One foot in front of the other, let’s remember that Rome was not built in a day, and thank goodness for this. There is plenty of time and if you try and rush it you’ll just end up having to start from square one all over again, and that’s hard work. You know how far to push and it feels to me that there is no more pushing needed, just one foot in front of the other. Ghazaleh Lowe

Video ( 2.13 minutes)

This sounds exactly where I was at with The Change Warrior project that I had launched last week as a special tribute to all the courageous women who have driven change and often suffered for it in the past 100 years since the first International Womens’ Day. I had also been putting the finishing touches to Christine Kane’s video where we had been talking about the importance of getting back on track when things don’t go to plan.

That’s what happened for me last week. Last Friday when I checked the video page on The Change Warrior Site I discovered that all the videos had vanished- wordpress was stripping out the html. After spending too many hours finding a solution, I took some time out to reflect and look at my options. As my friend Stephanie said : Plan BetterYes next time I will plan better, I will have more thorough check lists, start earlier 🙂 and have a support team. And as Christine Kane says: “it okay to be imperfect”!

The project will be back up later today ( USA time) and here is the revised schedule: The first 2 videos will be available to view when you register to get FREE access

Tuesday 8th March: Allison Maslan Webnesday 23rd March: Liz Strauss
Thursday 10th March: Becky McCray Thursday 24th March: Lynn Serafinn
Friday 18th March: Christine Kane Friday 25th March: Pam Brossman
Saturday 19th March: Denise Wakeman Saturday 26th March: Sonia Choquette
Monday 21st March: Evita Ochel Monday 28th March:
Zeenat Merchant Syal
Tuesday 22nd March: Janet Beckers Wednesday 30th March Suzie Cheel Wrap Up

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