Moon-MeditationTake Action With This Full Moon

This meditation that I have recorded for you I did first this morning on my blab show. I decided to rerecord as sound was choppy.

This special super full moon is special. I heard the moon was heralding time to bring harmony and balance into our lives.  Plus it is time to take action on ours dreams.

That resonated for me, the past week has brought some interesting AH HAs! Taking Action on my dreams is something I have put on the back burner much of this year.

Does that resonate for you? 

Here is the meditation. It is a good idea to have a journal with you to  to record any AH HA’s you get that you might want to act on.  The meditation is 7 mins long.

AUDIO -mp3

with love and gratitude

from my ♡ to yours ♡

Listening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More FUN ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥

Treat yourself each day



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19 Responses

  1. We were in one of the best spots in the world to see the eclipse, the Canary Islands! and the alarm ever went off, we ended up catching the en end of the eclipse. I know we should have stayed awake… but with a toddler at home, well the bed was calling us too.

  2. Suzie, what a great way to celebrate this special full moon and yes, being on Cape Cod we have seen it glowing brilliant orange as it hangs low in the sky. Meditations are so helpful to us during our busy lives. Thanks for taking me on this short journey of relaxation, re-grounding, harmony and balance. I feel better!


  3. Love this, Suzie. I do guided mediation at yoga but haven’t done it at home because most are too long. Sometimes I’ll just do a short 2 minute quiet one. I like your shorter one.

    1. Hi Diane, Great ti see you back blogging and here. Thanks for you comment. It seems to me that there is a need for short meditations in our such busy lives and we can get centred in a short one and bring the heart back to centre xx

  4. Wonderful Suzie. Normally I struggle to sit still long enough to meditate – I’m much more comfortable walking in nature for me downtime – but I listed to your guided meditation and it felt good. Thanks!

    1. Yes Sandra I think that is true- I saw it as being a mediation that one could use more often and as you say through this strong energy and time of change xxoo

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