Please Vote For Me And My Book

“Friends… they cherish one another’s hopes. They are kind to one another’s dreams.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Hello and today I am asking for your help as I have entered my book Lucky To Be Alive: My Year of Living Positively:  into the Best Seller Contest to win a VIP Book and Social Media promotion package, that would be just awesome!

Help Suzie Win

I have been told by many people this book will help so many others. Some say it is HUGE!

I seem to think it is no big deal! I watched Suzie Cheel through this year … She was very, very sick… and how she was able to overcome this illness was miraculous! I’m not going to tell you the story … as she ie writing this book to tell it all! She needs our help to win this contest … Please take a moment and vote for her book at this link: Ellie Walsh

Suzie, it definitely looks like you need to share this book with the world – you will give so many people hope and inspiration Jacs Henderson

Suzie, you have a GIANT story to tell!! I believe this SO much that I want to vote for your book – Kimberley Dalferes

Today I have decided to go all out, set my intention and win this prize. Yes I need you help each day to amass enough votes to win. Right now I am sitting in 7th place and I know will all you help and my community we can do this. Let’s put the Law of Attraction into Action today.

Once again: Vote for Lucky to be Alive: My Year of Living Positively Here

Thanks so much for your support. It makes my heart sing.

All my love

Suzie Cheel

♥♥”Please Share this article on your favorite social networks and with your community. This can help others heal and change their lives. Thank you!”♥♥

0 thoughts on “Please Vote For Me And My Book”

    1. Hi Vidya,
      Thank you and i love your confidence0 it was a wonderful feeling to read you write You are going to win this- Love you and all you do.
      Can you vote for me every day up and including April 10- I am currently at no 7 and I have worked out if i had 150 people voting 5 stars for me every day for the next 6 days ( including today) we could do it that would give me 4500 + votes and that could just be enough. I am setting up an event on Facebook. and Des wrote me 10 tweets i am going to schedule.
      I know this is a powerful story I have to tell. It has taken me a while to accet that
      all my love Suzie xx
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