What Is The Passion?

Passion Test

Janet Attwood Talking About The Passion Test. Over the past week I have been sharing my experience with using the Passion Test. Later this week I will share my vision board and the steps am using to move towards my passions. Today listen to the co author of The Passion test: Janet Attwood so succinctly […]

Making My Passion Cards

Passion Cards

Moving On With My Passion Test So I have taken the Passion Test: Step 1: Found my 5 Passions Step 2: Rated my 5 passions: Step 3. The next stepĀ  of the Passion Test is where I make my Passion cards. This process was one shared with Janet by Bob Proctor and one he recommends […]

My Passion Test

Take The Passion test

Getting Real About My Passions: Yes I did take the online Passion Test and I discovered I still had some work to do. I went back to the book and followed the suggested instructions on page 28. Make a list of 10 or more of the most important things in your life, the things that […]

Why Does Change Come With Road Blocks?

Listening To My Body Do you have days when you have days when you are on a high, life seems to be unfolding as you have visualized. You have finally got out of your own way. You have just taken the passion test and were planning to make a video to share with everyone and […]