What Will You Magically Manifest In March?


Welcome to a new month  March is the month to magically manifest your dreams Today’s post started out with a question for me which was: How will I magically manifest money with ease and flow in March  I was thinking other people might want to manifest good health, somebody else might want to manifest a […]


Yesterday was a game changing day for me and when I woke up this morning  I had no regrets and was still excited. A great sign. What do I love about change? This was my journal prompt today  What flowed from my cards and my pen: The INNER PEACE that comes as I FOCUS What […]

When You Love You The Doors To Prosperity Open

Prosperity Comes When Fully LOVE You!

Prosperity Comes When Fully LOVE You I have started to journal my way to riches each day. I asked myself the question before I did my oracle card reading : why am I feeling stuck in relation to my income? You could ask this in relation to your life, health, relationship,  income or business. I chose the […]

10 Simple Ways To Love You Daily

10 Simple Ways To Love You Daily

Feel the love within you, allow it to say, “I love you”, and give yourself an inner Namaste. How Do You Love You Daily? It is time to be your own valentine.  My thoughts turned to the many ways I do love myself daily. Besides being Valentine’s day, it is also for time to really […]