Do You Say Yes To You? This Takes Courage!


I say yes to love, I say yes to life, I say yes to me and my heart whispers thank you. ~Suzie Saying YES to You Does Take Courage! When we step into being caring for ourselves FIRST we are addressing  the issue of self-love head on.  When we leave our self-care to chance, lack of self-care […]

Did You Feed Your Creative Self Today?


Making Time For My Creative Soul Last week I realised that I hadn’t picked up a paintbrush since  I finished 21 Day Painting meditation challenge one month ago and then slacked off. My creative soul was not getting it’s daily hit. When I do a challenge I just get up each morning and head to the […]

12 Quotes To Inspire Self Kindness

If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete ~Buddha Something happens and all your great intentions to be kind to you vanish into thin air.  Self Compassion goes into hiding and you feel flat. I felt that way yesterday after a visit to the doctor. I was having my knee checked after my […]