Today’s post was inspired by the Messages from Your Angels card I drew this morning and a question from Pauline in her    comment on my post Does Your Blog Branding Give You Full Scope For Your Uniqueness?

Hi Suzie, I’m so glad you wrote this. I struggle with this on my blog as well. I am so many different things – all of them important (at least in my mind): advocate, artist, author, photographer, speaker and teacher. What do I highlight becomes the never ending question. Suggestions?

As my answers are coming from listening to my heart whispers and following my intuition. Today I am sharing on Suzie TV an exercise I now include in my talk when I am asked to speak, about my healing journey and my forthcoming book: “Lucky to Be Alive​: My Dialysis Moment: How I Learned the Healing Power of Self-Love.”

Recently when I shared this exercise in a talk, Trevor got total clarity on a business direction that he was asking about.

This is what he said:

 I met Suzie when she attended my speaker training program. As part of Suzie’s presentation, she took us through a powerful exercise where we learned to listen to the whispers of our heart.
It was such a beautiful experience and I got the message that I must keep doing what I am doing, that I am on the right track. 
This for me was a wonderful clarification that I am on the right track. 
Thank you Suzie, your ability to lead us to what is a true heart’s calling for what we should be doing with our life, is powerful! 
Keep sharing your message and keep doing this powerful work, the world needs you. 
To your success. Trevor Russell, Business Strategist, Trainer, Speaker

This simple heart whisper exercise might give you an answer that has been eluding you.

 Listening to the whispers of your heart moves you towards freedom ~ Suzie Cheel  (It’s a tweetable)

7 tips for starting to listen to the whispers of your heart:

I would love for you to share your heart whisper experience with me in the comments below.

Struggling with a big decision?  Not sure which way to turn?  Check out My Heart Whisper Coaching here

Live with love, smile often and be forever grateful

Suziesig1Listening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More Love♥ More Joy ♥ More Abundance ♥ ”Please Share this article on your favorite social networks and with your community. This can help others heal and transform their lives. Thank you!”♥


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9 Responses

  1. Suzie,

    I loved this exercise. Thank you for sharing. I really felt calmed and at ease from the music used for this exercise too. It was lovely. I may be one of those people who needs repeated practice, but I did experience a series of thoughts and ideas that came to mind, so it was working!

    Thanks again for this delightful exercise!

    1. Wow Victor,
      that is awesome, I have been delighted that this simple exercise is helping people both get calmness and even answers.
      Thanks for commenting
      Love and peace xx

  2. Hi Suzie, your gratitude at the beginning and end of the day is a really powerful technique. Being grateful for all the little things that go to make up our life as well as all our hearts desires being fulfilled really do open our heart space to receive all the abundance the universe has on offer.

    Super tips.

    1. Thanks Elle,
      It is powerful gratitude practise and i think I may set up a challenge on my facebook page to reinforce the process. it is one of those things that is easy to do easy not to do when life gets busy
      love and peace xx

  3. Hi Jean,
    Thanks for commenting. You have inspired me to start putting healthy alkaline recipes and sharing what I do. Last week 2 people asked me for guides to eating . Yes I believe in food as medicine, and after my last 2 healing workshops, more so. there are so many things you can do for variety that a simple- to start start with green smoothies. I am just having one now- watermelon, ginger, orange with my green calcium, maca and barley grass powder with coconut water, then i add my comfrey leaves for my bones.

  4. Hi Suzie, I need to eat more good veggies and fruits (don’t do as well in winter as in summer) and I “saw” a big plate of delicious food that was all colors and shapes—-looked delicious! I know you eat REALLY well—and it is a huge part of your healing. Wish me luck! 🙂

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