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Louise Hay on Change With Love and Intuition

The Woman Who Started It All You can heal your life

You Can Heal Your Life has been on my bookshelf since Louise Hay first published it back in1984 . No, not the original copy as checking through it  for both myself, friends and family that first edition fell apart, that copy fell apart from constant use. You Can Heal Your Life and the original Heal Your Body A-Z: The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Way to Overcome Them have been constant companions  for many years.

The interview that is coming on June 1 with Louise Hay on the Hay House World Summit is the highlight:

At 86, Louise is constantly learning new things and staying excited about life, and this interview is an up-close-and-personal view of exactly how she maintains her vibrant lifestyle, including her personal views about good nutrition. She also offers some of her personal affirmations, her wisdom about the importance of forgiveness, and tips for removing negative thoughts. You won’t want to miss her advice about how she has relied upon listening to her inner “ding”—the intuition that we all have inside that can guide us to positive change.

In the interview with Reid Tracy, head of Hay House Publishing, Louise shares part of her story and more. She is amazing at 86 she is learning to play the piano. This video is one of six sneak previews of the upcoming Hay House World Summit, which starts on Saturday, June 1st 2013.

Join In Here

♥ I met Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer many years ago at an event in Sydney and this upcoming summit gives you the opportunity to her not only Louise and Wayne along with 2 people I have trained with  Sonia Choquette and Doreen Virtue + Marianne Williamson, Dr Brian Weiss, Bruce Lipton +

You can do this from the comfort of you own home or office. When you join in today you get 6 intro videos from Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Esther Hick, Cheryl Richardson, Suze Orman and The Impossible Dream. A story of forgiveness big time, from a woman who spent 22 years in a wheelchair and is now walking.

I have joined, come and be inspired.

Be love

Suzie Cheel

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