Be Still

Be still, Be Calm
Allow the love to flow
And as the love flows
The pure diamond
That is within
Reveals it’s light
It begins to shine
And reflect to you
All the love it holds
Sit still for now
And feel
The power of
Your own being

-Suzie Cheel

be the change

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10 Responses

    1. Hi Stephanie,
      Thanks I really value your comment and be still is sometimes something I know I need to do more of to allow the messages to flow
      with love

    1. Hi Sandra,

      Thank you it was amazing the words just flowed onto the paper after I had done my morning meditation.
      Looking to all more message from the heart to flow

  1. Short and sweet. I like that Suzie and very well said. I like this the best, “And feel The power of Your own being”

    Wonderfully done,

    1. Thanks Debbie,
      This is the first in what i think will be a series of messages from the heart and welcome- love Happy Maker

  2. Thank you for this moment of quiet, Suzie. I came to this at the end of what turned out to be a very long day, and it helped me feel more peaceful.

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