Are You Flying First Class In Your Life?

Travelling at the speed of love I mentioned in the video on Attracting Abundance that I completed a 30 day program Traveling at The Speed of Love with Sonia Choquette the author of the book “Traveling at The Speed of Love” and that I would review the book and share some of the exercises to help you begin to Fly First Class in your life. So first for a summary of what  Traveling at the Speed of Love is about.

“When we travel at the speed of love, we choose to live in a frequency of unconditional love. Today, most of us travel at the frequency of fear and live with a victim consciousness. When we’re traveling at the fear frequency, no matter how fast we go, we can never get to our destination. The victim consciousness is based on the premise: “I have no choice.” Traveling at the speed of love means taking our power back.
We’re actually in a different universe when we travel at the speed of love.  Our world is not a menacing, threatening race geared to cheat death. It becomes, at any moment, so satisfying that if this were our last moment on Earth, that would be okay.
This is not to say that change is easy. To travel at the speed of love might require a complete paradigm shift in the way you look at your everyday existence. In this fascinating book, Sonia Choquette provides a practical, in-the-trenches guide that will reveal how you can reprogram your brain and change your life for the better.”

This is the song that goes with the book and I have it on my ipod and sing and dance to it most mornings at the beach. Sonia is big on getting one to move the body and this song is wonderful for that.

Ask yourself this question: “What frequency am I traveling at right now?” I know that since I have completed the online course and practiced many of the exercises that Sonia suggests both from the course and the book I am traveling at a higher frequency. The other day Des said I was habitually happy……..

So are you traveling at the speed of love?

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8 Responses

  1. Whew what a great way to think about it. Everyone struggles with fear every day, but this is a fabulous reminder that when we simply change our vibration fear can no longer exist at that virbation.

    Coincidentally I'm reading another book by Sonia Choquette called “Turst Your Vibes”. Love it!

  2. Absolutely agree, allowing the love is so much more fun and does allow us to fly. Doing the Traveling at the speed of love course and exercises have reduces the fear.


  3. Hi Tess,
    Wonderful to see you smiling face- interesting about the book, I am still reading, I did Sonia's online course which was great. Interesting about the energy- i have resonated with her. Do you mean networked blogs as on facebook.
    Tess please keep following as i am about to bring together what i see as many years of seeking into clarity. I give the illusion of keeping up more than I think I do. It is amazing how we see ourselves:)

  4. Traveling at the speed of love sounds more fun than the one of fear. I like the idea of taking my power back! To infinity and beyond!

  5. If you have fear of getting hurt then you can't consider yourself as an unconditional lover, no matter how hard it is if you really love someone you should trust them.

  6. Hi Suzie,

    I loved the video and because Lance had it on his blog I bought the book. I loved the book in the first few chapters and then lost all interest in it. I felt her energy changed some where while she was writing. I think anyone can benefit from doing the exercises, no matter what.

    What is network blogging anyway. I’m glad to see how you’re progressing on your journey. I honestly don’t know how you keep up!

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