This was the first stage of today’s intuitive heart painting that I drew with aquarelles. This is frequently how I work, drawing first and then using water to paint into the drawing. I nearly left this as today’s heart and then I was drawn to paint into it. This is the first painting in this series where more than one heart has surfaced.


My heart links with and sends love to hearts both close by and those faraway-Suzie

This reminds me of a meditation Des did with me recently that we have called The Ashram Within. Also it is similar to one Anne Aleckson shared and from that I painted Heart Spring.

Which one of the images speaks to you?

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  1. Found your blog through the CYT top blogs nomination post, and am glad to have visited. You have a wonderful thing going here, and I have no idea how so much time went by. Wish you abundance and love.

    1. Hi Eleonora,
      Wonderful To meet you thnaks for making my heart sing 🙂
      Do you ise The Five tibetans in your workouts? They are what I will be using to get my fitness back on track after yet another break

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