Who else has been to a Weekend 3 day event with multiple presenters, each offering , “Once in a lifetime” deals on their products and services?

You know what I mean?
The stack with services and bonuses listed with eye-watering values in thousands of $
And if you buy today the whole package is today less than $1000, $500 or even at $100 or less

That was methis past weekend and today in a free masterclass.

The fact is a number of the offerings really spoke to me  and the idea of working with some of the very successful people appealed to me .

But this was not my first Rodeo

There have been times when I have signed up for too much and spent too much and still not applied what I learned . 

So this time I was able to really reflect on my priorities and what realistically take on.

I slept on one, both Des and I were very keen on,  the first day and did not purchase that program,  although from the same speaker James MacNeil I did buy access to a program that will finally help me write and publish my next book that has been coming for for 7 or 8  years plus the opportunity to become a paid speaker which has been on my vision board for many years.
Lucky-to-be-aliveThere were some amazing speakers, I learned from Les Brown, Sharon Lechter, Kane and Alessia Minkus who Des are currently working with and learning to use AI effectively.
Thanks to Kate Gray  and Jeff Slayter for introducing us to  Kane  and Alessia.

Even today as I would love to work with Sharon Lechtner I chose to pass on something that was truly an amazing offer that spoke to me on several levels for only $100USD

In the past I would have bought this instantly without giving any thought to how it was going to fit into my schedule.

Maybe like you I have many uncompleted courses on my computer.

This time I gave it more thought. I had to ask myself

“Suzie how with everything else you have going can you possibly hope to fit this in  and do justice to it and yourself ? “ 🙂 

Even as I was writing this post,  I found myself wondering whether I had passed up a golden, timely opportunity

To confirm what I was feeling I tested with my pendulum and got a resounding NO!

I am sure many people reading will be able to relate.

If this speaks to you, I would love you to share you experience in the comments  or message me.

Live with love, smile often and be forever grateful
Listening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More Joy ♥ More Love ♥ More Abundance ♥

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  1. This is such a timely topic for me, Suzie. I was facing a big decision, but the right choice became clear. I have to remind myself not to let fear decide for me. It is a constant challenge but I’m winning!

    1. Thank you Debbie
      Reading your comment had me smiling as Today I face another crossroad to move back to my art as my main business focus
      Yes we have to overcome the fear that so often can be a block 💜

  2. Suzie, I’m so glad you are not overwhelming yourself with too much. Your energy needs to be spent wisely. Your body will thank you for sure. I’ve been known to get attracted to all those courses too in the past. But what I learned is that what the courses offer(in a specific time frame and for an exorbitant cost) the author’s book offers more! So if I can get my hands on the author’s book, that is always my first preference. That I can read and understand at my own time, without overwhelming myself with the specific time.

    1. Great idea Zeenat re getting the authors book and at a much lower cost
      Yes a book and speaking workshop Des and I just did was a dreat opportunity for this reflection too
      love you 💜💜💜

  3. Hi Suzie, I applaud you on your transparency and courage to share your experiences regarding courses and programs you’ve signed up for or thought of signing up for in the past. I certainly have signed up for some that I didn’t really benefit from. And I totally connect with you about being “swept up in the moment” when attending a free Masterclass or event with multiple speakers. It is great wisdom to sleep on a decision and to ask your body whether or not it is wise and beneficial for you to enroll in a program. I find muscle testing works well for me in these situations. Warmly, Pam

    1. Pamela what an inspiring comment thank you it moved me and moved me to tell more stories
      Yes muscle testing is great and I also use my cards Love Suzie xx

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