Joyful June: It’s Time to Play, Be Bold and Be in The Flow

joyful june

The June Abundance Heart Whisper Reading The Heart Whisper Oracle card reading sets the focus for June. Starting with the Play card that keeps coming up for me. This is both about taking timeout to play and also bringing the love of play into out life and businesses. This can lead to being and feeling and having more  abundance and joy in you […]

April Heart Whisper Oracle Card Reading

Make Magic Manifesting in April Today I am introducing a monthly Heart Whisper Oracle reading to help us tap closer into our heart whispers. The video of the reading is 4.44 minutes. it was fun to get back into making a video and allow for non perfection! The Heart Whisper Oracle card reading sets the focus for April. […]

How To Attract Abundance With The New Moon


Ways We Can Use The New Moon To Manifest Our Desires This week I have been noticing some of my colleagues talking about this Leo New Moon and how the next 13 months was going to herald shifts in energy and create transformation. As well a very special time for manifesting, stepping up and shining. I went […]

Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire FAST

Are You Good At Manifesting Quickly? Recently I have been surprising myself and manifesting FAST! On Saturday morning  after I had drawn my Archangel Michael card for the morning: which was “You have created this situation and you have the power to change it!”  I heard it would be good to have a new deck of oracle cards, it […]