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My preoccupation earlier this week has been with my new header. SuzieCheel site is being given a renovation, both inside and out. Some of the coding is sick and the “Plugin Queen ( addict)” needed reigning in. I did have at one count 58 plugins! This has now shrunk to 36 and the test site that the WordPress Whiz, Jill Sessa from WP Ultimate Help is building only has 17. I am on a promise not to play with php files and not add unnecessary  plugins.  The new look will be clean and lean while being inspirational, full of energy and love.</>

Some people might wonder whether the header really matters?  What do you think? Is it important, useful, window-dressing, irrelevant?

The artist in me says yes it is important. So what was my dilemma?

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will have seen changes here over the past five years as I have been bouncing around deciding who I be.

There was Suzie Cheel be Inspired | Be Empowered| Be The Change: looking at these banner sometimes I wonder why I ever changed. I know- no color!then Suzie Cheel: The Art of Change, Inspiration from the Heart. Love You Love Your Life and then Heart Whisper. Yes all under the umbrella of Suzie Cheel! Watch the video to see all the variations.

I have also suffered from  BSOS ( bright shiny object syndrome) and FOMO ( fear or missing out) Being on a healing journey as I have had lots of time to get distracted.  When we do this it can take away one’s confidence and trust in your self too. I know it did for me and I stopped listening to the whispers of my heart and started playing the comparison game. Then the I am not good enough raises it’s ugly head!

Back to the Header: My current header is Heart Whisper  I thought I would stay with, just having a change of background UNTIL, I showed the new header options to:

  1. My mastermind
  2. Des  who questioned me, was this what I wanted in a couple of years time and reminded me how much I  dislike being boxed in. He has gone through all my changes 🙂

This was Turmoil Tuesday for me. I went to bed thinking about it, asking the angels to solve my challenge. They were not listening and my mind was still churning on Wednesday morning. I skipped painting and headed to meditate. Again I prayed and asked for guidance and I heard talk to Stephanie. It takes a good friend to be tell you what your heart knows.

Sometimes the time difference is an advantage. I opened skype to see if Stephanie was online, yes she was. First I shared my dilemma with her- to put Suzie Cheel or Heart Whisper on the banner and she echoed what Des had said: Heart Whisper is your e-zine, your art, and maybe products. It is not everything you be and do. Like Des , Stephanie also reminded me that being locked in does not bring me joy.

I then shared my latest header designs, I still had 2 options. The swirly font in the banner above or what you see below. Stephanie said: That’s IT! 🙂 clean and simple, your art pop, the words pop, your beautiful smile pops!

I promise no more changes!


Through all my transitions I have kept returning to the tag line I started out with Be Inspired, Be Empowered Be The Change. Through loving ourselves we become inspired, empowered and then we can step into the change we want to be and make in our lives and in the world. That starts the ripple effect.

When we reach this place we get clarity about our purpose, regain our confidence, trust the whispers of our heart and feel joyful.

Do you have a branding story to share?

7 quotes on Branding for reflection:

Live with love, smile often and be forever grateful


Listening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More Joy ♥ More Love ♥ More Abundance ♥ ♥♥”Please Share this article on your favorite social networks and with your community. This can help others heal and transform their lives. Thank you!”♥♥

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26 Responses

  1. Thanks for this post Suzie! I am getting ready to update my own header image and message soon. We see things that resonate with us on different levels and feel the need to change. It makes total sense to me. We continue to grow and change every minute of every day why not on this level as well?


  2. The header is such an important part of a website! It’s the first thing most people look at, and it gives a feel for the style and personality of the company/business owner. And I think it’s perfectly fine to update it every year, if that’s what you feel called to do. Businesses change over time, and your website needs to reflect that.

  3. I LOVE IT! We wouldn’t be entrepreneurs if we liked the 9-5 cubicle scene would we Suzie? And inherent in the definition of entrepreneur is CHANGE, METAMORPHOSIS, GROWTH, NEW, PIONEER . . . . I don’t see how ANY of us can follow our Divine Spirits in business and NOT go through changes! The trick though, and I think you have now latched on to it Ms. Suzie, is to find a big enough umbrella to shelter ALL our brilliance, in ALL it’s forms! I can’t wait to see your next magnificent creation Suzie! Rainbow Blessings and Big Hugs ALWAYS!! xoxoxo

    1. Love the definition Stephanie, think it is time for the pioneer in me to reemerge 🙂 Thank for you clarity and getting me to see what the heart knew.
      The umbrella does give me room to move and a way to honor my heart without the what if this………
      Love and blessings to you my friend xxoo

  4. Hi Suzie
    Oh yes I hear you on this one. And I also know that continuing to evolve your brand as your ideas grow and expand is part of the process. I have changed a lot of things since I started Creativity Lab less than 2 years ago. While it still has the original fun stripey energy – everything else has become clearer as I’ve received a clearer sense of who my clients truly are. Isn’t it great that we have infinite choice?

  5. It was lovely to hear your journey of change alongside the thoughts of re-designing your branding Suzie – and I love the design you have picked ….
    it says Suzie Cheel (that’s you!) with a beautiful photo and Be Inspired – Be Empowered – Be the Change and this is how you help people …so perfect!
    I think it is so important that your branding IS you – and you’ve got it in a nutshell Suzie 🙂
    I’m sharing this story to Pinterest now …

    1. Jacs,
      How wonderful, thanks for your love and enthusiasm, makes me feel i am on the right track and I am now certain that Be Inspired – Be Empowered – Be the Change is the tagline that makes my heart and others sing- So good to get another response that is so positive. My fave quote is Gandhi: Be the change you wish to see in the world.
      Love and peace

  6. Hi Suzie,

    I’m so glad you wrote this. I struggle with this on my blog as well. I am so many different things – all of them important (at least in my mind): advocate, artist, author, photographer, speaker and teacher. What do I highlight becomes the never ending question. Suggestions?

    1. Welcome Pauline,
      Yes I know that feeling, I feel this time i have been a full circle only now i am very clear on my purpose and that has helped. I was torn between just doing my art, and then i came to see that i could encompass my art with my words and my coaching to inspire , empower and facilitate change. What makes you heart sing? You have encouraged me to make a video this week of an exercise that taps into one’s heart whispers that might help you
      Watch this space.

  7. I can absolutely understand your BSOS and the FOMO. I have been there myself. It is exciting to see that you have been there and moved through that in your time. Your banner is an important part of your biz but what I enjoyed the most was the way you matched what was being printed there with what felt valuable to you as an individual. I appreciate that immensely and am most thrilled that you have settled on a design that feels fitting to you. That will speak volumes about authenticity.

    1. Kate i am delighted that you dropped by and your comment had my heart smiling and saying yes this is the authentic me and i need to stay focussed on that. 🙂 xo

  8. Suzie, I love love love watching this unfold!! You’re rocking a subject dear to my heart and my work, which is to have your brand and your look be a reflection of your sacred and unique mission and purpose.

    Thanks for sharing the lessons you’re learning along the way!

    So much appreciation for you!


    1. Hi Sue, thanks for your heart warming comments that make me smile and very eager to get the new site complete. I am happy you are enjoying the journey with me and for your support

  9. I loved reading about your creative process Suzie because I’ve been on a similar journey having just recently launched a new blog. I allowed my artsy fartsy self to go wild with my last blog, but I want this one to have a more classic feel to it because there will be more “business” going on that promoting my books. It’s still evolving but I’m loving the process. Look forward to following along on your journey and seeing the new site!

    1. Gremlins, I replied to this on Saturday- must have gone into the ether???? Your comment reassures me. I am keeping my art but this time it will hang together . Love your new site, very classic. I appreciate having you along for this journey xxoo

  10. Hi Suzie,

    I can definitely relate to making branding changes. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that (unless it happens too often)! I believe it’s only natural that your business (and how you present it) will change and evolve over time. And trial and error do help with answering those key questions!

    I really really do love your new banner and agree that it pops! 🙂


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