Be Desiring: Creating Your Heart’s Desire

heart desire

Creating comes from your heart and your gut ~ Sonia Choquette  Are You Embracing Your Hearts Desire? Part 1 Although I usually wake up early in the morning,for the past month or so I have tended to pull the covers up and dose off again. Not today! When I woke up at 4.15am, still dark, instead […]

Color Prescription 6: Indigo and The Third Eye Chakra

Indigo Vats

Working with The Color Indigo and The Third Eye Chakra “Learning to see is a matter of learning how to look and of having the patience to look long enough to find what you are seeking”~ Anodea Judith Indigo is the color of the deep midnight sky, of denim, of intuition and perception and is said to […]

Color Prescription I: Red and The First Chakra

red and the root chakra by Suzie Cheel

Working with The Color Red and The First Chakra The color red has many moods, many meanings,many messages Red is the color of fire, love and passion Of fear and anger Red can energise you Red can depress you Red stirs the the senses and ignites the emotions Red excites and stimulates A red light […]

Do You Travel At The Speed Of Love Or The Speed Of Fear?

Travelling at the speed of love

Are You Flying First Class In Your Life? I mentioned in the video on Attracting Abundance that I completed a 30 day program Traveling at The Speed of Love with Sonia Choquette the author of the book “Traveling at The Speed of Love” and that I would review the book and share some of the […]