i-love-youDo you want to meet the love of your life? Look in the mirror Byron Katie

How often do you look in the mirror and say I love you? Once a day? Maybe more? Or never? I have a heart with the words I love you stuck to the mirror in my bathroom and I am guilty of not standing there and actually saying daily  ” I love you” Mirror-love Louise Hay talks about the importance of mirror work in You Can Heal Your Life . Louise does mirror exercises daily and gets clients to get a small mirror and looks into their eyes and say ” I love and accept you exactly as you are”

If we really love ourselves everything in our lives works. –Louise Hay

Love, well self-love really  has been my journey and one of my lessons over the past 18 months. I remember when I was sitting in the treatment chair in the renal unit at Tweed Hospital, having what was to be my last dialysis treatment, back on July 23rd 2011 I heard the message: “Suzie, this is about love” and I wrote in my journal:

You will be healed when you see and feel only love for you first, then you will be all that you have to love and to give. When it is totally anchored in inner peace and that feeling of pure joy that allows the awakening that is already you to be empowered. That’s the ripple effect.

I talk about the ripple effect of change and this journey of love has had many ripple effects that have effected change in so many areas of my life. You will read more of this in my book  Lucky To Be Alive  that I am writing now.

You must love yourself before you love another. By accepting yourself and fully being what you are, your simple presence can make others happy.- Anon

JOIN IN THE CHALLENGE: Love yourself first…….


Okay I know that might seem extreme putting yourself first.  Yes it can be hard. I know I was told always to think of others first. I now know that if I have been taught at an early age to really love me, and that is was empowering, my life would have followed a different path. Still my life has been so blessed with so many learnings that I can now share with others on their paths to self love.

Lately, I have noticed myself slipping back into some negative habits that may have had  something to do my autoimmune system failure in July 2011 so I am putting those to sleep. I have also other people I know not putting themselves first. When we let our love for ourselves take second place we often become ill and our dreams can fade.

I have decided to give myself a love challenge for the next 21 days beginning on Valentine’s Day Thursday 14th Febuary. Why 21? Research says it takes 21 days to develop a new habit. I intend to say ” I love and accept you exactly as you are” 21 times twice a day while looking into the mirror. I will do this each morning and at night. You could make this a daily habit like starting and ending your day with gratitude which is so important to self-love too. 

If you’d like to join me in this love challenge, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Get yourself a journal or notebook to record your journey
  2. Find a hand mirror to use each day for your mirror work.
  3. Make ten minutes each morning/evening to read the daily challenge post and ten minutes to do the daily activity.
  4. Write out the heart whisper below onto the first page of your journal and than read it out loud.

My heart is whispering I love me,
I am so grateful for me
I am a blessing to myself
and the world
Today I will be gentle with me
Today I will allow myself to shine
I will listen to my heart’s whispers and know that
I am beautiful and I am love ♡

I will be posting here each day starting on 14th February as well as sharing the post on facebook. This will be fun, I know if it isn’t fun I won’t complete it! I will be doing some meditations for you. The gift I am giving myself for this challenge is to start painting again each day so I will share these with you, a new prescription series coming up I think- I will be listening to my heart whisper and following it and trusting the messages I hear. You might like to think of something that would make your heart sing that you have been putting off.

Everything we do will be shifting your self-love vibration in a positive way. For some it maybe an emotional roller coaster as you open yourself up to love and begin to listen to your heart whisper. Just remember that I and others will be sending you loving vibrations. and be here for support. You are not alone. Please use the comment section and you can contact me here.

 Want to join in this magical love fest? Leave a comment below,  share it with your friends, tweet it, share it on facebook. Contact me if you have any questions.

Namaste xxoo


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