Passion Cards

Making My Passion Cards

Moving On With My Passion Test

So I have taken the Passion Test: Step 1: Found my 5 Passions Step 2: Rated my 5 passions: Step 3. The next step  of the Passion Test is where I make my Passion cards. This process was one shared with Janet by Bob Proctor and one he recommends in his book 0965626431

Passion Test

Next I wrote out those cards the following….

16/6/10        MY PASSION TEST

I am so happy and grateful that I am living my PASSIONS and drawing into my life the following

  1. ___________
  2. ____________
  3. ___________
  4. ____________
  5. ____________

THIS OR SOMETHING BETTER (IS NOW MANIFESTING FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED) – I have added the highlighted words that originally come from Shakti Gawain in 1577312295

Here are my cards that I have posted now around the house. I have one on the bathroom mirror, one on the fridge, one in the car and one on the window behind my computer.
Passion Cards

Have a deliciously abundant day

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Passion test

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2 thoughts on “Making My Passion Cards”

  1. Thanks for your feed back, unfortunately I have to take the videos down, will wrote a post on it later. Yes that is a geat photo one of those rare moments that got captured by a professional photographer, everyone seems to like it

  2. You have really gotten this down to the core. Sharing your process is very helpful.
    I love your new photo in you header… It' makes me smile.

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