When I step onto the path of love

The one of Real Radical Self Love 

I wake every day with the words I love you Suzie on my lips

I give myself an inner namaste 🙏

My heart smiles

I have accepted that I am worthy 

I know and feel I am enough

I believe and trust in me 

Then I open my heart into feelings of JOY

Your horizons expand as you allow your heart to open and flow Share on X

More bubbles of love surface 

Listening to the whispers of my heart

And following their guidance has brought me

To choose to feel joy in all I do 

Yes each and every day

Then I am in FLOW

Your horizons expand as you allow your heart to open and flow Share on X

I know have expanded my horizons 

The possibilities are endless

I am going deeper and moving

Forward faster on the path of 

I love this week’s reading that I did from bed this morning 🙂

Heart Whispr Oracle Reading

Are you on the path to radical self-love?

I am discovering radical self-love is creating my dream of living a fully abundant life?

I would love to know and if you don’t want to share here you can message me

Suzie 💜🙏💜

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25 Responses

  1. Self-love is liberating once we understand and start practicing it. You are such a wonderful example, Suzie! I just realized we’ve known each other for almost eight years now (we “met” in 2012) and each time I read your words in your social media posts or on your blog, I am deeply inspired. It is a joy to see how you’ve constantly evolved. You are just amazing, Suzie. Thank you for your presence in my life. Love and hugs to you!

  2. Suzie I love your passion and joy for radical self-love! I feel so inspired and encouraged reading your blog and feel infused with possibility! I am reading The Body is Not An Apology which encourages radical self-love and I am all in! My self-nurturing practices reinforce my value and worth and give me concrete ways to love myself each and every day. Thank you so much for all the love you bring to the world!

    1. Kelley you made my morning. I read this early this morning and my heart smiled wide. Your comment reassured me that writing about Radical Self-LOve is empowering. I am going to check that book out, thanks To be infused with possibility so special Love you Suzie xxoo Thank you as you lift me up

  3. I love practicing and teaching radical self love, I think it is the only way to make positive and lasting changes in our lives.

  4. Suzie, this reading is SO for me. I have been on the self love path for a long time now, but only now have I understood what radical self love means. And its exhilarating!!
    I love that we are on the same journey.

    1. Zeenat I love you and your comment. As another devotee of the self-love journey, I am amazed since I started to write more about Radical self-love and Des really said that was my gift, it is being affirmed by others. Yes it is exhilarating and exciting such a beautiful one to share with you xxoo

  5. Thank you for sharing your pearls of wisdom on Love, Joy and Flow. I, too, am on the path of radical self-love and self-care. And, it feels wonderul. Life is an amazing adventure, isn’t it? Many blessings with love and joy…

  6. This is definitely the week for engaging in self-love and self-care for me, Suzie. Thank you for reinforcing Osho’s guidance to go with the flow. It’s better to let things unfold than pushing the envelope.

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