I say yes to love, I say yes to life, I say yes to me and my heart whispers thank you. ~Suzie

Saying YES to You Does Take Courage!

When we step into being caring for ourselves FIRST we are addressing  the issue of self-love head on.  When we leave our self-care to chance, lack of self-care can be the cause of many health issues, as I have discovered

Sometimes when we don’t listen to our body, our world can fall apart, we find ourself in overwhelm, get sick, be in need of rest and nothing goes as planned. Often overwhelm sets in.

Taking care of ourself is the first gift we have to give to ourself on the path to healing,  truly loving ourself and often it starts by learning to say NO so we can say YES!

“Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”~ Eleanor Brownn

When we start to say no, we create space for us, time for rest and self-care. We can  spend time in activities that will increase our love for ourselves and this in turn empowers us!

When we fill our own well we have more to give to others. So you are not being selfish when you say no. Often in saying yes we are protecting our self-esteem.  We are looking outside ourselves, often for comparison, often for validation. Remember it takes courage to say NO.

Please share in the comments if you have learned to say NO easily and any tips and tolls that might help others

thank you

with love and gratitude

from my ♡ to yours ♡

Listening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More FUN ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥

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  1. Hi, a great reminder for all of us… it is very important to take care of our own self first, that way, we can give more, help more and love more. Thanks for sharing. Great post!

  2. Last year I committed to a yoga class once a week. When things come up and folks/collegues etc want or need to schedule a meeting at the same time as the class, I don’t say “oh I have a yoga class at that time.” I found that gave them permission to ask me to skip or re-schedule. Instead, I now say “I have a conflict at that time, perhaps we could meet at a different time?” I’m saying no, but giving them other options. Lesson: you don’t have to justify saying no.

  3. Thank you soooo much Suzie! I’m a friend from Leonie’s academy ♥ I totally resonate with this message and am so glad to see someone else talking about this. I write about it a lot and even created an audio activation for women with the exact same title ‘Say YES to YOU’ so we are very in sync!
    Loving it. Empowered women are happy women who love themselves and can receive as much energy as they give out.
    Shine on!
    Kimberley ♥

  4. Here’s a tip for saying no. Try saying: “Let me think about it and get back to you.” This response will give you time to consider your options, build up your courage, and say no with greater confidence. Love your article, it is so timely since I had a bad day yesterday and need time to heal. It’s the perfect time to show myself some loving care. Thanks, Suzie.

  5. What a great reminder not to put ourselves on the back burner. Saying NO to others is not easy to do but it’s a necessity – only then can we start saying YES to ourselves.

    1. Welcome Betty, so happy you are here and yes it is so easy to put ourselves on the back burner. This is well put: Saying NO to others is not easy to do but it’s a necessity – only then can we start saying YES to ourselves. love it xx

  6. Very important message Suzie! I am always reminding my own readers about this and yet repeatedly put myself last on my daily priority list. Thanks for this sorely needed reminder!

    1. Marty, wow I love when I inspire you. I now get up earlier to make sure I put me first and this does help. It is so easy to forget. I know saying no is still a challenge for me namaste xx

    1. Welcome Melanie,
      Love it with age come knowing, yes I agree finding the balance is a challenge. When we choose to keep saying yes to ourselves though the balance will come XX

  7. Suzie,

    All I have to share is YES! WHOOHOO! to self care and self-love. These two things were two vital lessons I learned a few years ago and boy did it change my life for the better. I love your quote about self care is not about self-indulgence but self-preservation. SO TRUE!

  8. What a lovely post, just what I needed to balance where my thoughts have been lately — about opening to receive, and learning how to be a Yes! to unexpected gifts and invitations.

    Because I can get in my own way just as much when it comes to saying Yes or No. So much to learn. I think if I can remember to be gentle with myself, and loving with myself, and patient with myself, I’m more than halfway there.


    1. Love that my posts seem so timely for you Sue. I too get in my own way and say yes when I should have said no, then some of me misses out!
      Being patient is a gift we give to ourselves even though so often one might feel it is never ending ♡♡♡

  9. Thanks for sharing your gorgeousness with the world. I practice and teach compassionate self-care so this post is right up my alley!

  10. Suzie it does take courage to say YES to ourselves in this busy world. If we do not pay attention to self-care in all areas of our life, we are not honoring ourselves and our ability to fill our life with balanced happiness and peace. Thank you for your inspiration!

  11. Love, love, LOVE this message Suzie! So many women feel guilty when taking time for themselves or investing in themselves. Being the nurturers we are, it can feel selfish to put our needs equal to (much less ahead of) others, when it is sooo important to be attentive to our self care. I’m reminded of the flight attendant who tells you to put YOUR air mask on first in the event of an emergency BEFORE assisting others. That’s because you can’t help someone if you’re passed out on the floor due to oxygen deprivation! And yet, that’s how we women often operate our lives, running on fumes waiting to refuel our tank. <3

    1. Hi Paula, So happy that this message touched you. and I love this “we women often operate our lives, running on fumes waiting to refuel our tank” so true and then we get sick and wonder why! ♡♡♡

  12. You are so beautiful Suzie and I love coming to your blog. It lifts me up and refreshes me each time. You art and inspiring words always touch me. Today’s in particular was moving for me I am on that journey of complete self-acceptance and self-love. I am paying more attention to what I say YES to and what I want to be saying NO to more often. It’s a journey and the biggest success is not being so critical of myself when I make the wrong choice. Headed out into the sunshine for a run and some self-love fun. Hugs!

    1. You have my heart singing Minette, reaffirms for me that continue to inspire is my purpose. That is a big shift in release the inner critic Yes it is so important to remeber it is a journey not a sprint!
      love and hugs Suzie xx

  13. YES, YES, YES!!! During my airline career years I learnt the importance of putting on my own oxygen mask before helping anyone else and I often use that analogy when I coach my clients how to make themselves priority #1 so they can continue doing what they love without burning out. Amazing how society programmed us for aeons to believe that is being selfish. Nothing is further from the truth and as you say, it takes courage to say no. Saying no to the status quo and to blaze your own trail by trusting what feels right for yourself in each moment and knowing that can be different only moments later…
    Yay Suzie, I love your blog and art! Thanks for another beautiful reminder!
    joyful blessings, Tina

  14. Good morning beautiful Suzie,
    Saying YES!!!! to myself and my self-care was the greatest gift I gave myself. Like many women, I still need loving reminders here and there. 🙂 Since learning to say “NO” to things that don’t make my heart sing, or fill my life with positivity, happiness and joy… my life has expanded beyond my dreams. Thanks for a great reminder today Suzie!

    1. Hi LindaJoy,
      I think we all need loving reminders no matter how far down the track we are. Love that your life has expanded beyond your dreams, you are such a gift love Suzie xx

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