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Today I wrote:
How will I be aligned today in my journal and then I drew the SMILE card.

This is a card I sometimes wonder why I put it in the deck as I often draw it- message there in itself.

The message is :

A few hours on I know why this is the card for today. 🙂

I woke early and remembered I had forgotten to upgrade a service I use.

So I got up and yes went straight to the computer and took action and then went over to my sacred space for journaling and my morning rituals.

I wrote I woke early and I am excited about the day ahead as as I have a challenge to announce, a new painting to start plus putting my sales pages together for my art and merchandise.

 I am smiling.

I am full of gratitude.

A while later I came to my computer to write this post. Something said to me check the payment went through etc. The transaction was showing in paypal and I then got the nudge check your email.
Your account has been suspended!

So I did my tantrum, yelling number that serves no purpose and probably raises my blood pressure! 🙂 

I then, after Des said write down what you want the outcome to be- I taught him so well.

I then wrote to support and got the reply you will hear from us within the hour.

I decided to go back and read the fine print and discovered I had made a mistake, so composed an email with my options outlined and sent that off.

It was then time for a walk and Des commented how positive I was after my initial outburst and complimented me for my bounce back ability.

There would have been a time where I would have lost half a day looking at all the options.

Today I set my options out in the email and went for the walk.

When I returned there was a very positive response, a discount code, if I decided to take up the more expensive plan and they gave me 2 weeks grace to decide if I really want to pay double what I had budgeted for.

Today I choose to be positive in who I be, how I am and what I say.

I feel my inner critic fall away as I open my heart to love.

So instead of holding onto to negativity, I made the switch and was smiling again very quickly.

Oracle Cards 

So I had woken with a smile on my face and in gratitude. Not everyone does that. When we were walking we passed a woman who had her head down, eyes to the footpath.

We smiled as we do each day at all the people we pass and say good morning. Okay for some people today might have not been a good morning. It was very grey and the rain was just starting again – lightly. The head or the eyes did not move and the face was not smiling.  

We notice this often especially on the beach.

This affirms for me that there is such a big need for the work I do that colors , heals and open hearts to love.

I have broken through so many of my own limiting beliefs. I just love it when I see this transformation in others.  As a client recently wrote after completing the HeartScape journey:
What a journey my Heart has brought me through. This speaks volumes of my self-love, my strength, my gifts that I now have found. My heart is full. Bless you Suzie. You have no ideal of the ripple you’ve made and turningit  into a wave. Incredible.



Open your heart to LOVE: DARE to DREAM again!

all my love

Suzie xxx #dailylovewhisper #heartwhisper #poweroflove #loveboost #dailywhisper


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    1. In sync as usual Sue 🙂 I have had several melt downs in the past week or so, I like you have become very resilient and bounce back so much faster. Glad you reclaimed yours too xxx

  1. Sometimes we just have to recognize when our button has been pushed, and not take it as a sign that our day has been ruined. An attitude of gratitude always works for me. Great post!

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