in as I read over what I had intended for September.

I then recalled other times, more often than I like to recall, where I have felt this way,

This is a pattern!

As I have been reading through and typing up my journals for my book Suzie’s Healing Journey – The total path to self-love, I can see the pattern.

I set myself so many things to do on a daily basis that I continually set myself up for failure. In choosing not to review daily, I continue to judge myself.

I forget to celebrate my wins. Wow what A big wake up call I got this morning.

There is also a blessing here as my soulmate and beach coach Des is my sounding board for mornings like this.

As we got to the beach Des said you have something to share? Most morning this month I have shared the lesson I have learned from doing this 30 day Eft program. Des often add to or reminds me of where I am being hard on myself- making unnecessary judgement.

Today I shared my experience and my feeling from earlier this morning. This was early as today I woke up at 4.04 and then was with my journal, my altar, my cards, etc by 4.30 am.

I was then able to talk out how I was able to see the pattern and it has been going on for longer than  I want to remember.
Yesterday when I was recording from my journal for my Book Lucky To Be Alive-How i used The Law of Attraction and the power of Self Love to save my life   I took a photo of a to do list I had written in my journal, when my work was healing.


When I read through the list that only had  a few items checked off.

Who knows?  I may have done more, reviewing my day, although I do have it on my daily list and so often end the day without checking it off.

I even have a colourful what I call my to love list that I sometimes find myself filling in the next morning. I just remembered I can use my mobile to check things off that I could quickly do each evening. 


I would be looking at what is in alignment , can be actioned tomorrow and discarding what isn’t aligned to my purpose, my message.

It’s also about putting me first!

I thought I was. I do all the daily self-care work.  

There is a missing link.

Now what will I choose to  change?

I said to Des: “I write out my intentions early in the month and choose to leave those pages rarely referred back to.

I now know that I am going to choose to write these intentions out daily in my morning journal.

Then my inner self will be smiling.

I also wrote this out that day I set the intentions 🙂

I am painting, creating, speaking, writing, travelling the world and living a laptop lifestyle. With a base here in Australia, near the beach.

I choose to be aligned to my passion and purpose every day, being open to all the opportunities that are coming to me. These bring ripples of love, change and freedom on all levels.

I open heart to love, I am financially free, I dared to dream again!

I now have this printed out, pasted into my journal, on the board behind my computer screen and on my phone.

When I set my intentions for the next 90 days this weekend, this will be the focus from which I plan.

I will be checking back on the 24 intentions I set for faith, fitness, finance and family.

I will be looking at where the priority is, asking what areas need more focus.

I have great daily habits for my faith (spirituality) my health and fitness that I do daily without fail. My family/relationships I am happy with at this time.

I will be reducing the number of new intentions in these areas for the next 90 days.

The areas that I will be focusing on is my mission, my message,  my business and my clients.

I am putting this to the front foot.

You might think I do this  – no I still get sidetracked by the bright shiny object syndrome, helping others in groups and making more allowances. Still learning to say no. 🙂 

To live my dream life, I will do the daily non-negotiables that my mentor reminded me yesterday was crucial to living the life you want 

I will be checking in before I say yes– is this aligned with my purpose, why I am here?

Will it be easy? Well I can make that choice for it to be simple or challenging! In the past I have focused on the challenge, althoug I love KISS

Today’s card is INNER PEACE:


I feel this speaks closely to my experience today

Will I be feeling good? YES. I will be asking each day is this a Hell Yes or a Hell NO?

I will become more aligned each day.

I will be shining my light, move step my step towards living the life I really want and desire. 


Open your heart to LOVE: DARE to DREAM again!

all my love

Suzie xxx #dailylovewhisper #dailywhisper


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  1. I love your coloured list Suzie…it’s so happy…reminds me of your energy. The best I do in this arena is to set intentions for the day ahead…and keep a note of how things turned out. I’ve tried all the to do lists…even having reminders on my computer…but it’s just another task for me to accomplish. So I tend not to! Sad to say.

    But if I keep simple intentions such as the mood I choose for each day…or the end result of the next task I’m about to undertake…they feel easy and in alignment with my spirit. Mind you…I still envy you your brightly coloured list. 🙂

  2. While I applaud your passion, just reading this post left me gasping for relief. This isn’t criticism in anyway, merely an observation that we can overload ourselves.

    1. Hi Edward.
      Thanks I appreciate your comment. By having the sheet here I am reminding myself of all the good I do for myself and it works for me. I used to be wonderful at keeping it all in my head and that for me was when overwhelm set in. Welcome too 🙂

  3. I’ve experienced many of the same issues you have in how I run my days. I recently starting using the Full Focus Planner from Michael Hyatt which guides you through daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly review processes to ensure that you’re reviewing what’s going on on a regular basis and actively moving toward your most important goals/intentions/purpose. At first, I wasn’t sure if I would actually spend the time on the reviews but I’ve found them to be very helpful in keeping me on track. Like you, I’m also easily distracted by shiny objects (urgent but not important). This planner and its processes keeps me on track and lessens the distractions. Love your journaling ideas Suzie!

  4. Suzie, I love how focused you are with daily love lists 🙂 I sort of run the opposite way from lists…I have those up in my head, but never ever on paper. I have monthly intentions or yearly intentions…but the rest I allow myself to go with the flow. Which works well for me. Or else I would be a stress pot and thats not a nice vibration to be in for me.
    But your lists are so pretty and colourful…I’m tempted to give it a try. Who knows I might get more done…hmm…Making me think girl!
    Love to you…and How lovely that Des can be such a wonderful sounding board.

    1. Thanks Zeenat, I am very focused when I write these posts, my challenge is a bit like you says- I like to go with the flow-just know to move forward fearlessly eing in flow is quite different to going with the flow. Love to you too and yes Des is wonderful and keeps my grounded xxx

  5. Wonderful ideas, Suzie. I have to admit the idea of setting daily intentions feels a little overwhelming to me. What do you use to make your colorful “love list”? Is that daily? I have daily priorities in my head for every day. There are “must do’s” and “it would be nice to dos.” I usually get the first list done and am thrilled if I accomplish anything on the second.

    Each night, I acknowledge my accomplishments and efforts that day. Sometimes, I don’t think I got much accomplished ( a self-defeating pattern), but am surprised at how much I did get done! 🙂

    1. Hi Debbie
      The love list started as an excel spreadsheet, that i know have in Drive and on my phone so i can check off while on the lounge at night, etc
      Yes when we acknowledge what we have a achieved in a day it gives us positive vibes too. Sounds like you have a great system for you xxx

  6. To-do lists have been right up my alley recently. I’m in a busy phase right now with lots to accomplished before the end-of-the-year. I’ve also been trying to tear myself away from the media with all the unpredictable craziness happening. Yes, most definitely Inner Peace is where the focus needs to be. Thanks, for pointing the way.

    1. I am delight ed to read that my post pointed a way for you away from the craziness of the media. I know the more I focus on being at peace within the less i am drawn away from y purpose. xxx Enjoy your busy phase

  7. The first item on my to-do list every day is: “What can I do to make myself happy today?” Everything after that is an option, not written in stone. If I’m happy, the rest flows easily.

  8. I love your colorful ‘love list’ Suzie! Great way to move forward and live large. A love list is a great idea, I will follow suit – thank you for sharing. In this busy world, focus is key. I adore your enthusiastic adventurous spirit Suzie! 🙂

    1. Thanks Debra. Ah yes live large- that is my plan, this week has not quite worked out that way. Reading your comment was uplifting for me and i felt my heart smile and say: others get your spirit, now step into that today. Look forward to hearing how your love list works xxx

  9. Suzie what a beautiful post that spoke to my heart. I love your idea for a love list. I have had a leap list for years but a love list really resonates with me <3

    1. Thank you Debra, A leap list sound good too. I like Barb’s idea too that she shared , that is in alignment with how she want’s to feel. Look forward to hearing how the change of the word works for you 💞

  10. When I find myself resisting my to do list, i step away and look for inspiration and self nourishment. I read, watch inspiring videos, make art, go outside and have fun and come back to my work when I feel inspired. Things might go slower that way, but when I take inspired action, I soar and resistance melts.

  11. I totally understand what you are going through when you said: I set myself so many things to do on a daily basis that I continually set myself up for failure.

    I have been sharing this with my clients on FOCUS – Follow One Course Until Successful.

    We tend to overestimate the number of things we can get accomplished. But FOCUS is key to getting ONE key project done and accomplished.

    All the best for the next 3 months! Let’s bring 2017 to an awesome close!

    1. Thank Evelyn,
      I remember when I first heard Mari Smith use Focus as her word for the year with that nemonic Follow One Course Until Successful, often easier said that dome. What I am doing now is focusing on my end picture and working towards that each day. I love the idea of bringing in 2017 to an awesome close. xxx

  12. Great insights, Suzie! I write my intentions at the beginning of the month, but I write daily ones too. That helps me keep on track. I usually takes me twice as long to complete what I have in mind, so I need to be realistic too.

  13. Suzie, great reminders. I am watching myself being freer and freer these days to do the things that call to me even when it means letting go of important things I had planned to do.

    I still get caught by gripping fear and freakout fairly often, but not for as long, and I think not as frequently as in the past. Here’s an example of fear that takes my breath away: a new venture — a salon in my home — for which I have no registrations. Zero. I will do a flurry of FB messaging tomorrow and then I will let go let go let go.

    The good news? Hanging on to and throwing napalm on my fears blocks my connection to the moment, and to joy and ease. Even though this new way of being is so far out of my comfort zone, I’d rather be joyful and easy than the alternative.

    Much love.

    1. You have me smiling- I love the image of throwing napalm on one’s fears. Yes letting go of what seems important can be freeing- sometimes I have to let go of the shoulds still. Love reading that you are letting go- we are on a similar path again. love and hugs xxx

  14. Wow, I can feel your energy, Suzie! I think it is so important to identify self-defeating behaviors, and we all have them. I was reminded of this recently when I was working on project planning and realized I’d fallen back into an old habit of thinking small, staying in my comfort zone instead of taking calculated risks to reach for something bigger. I think it’s important to scare ourselves just a little, otherwise, we’ll never know how far we can really go. 🙂

    1. Marty wow thank you for the comment about my energy- it is great to know the shifts I am making are coming through in my writing. Yes it is easy to staysmall and in one’s comfort zone 🙂 I have been doing it for too long. Yes I like your idea os scaring ourselves- getting uncomfotable then you know you are readyy to roll forward xxx

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