Being In Flow Opens You Into Joy

I love todays message as yesterday I wrote:  I'm going to be guided each day, to be in flow by listening to and following the whispers of my heart. 😃 Today I asked question what would I be doing if I was in total alignment? Then I got quiet, closed my eyes and...

It Takes Courage to Really Let Go

[Tweet "Courage comes when you listen to the whispers of your heart you can step up today and shine."] The word courage originally comes from the Latin cor-of the heart Courage in this case is to face your fear, any nagging doubts that stop you shining your light...

How To Make Your Vision To Expect Miracles

Your heart opens and whispers: ”Feel the love and expect miracles". A new month with many opportunities opening for a new abundant prosperous life. The focus card for the month is Expect Miracles   Open your heart to receive and let go over clutter no longer...

When You Love You The Doors To Prosperity Open

Prosperity Comes When Fully LOVE You I have started to journal my way to riches each day. I asked myself the question before I did my oracle card reading : why am I feeling stuck in relation to my income? You could ask this in relation to your life, health,...

How To Empower Yourself Through Hope

"With hope you awaken yourself to miracles, where the impossible become possible"   Hope was the card I drew twice this week and I was reminded of a recent conversation with a friend who  walked beside me on my healing journey, that I give people hope. Even when...

How Will You Follow Your Passion This Month?

Welcome to May- Let's all live with and follow our passion. Passion is the Heart Whisper Focus for the month and in the video I share the reading that I received on May 1 ( 6.51 mins)   [Tweet "When you follow the path of your heart the flame of passion will light up...

Connect With Me

You are so beautiful Suzie and I love coming to your blog. It lifts me up and refreshes me each time. Your art and inspiring words always touch me. Today’s in particular was moving for me I am on that journey of complete self-acceptance and self-love.

Minnette Riordan

Thank you for your burst of joy in my mailbox. I give thanks for your posts that always brighten my heart
Tanya Levy

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Yes To Love

Suzie, you bring so much sparkle and joy to the world…you are my role model for vibrant living

Elle Sommer

Be The Change You Wish To See In The World ~ Gandhi


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