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“Live your life from your heart. Share from your heart. And your story will touch and heal people’s souls.” ~ Melody Beattie

Do you know this feeling? You are operating from your head and the whispers of your heart have been put on the shelf!

That was how I felt yesterday, you know the feeling you have so much to do and all of a sudden it’s lunchtime and your to love list only has one item ticked off it!

I decided to to step away from the computer and take my newly printed Double Your Biz intensive  and head to the beach with my highlighter, pens and postit.

Double-Your Biz

This was a great move. Leonie has put together an amazing program that will help anyone wanting to take their business to the next level. What I love is the it came with my membership to the Amazing Life and Biz Academy. Such abundance.

I could already see where I was still spinning my wheels (trying to do it all!) and where I could start to create positive change. I surprised myself and stayed off the computer when I came home.

I knew that I really had to leave headland behind and move to my heartland.

So how to do this effectiviely and with joy? There was one way  that I know is very effective, I use it with my coaching clients! I know we sometimes have to teach what we need to learn.

Today I again stepped away from the computer and sat outside in the sun. Armed with my journal, phone with meditation music on it, candle, crystals, oracle cards I had drawn earlier in the morning and my fresh rosemary and ginger tea. I was ready to get out of my headland and listen to the whispers of my heart.


First I put on my Heart health music and did a 15 minute meditation, asking for guidance on the journal exercise I was about to embark on. I call this my Journey Dialoging that I have been using for many years when I want clarity: I have used it to quit smoking, heal myself, get direction., finish a book. Note to self: do one to complete Lucky to Be Alive. Our bodies are amazingly wise when we choose to get still and listen.

The question I wrote today to start this dialogue was:

What do I need to know to move forward fearlessly toward more joy, more love and more abundance?

These words came from my heart not my head. I was planning to ask about the direction, etc.

Well the words tumbled onto the pages, five to be precise and I was reminded how for the past week or so I was getting a nudge to sit and write, yet I kept being too busy!

The heart is so wise: The first sentence I wrote was:

You need to be still and listen. Breathe in love and feel the abundance that surrounds you now, the sea, the sun,  the love and support you have from Des, your friends and the new friends and community that is coming as you rejoin the world fully, know that this healing time has been one of growth, of change, of courage.

The patience you have displayed and grown into we commend as this with the trust you now have to listen to and be guided by the whispers of your heart will empower you and those who choose to join and work with you. …………. and on it went the words just tumbling onto the page. I will type the whole thing out, many learnings I can share with you too. I finally can see me building the Heart Whisper/Change Warrior tribe. How exciting 🙂

Then the word thank you appeared: Yes be more grateful in the moment, throughout the day, just as you do when you wake, at the beach and before you go to sleep. Expand this into the moment, right now look around you are grateful for:

  • the sun shining on my back giving me vitamin D
  • the music playing on my phone that was a gift
  • the Cooly Rocks on cap I was wearing that Des won
  • the tea in my mug, fresh rosemary from the garden with fresh ginger
  • the cushion that supports my back
  • the Journey cards- Guided by Grace- todays was Singing: the song of your soul is longing to be sung
  • my crystals and the Crystal deck of cards I choose to use today. I have owned the deck for 6 years and rarely use them- today I picked them up and read how to use them and drew the amethyst card.
  • the light breeze blowing keeping me cool
  • the green of the grass
  • the frangipani flowers and scent
  • the colored pens I am writing with
  • the candle light that reminds me to be in touch with the light (divine) within
  • the birds singing in the trees

The list is never ending and I am now thinking of ways I can do this in the moment so it becomes just part of my daily being.

Then another two pages of words tumbled out. I had forgotten how powerful this way of dialoging is. It is like having a conversation with your soul. I change colors as I was asking a question and and responding to the words that came from my heart. it also ties in closely with the conversation I had with Victor Scheuller on Empowered radio, where  we talked about me being the Heart Whisperer and how that came about.

The final message I got was:

I think a mindmap is in order for you to see this clearly. Maybe a vision board and a Pinterest board too

I then used the last page of this journal to draw my mindmap. I know having a visual gives me clarity and a simpler way to plan.

Heartful Mindmao

I feel so much more in harmony and at peace thank I did yesterday. I will now move forward fearlessly finally with clarity on how my art, my words, my healing and my coaching all fit together to inspire and empower. I also have a renewed confidence that I believe comes when one has clarity and some fire in the belly.

If you are stuck in headland, take some time to dialogue with your heart or share what works for you when you find you are in headland.

Do you live from your head or your heart? Do you listen to your heart whispers? CLICK TO TWEET

If you would like support ask me and remember there is a coaching special on for April.

Live with love, smile often and be forever grateful

Suziesig1Listening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More Joy ♥ More Love ♥ More Abundance ♥ ♥♥”Please Share this article on your favorite social networks and with your community. This can help others heal and transform their lives. Thank you!”♥♥

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16 Responses

  1. I love your photos and your story. It’s amazing how much new guidance we can let in when we disconnect from technology and step outside. Very excited to see what lies ahead for you! x

  2. Thanks Susie for helping me back to my heartland. Such yummy activities that I often forget will nourish my heart and soul to keep going with all the pragmatic business steps. Wishing you many blessings, namaste, Lisa

  3. Hi Susie,
    I LOVE that you went outside to do your heartland exercise (and I also know that feeling of needing to practice what you teach!)… I’m finding it challenging to go outside where I love to work at present, because it’s autumn here, and getting too cold to do so comfortably… I know that theoretically sitting by the fire and getting all cosy should be the antidote, but I’m resisting! So I’m in a no-mans land of working only at my desk right now: boring!
    Thanks for an inspiring post!

    1. Hi Tamara,

      maybe you need some warming visuals on your computer screen, Play music that is uplifting that will allow you to shift your vibes 🙂 Resistance I feel is the enemy of change, success and change

  4. Hi Suzie
    It’s great to learn that you attune yourself to silence in order to seek answers for your deeper questions.I do meditate too,and I know for sure that our bodies areincredibly intelligent and speak to us profoundly.
    I like that lovely mind map you presented about your insights.

  5. Hi Suzie! How refreshing this is—–you are one of the “heartlandish” people I know! How wonderful that you sat out in the sun with your beautiful colored pens and smelled all of the smells of flowers and just took time out to be with YOU! I think stepping away from the computer is the hardest step for me! Once I get to the studio, I am usually in heartland there—-unless something occurs to make me have to be in headland 🙂 I loved your mind map and want to make my own! I have some beautiful colored pencils that would be just fine 🙂

    1. Oh Jean you have me blushing and my heart smiling, singing really. Yes me too, i am almost always in heartland in the studio, although last weekends declutter had some head stuff plus some amazing finds.
      I would love to see you minds map and love that this inspires you to take action.
      with love
      Suzie xx

  6. Suzie, how I loved that story and I’m amazed how far you came and what a new outlook you have after your time spent listening to your heart.
    When I saw your beach photo at the start of your post, I thought ” I live in my heartland” but by the end I’m saying “I live in my headland”
    hmm …. time to do some re-balancing 🙂
    thanks for this beautiful, honest and inspirational post 🙂
    P.S. I’ve voted for you!

    1. Thanks Jacs for you inspirational comment and for voting thank you I appreciate you 🙂
      Hope you find balance and happy to have inspired you
      Suzie xx

  7. Inspirational as always Suzie! I couldn’t agree more with your point about periodically stepping away. However one may choose to invest the time, quality time of solitude is a marvelous mental and physical restorer.

  8. Beautiful Suzie!
    Loved your post!
    When I saw your mind map I decided to make one over the weekend. It’s been years since I even contemplated one! I often think from my head and when I do think from my heart I’m amazed at the results.
    Thanks for the inspiration as always!

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