The Focus For May Is Freedom

The Heart Whisper Oracle card reading sets the focus for May. Starting with the Freedom card with the underlying message of letting go of fear. This can lead to being and feeling and having more  abundance and joy in you life.  Watch the video and reflect. See what arises for you as you listen to the messages.

Let go of the fear

Then the freedom can come

Spread your wings it is time to fly

Dream big,  dust off that idea that you have tucked away

The one this is going to create those ripples of change in the world and more abundance to you and the world

Remember to rest!

Heart-Whisper-May- Reading

What is your Big Dream that you will take action on in May? How will this change you?  Change the world?  As you can see I have set my big dream in motion on the video, now to plan time each day to write.

Are you good at resting, your body and your mind?  Do you love thou thought of resting?

When we love ourselves fully we create more abundance, more passion, we are more fulfilled and then we go out  and create the ripples of change that bring more love and peace to the world ~Suzie

Share in the comments how these cards touched you, inspired you ? I would love to hear from you on the comments

all my lovesuzie-cheelListening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥MoreCOLOR ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥  AND TRANSFORMS YOUR LIFE. 

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Suzie’s Oracle Cards are my daily inspiration for living my dream life!  Each month I pick a card, then re-affirm the word and message daily.  I ponder on what this means to me. I am amazed how I can focus on the word and then live it throughout each day! ~ Karen Brooks
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  1. Hi Suzie, the cards are inspiring me and Freedom in particular resonated the minute I saw it. As an Indian, saying Namaste when I meet people is part of my daily life and yes, doing an Inner Namaste is equally important. I’m reminded of a quote from Deepak Chopra – “I honour and respect everyone on my path. I silently greet everyone I meet with the traditional Indian greeting “Namaste,” which means that the spirit inside me honours the spirit inside you.” 

    Namaste Suzie.

    1. Hi Vatsala, Yes I love the quote from Deepak. Des and I have been dig this since we were first introduced to it by Brandon Bays Great way to start the day, to have this as part of your cukture I think is a blessing Namaste Vatsala ?

  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely, Suzie! The colours and the messages from all the cards popped and spoke to me. The Rest card of all of them really resonated, as I tend to go, go, go and have been over-amping myself and not getting enough….Rest. It is one of my biggest life challenges. Then the Dream Big card popped and settled in my heart, I always dream big and find remaining “patient” through the process also challenges me, as I’m always ready to fly to the outcome. This month I’ve resumed my Friday morning Art from the Heart class and look forward to stimulating my creativity through the art, while continuing to build my health and wellness team, song write and walk more now that the weather here is springlike. Thanks for the inspiration and wishing you big dreams manifesting in May and beyond! xo

    1. Beverley you words make my heart sing, I love that you feel so connected, Oh yes the rest card os a big issue for me too. Patience i am so much better at after living through my healing journey, such a big lesson for me. / Love you are tapping int your creativity and Art from The heart sounds magical Namaste ?

  3. Love your video, art and the message, Suzi! As a worshiper of Freedom, your words of Freedom resonated with me a lot!
    “Let go of the fear
    Then the freedom can come
    Spread your wings it is time to fly”
    I am letting go of my fear of “imperfection” and “not enough” and flying with joy and confidence!
    Thank you for a moment of heart-connection!

    1. Hi Millen, thank you, Yes freedom is big for me too and focusing more on that value and the vision it brings to having a fulfilled abundant life love that ho felt heart-connection?

  4. Beautiful cards and reading, Suzie. Interesting the cards you pulled fit me for the month. My Freedom this month is letting go of family tensions. And Love is letting it go and loving my family as they are. Perfect timing.

  5. Oh, I love this message and colors, Suzie! My BIG thing for May is visibility. As an Introvert, I’m all too happy to work behind the scenes, but that’s hardly a good way to build a business, let alone income, so this month I’m focusing on getting OUT in the world by publishing more articles, launching a new book and course, guest posting and interviews. Definitely challenging myself to break some boundaries. 🙂

    1. Marty that is awesome, looking forward to seeing more of you and thank you I love when my message uplifts and to think I nearly gave up on this post. Yes May is my month to step up and out plus ASk- 🙂 ?

    1. My pleasure Sandra and that for the heads up on the submit button. Yes the rest reminder is a big one for me too and something I have to stop fighting against xo

  6. Such great messages Suzie. Love them all, especially this one “When we love ourselves fully we create more abundance, more passion, we are more fulfilled and then we go out and create the ripples of change that bring more love and peace to the world.” What a great month May is going to be. Thanks

    1. Hi Josee, thank you I think that message is becoming my mission and mantra for this site. Yes and wishing you a great month of May. I feel there will be shifts big time for many of us xo

  7. Hi Suzie, Loved your videoblog and the cards you pulled! Freedom, Dream Big and Rest are definitely in my cards as well 🙂 Thanks for sharing you wisdom, warmth and positive energy!

  8. “Give yourself an inner Namaste.” Perfect. (One of my business cards is a nod to my increasing southernness and says “Namaste y’all.” Spot on for me today. Thanks.

  9. Thank you for a delightful monthly reading, looking forward to a month of magic, manifesting and miracles.

  10. This is the pearl that I am taking away this morning, Suzie: “Feel the love within you, allow it to say, “I love you”, and give yourself an inner Namaste.”

    Brilliantly tender.
    Thank you, dear one.

  11. I’ve been focusing on my life mission so this jumped out at me: “What is your dream that will create ripples of change for you and the world?” So many gold nuggets in this post. Thank you, Suzie! xo

  12. Suzie,
    Love it all!! Love the title of your book, Lucky to be Alive. Love your writing goal; and I share the same one! Love your pathway to healing; and I used the same! Loved all the cards selected!! Love that LOVE was the final card. And I agree…lets make it a magical May!! XO <3

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