This week I clicked on Maris Smith’s link on facebook to a video where Nick Nanton had interviewed Mari. I first met the fun loving, big hearted Mari via Facebook back in 2008 when I set myself a BHAG– Big Hairy Audacious Goal. I then personally met Mari at Blog World later that year. I have then I must say followed Mari and her generous sharing of information about how to use Facebook in an effective way. I also have taken some of her facebook courses. Yes they are very worthwhile

Watching the video  and listening to Mari talking about who she is, what she does, who she works with is very inspiring. What really resonated for me was the advice Mari gave towards the end of the video for anyone who is in a funk whether is be personal. financial or whatever, was to :

“Follow your heart. I totally believe that we are we are guided to do the right thing and  stop listening to  everybody and all these mentors, just trust yourself, your higher guidance, your intuition, what ever you want to call it, start following your intuition”- God did not put a dream in your heart that you cannot manifest- you were put on the planet for a reason, go forth and make that happen” – Mari Smith

I related to what Mari was saying as I  have spent time and $ looking for the magic guru/mentor, thinking there is a magic bullet out there! I know know that the magic is within. I am now taking my own advice and doing as Mari recommends and learning to follow my intuition, my gut or what ever you call it.

I would love for you to share your “follow your heart  stories”


Suzie Cheel

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  1. Thank you so much for this lovely post, Suzie!! I’m delighted to see you resonate with the message too! There comes a point where we find ourselves spinning on our own axis because we’ve spent excess time gathering info from a gazillion experts and not just getting out there and following our own path!! 🙂 Of course, it’s important to have mentors and I’m a big fan of hiring coaches for any area of life we want to improve (I heart my personal trainer!!).

    1. Hi Mari,
      Wow, I just found this on my spam- how weird. Yes it did resonate for me, as has listening to the Women’s Conference over the past 2 days. I got goose bumps as I listened to Maria Shriver, Martha Beck, Deepak and the panel on Self-Esteem. yes it is time to become an Architect of Change, to take action and lead the way for other Change Warriors who are in hiding and follow my heart.
      Yes I have spent excess time spinning on my own axis, thinking there must be a better/easier way. I always think of your comment I am an overnight success 10 years in the making”- Des often reminds me LOL.

  2. Great advice. It’s a tough balance to find between really following my heart and yet learning from the right people to keep me moving in the right direction. I agree – the only “magic bullet” is following your own path.

    1. Hi Michelle,
      Yes it can be a challenge to follow one’s heart and believing that what you feel will be the right path

  3. Thank you for this inspirational entry! I whole heartedly believe that each of us is uniquely designed with our own gifts and passions. It is by exploring what gives us joy and using the talents that we are given that we discover a purpose that excites and stretches us. An important part of the process is taking the time to quiet the voices of the gurus and advisers and listen to the still, quiet yearnings of our heart.

    My BHAG was starting my own business. I’m still in the start up phase and I have made a few (ok, maybe more than a few) mistakes along the way. But I’ve learned a lot about the world and myself and I’ve had a ton of fun doing it.

    Good luck to you, and thanks again for sharing.

    1. Welcome Cynthia,

      Congrats on starting your business- remember mistakes are just stepping stones on the path to success, sounds like you are traveling well

      thank you

    1. Yes I thought it was wonderful too- I replayed the video several times to get Maris exact wordskeep me posted on your BHAG

  4. Following my heart happens best when I listen to my inner voice, my inner wisdom and then choose to respond.

    It’s funny, when I move my head out of the way, my heart knows better which way to go!


    1. Yes it is funny isn’t it when we allow the heart and our inner voice to guide us jow much smoother the path is.

  5. Hi Suzie,

    You are so right that the magic is within and not out there. And I totally agree with Mari Smith’s advice.

    There are too many mentors out there that I get overwhelmed with their claims of success. Ultimately, I stopped listening to them and followed my intuition.

    I may take a longer route and tumble more often, but failure is the best teacher, right? (Or I may be wrong).

    For me the most important factor is not whether I succeed or failed, but the process toward the result and I enjoyed and love what I am doing.

    To the world, certain things that I did may be a flop, but if I had done my best and have enjoyed doing it, then to me it is a success.

    1. Hi Alex,
      I love what you have written about taking a longer route- I often think that when I choose to follow my heart and listen to my own guidance i might have a shorter journey.

      yes doing your best and enjoying it are special and so important

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