Are Your Blocking Your Own Abundance?

blocking abundance

The importance of releasing abundance blocks is, obviously, that this is essential for allowing abundance to flow. I recognise that one of my abundance blocks right now is hanging onto artworks that  keep telling myself I am going to to sell and share with others. Hiding them away in my studio doesn’t delight anyone 🙂 […]

Is Abundance Flowing Into Your Life Today?


What Does Love (read self-love/ self-worth) have to do with allowing the abundance to flow into your life? When You are kind to yourself we feel better about yourself, you take time to treat yourself and that means you keep your vibes raised. When our vibrations are raised we are open to receiving. Do you find it easy to […]

How Often Do You Allow Yourself To Just BE?

On Saturday I was on Skype with Ann-Mhayra Aleckson talking about her written entry to The Next Greatestl Speaker competition. After I had helped Anne with some rearranging of her words I started to share a feeling with her. Anne stopped me mid sentence and said she felt I was making a judgement and that […]