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This month Bonnidette Lantz from the Positive Thinking ToolBox has nominated http://suziecheel.com as a top positive site for April.  Bonnidette decided it would be a great idea to interview me to share my story and ways I maintain being positive daily. It was a fun interview and Bonnidette asked me about blogging, becoming a LOA facilitator, The Law of Attraction, change and more. Bonnidette  says about this blog

A powerful blog about the law of attraction, having an attitude of gratitude and being the change you wish to see in the world. Suzie, the author of the blog is a change warrior, inspiring other women to be the same

Bonnidette features 4 or 5 blogs each month that she finds are both positive and inspiring in their content. She then gets her readers to vote for the blog they they feel for them is the most positive and then gets her readers to vote for the blog they they feel for them is the most positive.

I would love your Vote please


Live in abundance, be the change and make a difference TODAY!

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