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Do You Believe You Are Worthy of Receiving Love?

Do you really believe in you own self-worth?

When I drew the Receive Oracle Card this week  I was reminded of how I used to be on receiving love and deflecting compliments. We are all love and when we embrace the love that we are when someone says you look radiant, love your hair. I now smile and say thank you. This was not always the case

I asked the question:Do you find it easy to receive and just say thank you when offered a compliment or is this a challenge for you? on my facebook page this week.

How would you answer this question?

The answers below and from some friends had me entering the Weekly Heart Whisper meditation on receiving. We are all so good at giving, it is my wish that this meditation will have you accepting the love that you are. (7 minutes)

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My fellow Visionary Female Authors shared where they were at on the receiving scale.

Andrea Patten I am grateful for any and all updrafts!

Barb Parcells I’m getting much better at it than I used to be but for most of my life I was really bad at it!

Colleen Wilson Millett It used to be very challenging for me and I am getting better and better at receiving. I have to consciously remind myself that it is ok to receive as I was ‘taught’ as a child to give but not to receive. That has been a challenging belief to turn around for sure.

Debra Oakland I love giving compliments and gifts to others…it lights up my soul! Personally, I enjoy compliments, but used to have trouble receiving gifts. Now I say thank you with heartfelt gratitude to all compliments and gifts. Receiving gracefully and gratefully is a gift!

Debra Reble It used to be so uncomfortable for me to receive any form of compliment but now I accept them wholeheartedly because the love I receive fills me and ripples back out to others and the world.

Kelley Grimes I have cultivated the ability to just say thank you for the most part and receive gratefully!

Elizabeth Lynn Love the visuals Suzie! I have to say ‘receiving’ is a practice I have been practicing, and it is a worthy practice at that

Erin E Esser I do receive compliments but I do have to catch myself sometimes on feeling the need to give one right back. Receiving is the word I had for 2017 that I know I need to work on. Thank you for the gentle reminder today!

Ginny A. Baro It used to be challenging  but now I’m really great at it… I’ve shifted my old perspective completely by realizing that it’s selfish of me not to receive, by preventing someone who finds pleasure in giving to me from doing so… if someone offers, I’d be happy to accept!

Jami Hearn Depends what and who is offering. Generally I am receiving of compliments but often have challenges with receiving money

 Jo Cruise I receive compliments with the grace in which they were given. Though my younger self was definitely more self deprecating. Age has brought wisdom

Lore Raymond I do receive compliments easily. I also am someone who freely gives compliments.

Rachel Kieffer I’m getting better at it

Shelia Prance Accepting a compliment has been difficult for me. I was taught to think of others and not myself as a child. When I was going through the ministry, I was taught to love myself first. You must love yourself first before you can love anyone else. Today, I say “thank you” when someone pays a compliment.

It takes practise if it doesn’t come naturally to you and those two little words Thank You can make the practise easier. I love Ginny’s comment that it’s selfish of me not to receive. it also is not good for the giver.

How is your receiving quota?

Share in the comments below or come and add to the conversation in the Heart Whisperer Movement on Facebook

All my love

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28 Responses

  1. I am much better at giving praise and compliments than I am at receiving them, Suzie! I find that I will accept a compliment if I also agree with the person giving it. For example, if I don’t think I look good on a particular day and someone tells me I do, I don’t really embody it and own it. Although I would thank the person, it doesn’t really have an impact. On the other hand if I think I did something particularly well, or I look good on a certain day and someone compliments me, then it is much easier to completely receive it. Make sense? It’s interesting how many people find it easier to give than to receive. Speaks volumes to some shifts needed in our individual consciousness. xo

    1. Yes Beverly it makes sense as i do it too. I know I will go online and think I must do something with my hair and someone tells me they love my hair- I am learning that my judgements of me do not always serve me. Yes it does speak volumes of the shifts that are need so we love ourselves unconditionally and experience inner peace and pure joy. ??

  2. I’m getting better at receiving compliments, but it’s been an uphill battle. The worst example was when I earned a national award from a company I worked for and I would be embarrassed to tell you the lengths I went to in order to avoid having to accept that award at a company convention in front of a couple of thousand peers! As I said, working on it. 🙂

    1. Hi Marty, mazing how we have to learn to receive. Your comment reminds me of my Mother who refused to accept a major Australian honor award as she saw what she was doing as just an ordinary thing that didn’t deserve recognition 🙂 Keep working on it as it makes you feel more loved. ?

  3. This is always a great reminder Suzie. I drew this card just last week so I know that even though I’ve gotten better at receiving, there are still ways in which I stand in my own way. Thanks for your beautiful art, inspiring words, and your wonderful heart whisper cards!!! <3 <3 <3

    1. Sheila my joy and I totally understand about still standing in my own way- lots of years and learning to let go of 🙂 Love you love the cards- I believe they help so many just have to get them out their more widely ???

  4. Isn’t it interesting that many of us have been taught that it’s better to give than receive? When we do get recognized we downplay the value of our contribution. Yet, there are times in our lives when we are deeply hurt for not being recognized or the credit for what we did goes to someone else. There’s a lot of inconsistency here. We all need to know that we are valued and it begins with a simple thank you as validation.

    1. I know Joyce I can hear those words ringing in my ears as a child. When we value ourselves , knowing are enough is so important. Gratitude and saying thank you are great practices daily xx

  5. Hi Suzie,

    This is such an important question to consider – “Do You Believe You Are Worthy of Receiving Love?” I love the painting as well. Thanks for sharing as there are many who are struggling with this concept.

    1. Cathy thank you, yes it is amazing how many people do struggle. I believe we need to start with the children and teach love and gratitude. Sometimes takes me back to my preschool teaching days where self worth was always taught xxx

  6. Thank you for sharing this wonderful collection of feedback on receiving from the blogosphere. Such an important video too. I have always found it much easier to give than receive. But I gave from a place of lack – wanting approval, reciprocation, or love in return. That’s not giving…it’s giving to take.

    I have gotten much better at receiving and continue to work on it, but it still makes me uncomfortable.

    PS: I’m always amazed and delighted by how many different ways you can illustrate a heart. 🙂

    1. Thanks Debbie I appreciate your comment on the video . I know that feeling where we give to receive what we have yet to give ourselves. While you still feel uncomfortable in receiving you maybe have some loving you and knowing you are enough work to do 🙂 Debbie if you could see my studio you would be truly amazed at the number of paintings of hearts I do have and soon will be really up for sale. xxx

  7. This is such a powerful article. It gave me the warm and fuzzies and I felt warmth from reading it. Keep spreading the love. It truly does make the world go round.

  8. Suzie, I find that I am so good at thanking others but it took time for me to gracefully accept thanks back. I think it is part of being a natural born female care-giver. I have worked on it now for many years and can say I have gotten much better at just saying “Thank you” because I can see, by the light in their eyes, they receive joy from my validation that they have brought me joy. The “magic words” “thank you” in and of themselves are a reward that just keeps giving. As always I love your blog and the message it shares.

    1. Kathleen you give me so much joy with your love ands praise of my blog. yes beinf a natural care giver, it taker time to learn to receive and say thank you. I agree the joy one give the giver in accepting is such a validation xxx

  9. I give from the heart, Suzie, and seeing the receiver’s happiness is it’s own reward. When I do receive a compliment or a gift, I’m genuinely grateful and accept it from the heart. We can all do with love and more love. 🙂

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