Do You Feed Your Inner Child?

Your Inner ChildI drew this card this morning and when I read from the book that comes with 1281407846&sr=8-3and read that I need to have some playtime. Well I had playtime over the weekend, you might have noticed I haven’t kept up to my daily blog posting for The Ultimate Blog Challenge. On Saturday I decided it was time to feed both my inner child and my spirit and we headed south about 45 minutes from where we live to The Crystal Castle. This was somewhere I had been wanting to visit for many years and had never quite got around to it. Yes it was worth the visit and yes I did feed both my inner child and enrich my spirit. It was a perfect day, wonderful sunshine and a place to meditate and reflect.

Crystal Castle is set in the beautiful hinterland behind Byron Bay. There are beautiful water features, rose quartz circles, budhas and the Hindi Gods. We took a meditative walk in the labyrinth, walked through bamboo pathways and along a rainforest track, enjoyed hot chocolate with marshmallows in the cafe and meditated in a rose quartz crystal circle.

This castle was one man’s dream: In 1986, Naren King was invited to a new years party at a magnificent unique building on 25 hectares near Mullumbimby. Eccentric architect, Edwin Kingsbury, had created a concept of “harmonious architecture”, a round central building with 4 radiating wings, no 90-degree angles, and magical reflecting ponds. All built where the ley lines, or earth’s energy lines, intersect. Built in 1980, owner Mal Cooper had demanded the very best materials from around the region and subsequently went broke building it.Captivated by this magnificent property Naren set his sights on becoming the new owner. Five knockbacks from the banks didn’t deter him and his persistence paid off when a Harley-Davidson-riding bank manager loved the adventurous nature of the crystal business Naren was envisioning. Hence, “The Castle”, as the locals jokingly called it, began operating as a crystal business, accompanied by the raising of horses and chickens, and years of massive re-planting of the decimated land, which had been cleared for grazing and banana growing. Naren and his then wife, Dhira King, worked tirelessly in these early days to create a place of magic and wonder.

Enjoy the images from our visit.

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What did you do to feed you inner child today?


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