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Do You Believe You Are Worthy of Receiving Love?

Do you really believe in you own self-worth?

When I drew the Receive Oracle Card this week  I was reminded of how I used to be on receiving love and deflecting compliments. We are all love and when we embrace the love that we are when someone says you look radiant, love your hair. I now smile and say thank you. This was not always the case

I asked the question:Do you find it easy to receive and just say thank you when offered a compliment or is this a challenge for you? on my facebook page this week.

How would you answer this question?

The answers below and from some friends had me entering the Weekly Heart Whisper meditation on receiving. We are all so good at giving, it is my wish that this meditation will have you accepting the love that you are. (7 minutes)

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My fellow Visionary Female Authors shared where they were at on the receiving scale.

Andrea Patten I am grateful for any and all updrafts!

Barb Parcells I’m getting much better at it than I used to be but for most of my life I was really bad at it!

Colleen Wilson Millett It used to be very challenging for me and I am getting better and better at receiving. I have to consciously remind myself that it is ok to receive as I was ‘taught’ as a child to give but not to receive. That has been a challenging belief to turn around for sure.

Debra Oakland I love giving compliments and gifts to others…it lights up my soul! Personally, I enjoy compliments, but used to have trouble receiving gifts. Now I say thank you with heartfelt gratitude to all compliments and gifts. Receiving gracefully and gratefully is a gift!

Debra Reble It used to be so uncomfortable for me to receive any form of compliment but now I accept them wholeheartedly because the love I receive fills me and ripples back out to others and the world.

Kelley Grimes I have cultivated the ability to just say thank you for the most part and receive gratefully!

Elizabeth Lynn Love the visuals Suzie! I have to say ‘receiving’ is a practice I have been practicing, and it is a worthy practice at that

Erin E Esser I do receive compliments but I do have to catch myself sometimes on feeling the need to give one right back. Receiving is the word I had for 2017 that I know I need to work on. Thank you for the gentle reminder today!

Ginny A. Baro It used to be challenging  but now I’m really great at it… I’ve shifted my old perspective completely by realizing that it’s selfish of me not to receive, by preventing someone who finds pleasure in giving to me from doing so… if someone offers, I’d be happy to accept!

Jami Hearn Depends what and who is offering. Generally I am receiving of compliments but often have challenges with receiving money

 Jo Cruise I receive compliments with the grace in which they were given. Though my younger self was definitely more self deprecating. Age has brought wisdom

Lore Raymond I do receive compliments easily. I also am someone who freely gives compliments.

Rachel Kieffer I’m getting better at it

Shelia Prance Accepting a compliment has been difficult for me. I was taught to think of others and not myself as a child. When I was going through the ministry, I was taught to love myself first. You must love yourself first before you can love anyone else. Today, I say “thank you” when someone pays a compliment.

It takes practise if it doesn’t come naturally to you and those two little words Thank You can make the practise easier. I love Ginny’s comment that it’s selfish of me not to receive. it also is not good for the giver.

How is your receiving quota?

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All my love

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