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Blue moon dream board

Yesterday I started the day by painting a blue moon heart. I did this for Cohen whose funeral was yesterday. It was a sudden and sad passing of the son of a dear friend of mine and I felt that the blues captured his essence.

When I opened my computer yesterday I was greeted with a variety of blue moon messages. Nicole Cody had the day before shared her Blue Moon Healing Ceremony which I did last night. This was a wonder experience drawing the light of the moon to me and using crystals for release. Kim Falconer provides you with Full Moon in Pisces  scopes for the month LOA style   I then saw in my reader Jamie Ridler had her Dreamboards for the full Blue Moon. I have been meaning to make a dream board on full moon so today I have done so using my  full blue moon heart painting and photos I took yesterday.

We watched the setting sun from Snappers Rocks while waiting to see the Blue Moon Rise.. Mother Nature put on a magical sunset show.


Then we waited for the moon to rise. It was cloudy so the first glimpses we like flashes of light from behind the clouds. At times it was like the moon was playing a mischievous game, peeking in and out, giving us brief glimpses of light. We then drove home and stopped by the river to capture the moon rising out of the clouds and reflecting onto the river.

The other photos were taken over the next four hours. it was wonderful that from starting with a grey cloudy sky the sky opened into clear magic.

This morning my friend Ellie shared this song on facebook and then Des sang it to me, I felt over the moon and so loved.
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Now I am going to do some mediation and listen to Lisa Michaels Pisces Full Moon/Virgo Sun once in a Blue Moon Free Online Event Replay before writing out what I want to release in the  Full Moon ‘Becoming’ Ceremony to be done on September 1st. I will do this ceremony later tonight.

I love this quote that Nicole shared introducing the Becoming Ceremony:

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.  ~ e.e. cummings

This means for me releasing any fears and thoughts that I have about stepping into my power and living fully into my passion and purpose. while really litening to my heart’s whispers.

What will you do that may open your heart whispers even wider on the full blue moon?

Live in abundancebe the change and make a difference TODAY!


Suzie Cheel

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