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Discover Inner Peace Now: Listen To The Whispers Of Your Heart

inner peaceHeart Whisper Meditation On Inner Peace

Inner peace is something so many strive for.

  • That calm quiet when your life is in harmony,
  • You have let go of all those judgements that lower your vibes
  • You love and accept yourself exactly as you are
  • You know you are more than enough

Today when I was shuffling my Heart whisper cards the Inner peace card flew out. Doreen Virtue taught me that a fly or jumping card was most significant.

I always take note of these cards and how they might have a greater message for me.

inner peace

Today I wrote in my Journal:

Inner peace comes as I love me in all ways, when I believe and know I am enough.

Then I step into the truth of who I am. The love flows naturally to and from me, sending ripples of love backwards and forwards. This brings more harmony to me and my world. Like a candle this allows me to shine my light brighter.

I then recorded this meditation live in The Heart Whisper Circle . It is a special meditation that came right from the whispers of my heart

Heart Whisperer Silvia said : I feel very well after this meditation

The meditation is 6 minutes long.

I would love to hear from you in the comments on whether you found that helped you move toward calm and loving you more. Did you feel at peace? 

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Suziesig1Live with love, smile often and be forever grateful

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facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube You are so beautiful Suzie and I love coming to your blog. It lifts me up and refreshes me each time. Your art and inspiring words always touch me. Today’s in particular was moving for me I am on that journey of complete self-acceptance and self-love.

Thank you for your burst of joy in my mailbox. I give thanks for your posts that always brighten my heart

Suzie, you bring so much sparkle and joy to the world…you are my role model for vibrant living

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30 thoughts on “Discover Inner Peace Now: Listen To The Whispers Of Your Heart”

  1. Thank you for the reminder to stop and listen to our heart. I always intend to do it but often forget. Your beautiful meditation brought me right into the center of me and the peace I felt was pure bliss.

  2. I feel inner peace also includes the capacity to welcome whatever arises in the mind, whether it’s peaceful or “negative,” and not getting embroiled with it. Essentially, not to be perturbed by anything! I’m not there yet, but that’s my aim.

  3. I started a self-love affirmation a few months ago Suzie…and what was fascinating and uncomfortable at the same time was the resistance I felt.

    It’s tough to feel peace when we have a war going on inside our heads as one belief collides with another. But I do think it’s our natural state once we can penetrate the accumulation of beliefs that harm more than help. An aim to think from every day, as often as possible, helps keep me remembering my true self is peace and joy.

  4. I agree we are all looking for inner peace. I walk around with a peace rock in my pocket and hold it during a situation that I may question and ask is this bringing me the peace I desire? For me it is ongoing daily and my environment also contributes to inner peace and happiness. thank you for sharing

  5. My sense is we all are striving for inner peace in our daily lives, Suzie. My experience is the environment we are in makes a huge difference, even though it would be wonderful to be able to enter that space no matter where we are. Having just returned from Sedona, Arizona, a place known for its very high energy vortexes, I honestly saw and felt how easy it was there, easy to be in a place of calm and inner peace. My intention is to be able to feel that no matter where I am, although the day-to-day life of a hectic urban centre certainly offers its share of challenges. Thanks for the lovely inner peace meditation! The music and your words were beautiful together and I did feel a sense of inner calm. xo
    Beverley Golden recently posted…Why Do We Need Antioxidants Anyway?My Profile

    1. Yes we all are I agree, I know since we moved to what I call paradise walking on the beach and being out of a big city I have much greater inner peace. Yes the environment can play a part and we can always strive to find that inner peace within, I would love to go to Sedona one day . Thanks for the wonderful feed back on the meditation special xxoo
      Suzie Cheel recently posted…Discover Your True Passion: Listen To The Whispers Of Your HeartMy Profile

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