Heart Whispr Oracle Reading

LOVE 💜 JOY 🧡 FLOW When I step onto the path of love The one of Real Radical Self Love 
 I wake every day with the words I love you Suzie on my lips I give myself an inner namaste 🙏
 My heart smiles I have accepted that I am worthy  I know and feel […]

Are Your Blocking Your Own Abundance?

blocking abundance

The importance of releasing abundance blocks is, obviously, that this is essential for allowing abundance to flow. I recognise that one of my abundance blocks right now is hanging onto artworks that  keep telling myself I am going to to sell and share with others. Hiding them away in my studio doesn’t delight anyone 🙂 […]

What To Do When The Radical Self-Love Angel Comes Knocking!

My Fragile Heart

Does the Universe ever surprise you? Sneak up on you like it’s been watching and waiting? Well it did for me this week. Last Friday I completed my chapter for a book on Self Love and emailed it off. I felt good about what I had written. I then planned to write my weekly blog […]