July Abundance Heart Whisper Reading

Here is the reading I have just done for July for you. ( 5 mins)  Its a time for reflection at this midway time of the year. Look back on the intentions you set maybe back in January and as are you listening to and following your heart?

With the new moon approaching on Monday July 4th it is a good time to review goals as we move into the next half of 2016. Are you reviewing and changing?


Share your heart whispers, did the cards speak to you?  Will you take action on what your heart whispered?

Wishing you all a juicy July where your hearts desire’s manifest

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love and abundance always


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  1. Beautiful Suzie! I love the focus on inner peace when we follow our hearts and imagining what that would look like in our lives. I just spent 12 days in Washington, D.C. and had adventures every day which I loved! Upon returning home I decided I would continue that and take an adventure in some way each day to keep that fresh vacation perspective alive. For the last few days I have walked on the beach at sunset, driven a different way to get to my office and joined my daughter at her campsite on the beach for an evening of games. As the sun was setting last night and the new moon was in full view I felt filled with possibility and excitement! Thank you for the reminder to use this time of the new moon to set our intentions for the next half of the year.

    1. Welcome Kelley and i got goosebumps as I read your comment.Thank you Just your taking action on your daily adventures touched a chord for me and then I was reminded that today I am going on an adventure a picnic at the park on the beach with an old friend and a new friend to meet. Yes we do need to take the time to remember we can have a new adventure each day. I need to take notice more of my own advice to others ??

  2. Loved seeing your face & hearing your voice read the July cards to us! As you know, I just love your beautiful cards. I pulled 2 this morning: “REST: When you rest you allow deep healing to take place, within your body, your heart & your soul.” and “BE OPEN: When you open your heart to love the world opens up & your desires manifest.” Ahhh, I think I’ll go lie back down…my body has been sending me signals that it needs more rest.

  3. I think these are some lovely cards this week. Definitely going to feel a little more into inner peace <3 Have a wonderful week ahead Suzie x

  4. Hi, Suzie

    Love this post.

    The important idea does not come from outside or from your friends. It comes from deep inside or people called it your intuition. The only way we can get it by finding time to do the solitude.

    Thanks for the post.

    Stella Cccchiu

  5. I’m so with you on pausing to re-evaluate goals, Suzie. That’s precisely what I’ve been doing too. These cards completely resonate for me! I’ve decided to follow my heart and do less. I’m sure that will bring inner peace. That’s what I’m imagining. You have been through a big change in the beginning of this year. It feels like you are very aligned right now.

    1. Sandra love that the cards resonate for you. Love that you are listening and going to less- for me it is letting go and that is not an easy one for me. Yes I am feeling more aligned, it have been a roller coaster ride. So blessed that i have Des supporting me. Enjoy doing less. Mind you I always think of you as being very peaceful xxoo

  6. Following our heart and inner guidance is probably the most profound and important action we can take in our lives. And what gives us a return on all things desired. Thank you.

  7. I’m a bit floored that it’s July, and I’m at least two months behind the schedule of my January intentions. Floored, disappointed in myself, but not stopped (could be worse!).

    I’m going with the reading, especially Inner Peace.

    Blessed be.

    1. Sue I could have written what you wrote and I am now celebrating on the steps I have made so far as if I make a list, I can see I have moved forward, like you I have done some beat up on Suzie too. Yes that reading spoke to me too Inner peace is for me is the secret. Sending you positive vibes you will make it and it will be brilliant. We can celebrate together Love Suzie xx

  8. So timely reading this today Suzie, I spent time last night getting very specific on what me life will look like for the rest of the year. Letting go of what doesn’t serve me and creating space for what I desire. It’s such an exciting time to be alive and to have such wonderful tools and resources and supporters like you, thank you x

    1. We are in sync love that you are creating space for what you do want. Yes it is an exciting and challenging time to be alive and wonderful we both can make a difference in the world xx

  9. Had I known coming into this year how big a role “change” would play I’d have taken stronger vitamins! Seriously could not agree more with the importance of having a clear vision. Sometimes a single decision can set you on a path that the Universe takes hold of and before you know it, it feels like your on shooting the rapids without a paddle. We may not always be able to control the speed of life, but having a clear vision of who and where we want to be will help us make critical decisions even when we don’t have the luxury of time for thoughtful contemplation. 🙂

    1. Marty you made me laugh- stronger vitamins 🙂 Yes having a very clear vision I think really makes the difference Love the paddle analogy. I think also having that vision in front of you helps- whether words or images Thanks for adding to the conversation xxoo

  10. For us all, this is such an important thing to continue to do. Stop, reassess where we are and to objectively look at what we want to change to make sure the life we are living, is the life we really, really, really want to live. It seems this time on planet earth is calling us all to make the leap and strip away what doesn’t serve us and to bring more of what does in. Thank you for this, Suzie! It speaks very loudly to me. xo

    1. Yes Beverley Love that it speaks loudly to you. I totally agree it does seem a time to let go and strip away and the cards i drew today reaffirm this Thank you xxx

  11. Following my heart is what I needed to read after taking stock of the first half of the year, Suzie. It’s been a day of contemplation, activity and then learning that a former junior colleague of mine whom I had mentored had passed away recently during a chat with a former Alumni. Brought me validation that Life is too short and if I continue to follow my heart with the right actions and intentions then I will be able to say that I’ve lived a full life. A little heavy duty I guess, but the heart is always sad when there is an untimely demise within my circle. God Bless.

    1. Oh yes life is short and great you have shared you loss. I know that it is is tough when you a friend passes. It makes us think about what are we doing and is it bringing joy each day. I really appreciate you sharing. xxoo

  12. Your cards spoke straight to my heart, especially this one: “Take time to picture your life as you really, really, really desire it.” As you know, I’m also working on painting myself into the picture and designing my best life! Great share, Suzie!

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