What Brings Healing Power to ME today? 

This is the reading I did from the Heart Whisper cards in response to the journal prompt:

Maybe it will speak to your heart and your own healing.

This healing does not just have to be for your body and your health, it can be for your relationship/s, you finances, business, spiritual life and more. 

Often two or more  are intertwined as I discovered when I looked up Louise Hay’s You can heal your Life on sciatica: Being hypocritical. Fear of money!

Then I checked in  Inna Segal’s The Secret Language of your Body: She  Talk about feeling stuck, being worried about survival. not feeling good enough, stifling of creativity and more!

Yes it did speak to me as I had been taking a much closer look at my business and the profitability of it . 

I felt like I was always pushing and not aligned, The money wasn’r flowing in a way that daily brought me joy

I wasn’t following my theme for 2018 of:

Be True To You Be in FLOW

Then the cards came…..

 LET GO of everything that is not a hell yes and does not empower you and make your heart sing- yes back to the declutter plan for January, that will help to heal your body too. This will allow the new to flow as you open your heart to love

RECEIVE all the love that is you and surrounds you!

Then the ABUNDANCE will flow in as in letting go you are releasing all thoughts of lack.

Remembering that 



I did this reading  before I wrote in my gratitude journal 
Love heals
Open your heart to LOVE: DARE to DREAM again!
all my love
Suzie xxx #heartwhisper #poweredbylove #dailywhisper#oraclecardreading
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  1. Thank you Suzie for this uplifting post on abundance. I too feel that the seed for abundance is in gratitude…It opens our heart and sets the tone for the flow of energy and money is energy to come into our lives <3

    1. Yes Debra I have been saying this for so many years , and i think I wasn’t fully feeling it, great with the physical wealth/abundance so good at healing myself through love and gratitude- this year healing the Financial wealth xxoo

  2. Totally agree with healing about being about all life energies, since everything is connected Suzie and everything is energy.. And you’ve put this article together beautifully with affirmations that lead the way to this healing. Thank you 🙂

    1. Thanks Elle. yes everything is energy. I appreciate your praise anout the article affirms for me that relasing the shoild of blogging and writing from my heart is working. hugs xxoo

  3. This is beautiful Suzie! Yes, to gratitude and abundance flowing out from there. I also love that you have committed to saying ‘hell no’ to anything that doesn’t excite your passion. Letting go of thoughts of lack, is sometimes challenging. Especially when these are deep seated and even unconscious beliefs we’ve carried for years. Congrats on letting yours go. We all can benefit and be encouraged by you! xo

    1. Beautiful Beverley. You are so right in saying it is challenging, I have worked out the more it is a hell yes the more likely I am to let go, what is they say practice makes for perfect- i say change . Thank you xxoo

  4. I like the idea of healing not just being for mind and body but for finances and more. I never thought of it that way. I also believe in decluttering your life in all kinds of ways to make room for new, fresh energy. Always feels so freeing and refreshing to me. I think I need to clean out some closets! 🙂

    1. Thanks Debbie, yes we need to look closely at all the areas of our life that need healing- I just started to read a book I think you would find very interesting about Body Intelligence – Body Intelligence a new paradigm : Living a heart-centered life in a mind centered world. I have just cleaned out some closets and have more to go.

  5. I am so with you in the decluttering and ” LET GO of everything that is not a hell yes” and allow space for the flow. Yes! We are traveling the same path, thousands of miles apart.

    1. Yes and I didn’t get it all done in January and i just read that up until Feb 12th- new moon? is still a good time to release/declutter. Love we are travelling the same path and one day we will meet xxoo

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