Patience Helps You Heal and Grow

Today I asked: How can I move positively on my true purpose today?
The card I drew was Patience. Not what i was expecting!
with the message
This was the download that came as I put pen to my journal:
Now you have got true clarity about your purpose and your mission this week you can move forward in flow with ease and grace.
The struggle will drop away as what flows now will come from your heart.
You will act on and follow that guidance.
You now know and accept that the answers are within.
Your days of looking for the BSO (bright shiny object) are behind you.
First bask in the joy of this discovery. Yes be kind to you and take some time to just be, maybe visioning this new life where you totally love and trust you!
Part of this discovery is to restructure your book: Lucky to be Alive,  because you have all the chapters mapped out so clearly, or so you thought. There have been about 3 version of this! Here comes the PATIENCE FACTOR: to review this in the light of your close reading of your journals from back at that time almost 6 years ago.
My awakening on Wednesday,  after my mentor asked what was the message that comes from your heart, had me dancing.
This message that flowed on to pages of my journal back on July 27th 2011 from my bed at Tweed Heads Hospital.
I believe we can all create whatever is in our hearts we just need to visualise it, journal it and feel what it is  like to be have accomplished it. It works for anything in life.
Our imaginations are real and vibrant and can be used to fill our lives with such joy.
When you allow your intuition to move into the forefront- it’s about trusting what is coming through is clear and giving you the message that you need to hear and the world will benefit from.
Each day there will be a message that will inspire and empower and awaken you that you will share with the world by your live video. Somedays it will be on Facebook page and the team that join you will become your tribe of change warriors alongside others.
At that time I had just done a series of interviews with 11 women called  Change Warriors. I had mapped out a series of to extend  to Men, Teens and Children. My life changed and the project was shelved. The Heart Whisper emerged.
MAYBE Somewhere on a hard drive here are 11 brilliant interviews I will look for. The Change Warrior idea has been resurfacing for me in meditation. Maybe for SuzieTV?

Lesson in Patience

That’s a lot of lessons in patience for me from my healing journey with all its byways.
The many different things I have tried with my business and my healing, over the past six or more years to now.
Today I am back to what my heart knew was a true spiritual awakening in 2011. As Des said yesterday it was a Soul Journey through recovery from illness.There are been many as Brene Brown quotes:

“The most powerful teaching moments are the ones where you screw up.”

I have many of those with my business, as well as my own physical healing!  I think my recent knee fracture was a gift to allow time for me to reflect and for my true message, my mission to really get grounded in my truth. As you can see from above:)

I’m excited for my life and my business. The future is exciting and full of amazing adventures.
Who”s coming along for the ride?
It will be awakening, transforming, there will be tears of joy and laughter and some learning that might be tough . I know i have been there.
I am excited to guide Creative, Spiritual entrepreneurs and others to discover their true purpose, find their message and create ripples of change.
I have done the hard yards, now I am ready to help you discover your love and your message by being in flow, with a guiding heart by your side.
Are you ready?  Message me
Open your heart : Listen, heal and prosper
all my love
Suzie  xxx
Get you own inner wisdom in tune with your heart .
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  1. I can really relate to this one, Suzie! I often think patience is one of my great life lessons…as I seem to be practicing it daily. People tell me I am someone who always wants things to have happened, yesterday! Yet the greatest growth and learning comes from trusting that life is unfolding at a divine pace…not only our desired pace. I truly love the idea of a change warrior and hope you do revive it. If you need a twelfth, I would love to talk with you and see where our experiences and conversation go. Thanks for sharing this week’s message of patience. I am feeling it particularly strongly this week as well! xo

    1. Hi Beverley, I relate to wanting things to happen yesterday 🙂 I know know the universe steps in to make sure i am learning to master patience I can see and feel the shifts. Thanks Beverley- how exciting re change warrior- I will have a look next week through some old hard drives and see if it is still there. I found a journal entry from Hospital where I mapped out the series. i think as i read more of my journal my heart will know if it is the path to flow onto . xo

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